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Location: Fishers, IN Help with aluminum Starcraft fixer-upper Hi all, first time boat owner. Also, the previous owner says it dates back to the 1950's, but I can't seem to find any tags. Location: Fox Island I imagine that part of the project for you and your boy will be fabbing up missing parts. The Floatation in that boat was probably under the Floorboards and they were riveted down over top of the Foam. I wrote to the Starcraft factory, to get the Handles for the bow and ask about the wood the front deck was made of.
Today I think I'd use some Pine boards and make a bottom that dropped in and was wedged in place, with the floatation trapped under it.
Then I'd make seats with Foam under them and use Stainless screws to hold those seats down. Another material for the floor would be fiberglass grating like they use on machine platforms. The rear coaming to transom supports are critical in supporting the transom and attached outboard. Up in the bow, I went below the rails and put in a flat piece of Decking held in place by a Bungee cord. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. The windshield on a boat is an important aspect, much like the windshield on your vehicle, it deflects air and the occasional bug from affecting anyone or thing behind its surface. A boats windshield should not be taken for granted, which is why installation should be completed by a boat repair professional.

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Paul MN, Stillwater MN, Hastings MN, Mpls MN, Woodbury MN,Oakdale MN, Duluth MN, Cottage Grove MN Forest Lake MN, North St. The transom board is in bad shape and the aluminum lip has cracked on both sides of where the motor is mounted. Replaced all the rivets with machine screws and made two new knee braces because the old one had two cracks in it. It looks like they'd be easy to make out of a re-inforced 1X12 piece of good looking shelf boards.
You have a couple of choices for a coaming to fit over the top edges of the gunwales; Synthetic (commercial) edging, moulded wood or extruded aluminum if you can find some. If you used large strap ratchet clamps aroung the hull after the floor sections were slid in place and tightened the straps a bit (don't get carried away and distort the hull) prior to fastening the deck pieces to the existing brackets you would achieve a semi-monocoque structure which would be very strong for its weight. Going this route, you could lay removable marine carpet sections attached to the grate with velcro or snaps so that you could remove it when necessary. I put it up on the bow so I had a solid truss with a handle on one side and a place to step. Battery and gas up front to offset the sail area of the bow, and my bulky weight back at the tiller. Our boat repair technicians at Anchor Marine are trained and experienced in professionally installing boat windshields. Our boat repair specialists have over 45 years combined in the industry and are dedicated to unmatched customer service and repairs. This is especially nice if you’re crave speed on the lake, would like a short travel time while entering and departing or you just want to get to a spot and fast, before someone else notices your treasured fishing area. Every component of a windshield is important from the frame, to the brackets, even the edging is an crucial part of the overall function and performance life.

Here at Anchor Marine Repair we know how to safely remove your old boat windshield and properly fit and secure your new windshield so well, that it will look like it’s the original.
I want to try this myself since I like carpet in a boat but have learned the hard way that plywood and wet carpet are incompatible! Bring your boat to one of our recommended Repair Shops, including ours at ECO- WOLF, INC.
Unlike many other companies that offer boat windshield repair and replacement we deal only with boats, that’s our specialty and we know it well. Anchor Marine Repair has two facility locations and can pick your boat up from anywhere withing 250 miles of the Minneapolis and St. It can also shield items from going overboard and prevent water damage from affecting electronics or other items that are not waterproof. Don’t let a damaged windshield keep you off the water and don’t risk any harm by going on the water with the damage! If you are in Minnesota or the surrounding states we have the skills for all your boat repair, renovating and maintenance needs.
In addition to adding comfort and protection to the passengers aboard occasionally the windshield of a boat is a structural element. Contact our professional boat repair specialists and we can have you enjoying your boat, in mint condition, sooner that you expect.
Funny thing is after I redid my transom, my boat gained around 3 mph, I guess my transom was flexing bad. We can preform an entire boat repair or renovation, including the replacement of the windshield because of damage, fading or even just for show.

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