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New for 2012, WEST SYSTEM is offering three specialized boat repair kits designed with the do-it-yourselfer in mind. At a garage sale one Saturday morning I noticed the seller was using an old aluminum Jon boat as a bench to display some of the stuff he was selling. Looking for a very straightforward and uncomplicated aluminum fishing boat you can quickly fit on your pickup?
One of the most important, and often overlooked, parts of owning a boat is proper boat maintenance. Many boat engines and boat motors need some maintenance to keep running, but it’s usually not a huge hassle.
Although sport boats may be a lot of fun, they require quite a bit of maintenance to keep them at the top of their performance.
The paint was peeling and it was obvious the wood seats were long past their useful life but all in all it didn't have any visible holes or other damage.

Or maybe you want something more sophisticated you can use for both tournament fishing and recreational fishing? Every now and then, they will require washing, buffing and some anti-corrosive agents, but that is about all that is needed for common maintenance. Our team of experts at Anchor Marine Repair will be more than happy to answer any issues you may be experiencing with your boat. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed.
I asked the gent what he was going to do with the boat after the sale and he said he was just going to leave it behind when they moved.
Engines need to be maintained, steering components need to be adjusted and finally, because of the nature of the design, all components need to be checkout out prior to every serious day long outing. If your aluminum boat ever gets damaged, or if the rivets come loose with age, professional boat restoration will be needed because aluminum boat repair requires special equipment.

Over twenty years ago we stocked the lake with large mouth bass, bass fingerlings and some crappies.
Both require the prop to be in good condition because a bent prop can cause various issues due to vibration, sometimes even leading to serious boat engine repair.
My grand kids who love to fish in our small lake kept asking when I was going to "fix" it so on the saw horses it went for a rebuild.

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