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Quick update on the search: our budget has increased to $20K, up from $15k, as some other funds have been made available, and length from 17' up to and including 20'. G17, the question about the transom design and engine mounting is not an easy one to make final accurate statements about because to make a fully heads up comparison, one hull of the exact same manufacture, with identical engines, and wt (except for the three stern designs) and all other details would have to be built and compared.That may happen in some builders' boats but I don't know if anyone's done a full review and let the rest of us know about the comparison. Kevin,Thank you for investing the time and energy to write such a thorough and clear explanation of what is undoubtedly a complex topic While it may require several reads for a novice like me to digest all of the information flowing from your personal experience and design expertise, I think that afterwards one will be able to approach the idea of an offshore bracket with an informed thought process regarding the pros and cons for their particular boat, and that is always a good thing. How much will it cost to finance this 1991 Munson (2) 1991 30' x 11.5' Munson Aluminum Work Boats? I would like more information about your 1991 Munson (2) 1991 30' x 11.5' Munson Aluminum Work Boats for sale on BoatBuys.

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A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. Due to incompatibility between this version of the Gallery and the old version - and some database issues - we weren't able to migrate the individul albums to the new Gallery.
If you create a personal album, you can move your pics from the Public Album to your personal album. This means the engine(s) are fully accommodated, their added displacement farther aft is almost compensated, the planing bottom is longer and the engines are still farther aft than they are on a 'old fashioned' direct transom mount hull of the same bottom length.

If after a year or two you chose to go larger, you'll get your full investment back when you sell it. The primary reason to get the engines aft for the average owner it to have as much 'useable' space in the cockpit as possible in any given length of hull, but that usually begins the cycle of 'adding on' and that usually continues until the owner's monetary limits are reached.I've designed and built skiffs with all three sterns, and gone through the design cycle described above many times with my own designs as well as for others. What is most common in my experience is the confusion about what is gained versus the cost, and once a given cost is added tot eh base project there seems a widely held tendency to see if 'just a little more money' could result in another length boat, so if that's true..

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