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For those that own a boat, it's inevitable that boat repair will need to be done at some point. Every boat repair you make insures you and your friends on board of a safe, joyful boat ride.
The CleanABoat Services team has been busy with this project at the Gold Coast City Marina in Coomera on the Gold Coast. Expected completion to be mid December this year (2010) ready for Christmas when we are sure it will have plenty of use! Looking forward to relaxing on the boat this weekend with that ice chest full of cold beer?  You might want to reconsider. The effort is called Operation Dry Water, which is a nationwide effort to give boating under the influence, or BUI, high visibility the weekend prior to the Fourth of July holiday and peak summer boating season. Boating accident data shows that more boating accidents occur during Fourth of July than any others during the summer boating season. Minnesotans are avid boaters, as evidenced by the state having the highest per-capita boat ownership in the nation. Impaired boating is one of the leading factors for boating accidents and injuries in Minnesota and across the nation. In Minnesota, there is zero tolerance for anyone found operating a boat under the influence of alcohol or drugs on our waters. It’s commonly known that alcohol and drugs impair a boater’s judgment, but adding the sun, noise and waves could be a potentially deadly combination on the water.

Operation Dry Water is sponsored by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators in partnership with the U.S. If you keep up on regular boat repair and maintenance, then your boat should last a long time. Without a boat repair being made when its truly needed, you will put everyone's safety at risk and damage your boats motor and possibly frame.
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources officers and other authorities will be out in full force this weekend (beginning Friday, June 28 and continuing through June 30) cracking down on drunken boaters. In 2012, alcohol was a contributing factor in 33 percent of the deadly boating accidents in the state. It’s as simple as that!  It does not matter whether you are swimming, boating, water skiing, or fishing.
Boaters caught operating under the influence will find their day on the water come to an end and their boat will be impounded.
Updating your motor and other areas of your boat during an annual boat repair is another sure way to avoid any incidences from occurring. Twin Cities’ boaters find the nearby lakes and rivers convenient and enjoyable places for after-work and weekend outings.
Impairment plus untrained vessel operators cause a lot of preventable misery and destruction on our lakes.
Your mind will than start slowly beginning to ease as all the repairs will be made and each outing you go on will become more and more comfortable, allowing you more mental freedom with your boat than you have ever had before.

The completed cat will include a complete respray with JOTUN Marine 2 Pac Urethane white and black. Curbing the number of alcohol and drug-related boating accidents and fatalities is key to achieving a safer and more enjoyable environment for recreational boating. Boating on Twin Cities’ waters, however, is different than boating in other parts of the state. But authorities would rather arrest someone than to have to tell their friends and family that they’re never coming home. When it comes to boat repair, if you do have electrical problems, you have to clean them out. Along side CleanABoat’s team there has also been a major interior refit underway to reface this vessel to be a majestic 21st century vessel.
Some of you might 100% agree with this, but regular boat repair and maintenance does include proper cleanings.

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