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So all of you tuna slayers who have filled the salty dog board with tales of carnage please jump in and describe your favorite set-up.
IMHO, I want to fight the fish, even troll caught, not winch him in without slowing the boat.
My favorite stick is a calstar 6460XH, all done up with a long grip and roller guides, but that will run you close to 259 or 3 hundy.
Line, I like 300-500 yards of 80 spectra with a topshot of 50-100yards of 40 pound Pline CXX direct tied to the jig. I have used GLoomis Pelagic composite rods and Calstar Graphiter, nice and expensive, but IMHO graphite and Saltwater should not be mixed, explosions tend to follow.
I like the Penn 113 & 114 because of the loud clicker,and they are very easy to work on.

They come in lefty which housemouse appreciates.(she's a lefty), and I use both left and right hand reels.
I know this is counter to creating a bait stop, but 80% of my fishing is without live bait on board.
I don't have too much experience with the super gucci gear, so I will only reccomend what I have used.
That being said, the straight glass is still a little more foregiving, and can take more abuse than the blends.
I have two Avet 6.3 that I am very happy with,but for the money I would buy the Penn and spend the rest on gas!!
They were relatively inexpensive and if I turn the music up I won't hear the crew whining about the effort they are spending trying to land a fish, but if I want a good laugh I'll turn the music down.

I think many of the respondents have changed their minds over the years as they evolved and learned. I put my Newells on the shelf back in the box since the prices on some auction site went nutz.
I don't have much interest in 50-100 fish days, around 5 a piece is a good number for me, so I can spend 5 minutes fighting a fish.
I bought a Daiwa 50 for live bait and have used an ABU 7001 for live bait but the drag is a little light.

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