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Boise, ID: Established in 1902, the Bureau of Reclamation is best known for the dams, power plants, and canals it constructed in the 17 western states. Raleigh, NC: The NCDOT currently maintains 12,712 bridges across North Carolina, ranking as 13th in the nation for the highest number of state-maintained bridges.
Gainesville, GA: Hall County Fire Services protects over 600 miles of shoreline of Lake Sidney Lanier, the most visited Corps of Engineers lake in the United States with an estimated 10 million visitors a year. Richmond, VA: The Virginia State Police Search & Recovery Team operates a pair of Munson 24' landing craft that are used for dive operations, swift water rescues, evidence recovery, wildland fire and oil spill response. San Diego, CA: The San Diego City Lakes Ranger District operates a Munson during their oversight of freshwater lakes and reservoirs. Lake Claiborne, LA: In 1966, the Louisiana state legislature created the Claiborne Parish Watershed District. West Trenton, NJ: The New Jersey State Police uses their 26' Munson as a multi-purpose diving and transport platform. Colorado River, CA: The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office Marine Enforcement Unit is responsible for law enforcement for 90 miles of the Colorado River, which sees nearly 17 million visitors a year. Tumwater, WA: The Washington State DNR Aquatics program operates this Munson as a dive support craft in Puget Sound, the Columbia River, and outer Washington coast. Lake Tahoe, CA: In 2008, UC Davis senior researchers observed large populations of clams in some nearshore areas in the southeast corner of Lake Tahoe. Buffalo, NY: The Buffalo CBRNE marine unit responds to emergency calls and investigations on the Buffalo River and collaborates with homeland security counterterrorism efforts.
Portland, OR: The Multnomah County Sheriff's River Patrol Unit provides safe commercial and recreational access and passage to the country's 5th largest port, and 110 miles of waterways along the Columbia River, Willamette River, and Sandy River.
Louisville, KY: This 30' Packcat supports the United States Air Force 123rd STS maritime operations including diving, water jumps, RAMZ jumps, search and rescue, and emergency response. Billings, MT: Liquid Engineering provides complete underwater engineering and construction support capabilities through its marine construction and heavy hard-hat commercial diving division. Charleston, SC: The Charleston Police Department operates in varying sea and weather conditions within the Charleston Harbor out to 20 miles offshore the coast of South Carolina. Middle East: These 34a€™ military landing craft incorporate a 23a€™ long cargo deck with removable seating for 20 troops, rubber deck matting and side doors for diving operations. Whether you're performing hydrographic surveys, testing for contaminants or collecting samples, you can be assured that you are operating a vessel with over three decades of proven performance and customer satisfaction a€“ a boat that is incredibly practical, stable and seaworthy. Santa Cruz Island, CA: Twenty five miles off the coast of southern California lies Santa Cruz Island, the largest of California's eight Channel Islands.
New York, NY: The US Army Corps of Engineers New York District is responsible for the water resource development, navigable waterways and environmental remediation projects for 400 miles of coastline, 8 major river basins, Port of New York and Long Island. Arlington, VA: SAIC maritime tests and develops their advanced maritime data collection systems using a Munson Survey model. Salt Lake City, UT: The State of Utah Division of Natural Resources operates this 30a€™ Munson as a fisheries research trawler for conducting biological assessments.

Ashland, OR: Sky Research (SKY) is leading the operational implementation of advanced marine technology for geophysical investigations related to remediation of munitions and explosives.
Columbia River, WA: Colville Tribal Fisheries operates their 30' Munson for assessing the Upper Columbia White Sturgeon Recovery Project.
Tampa, FL: Tierra owns and operates one of the largest and modern geotechnical drilling operations in the State of Florida.
Lake Roosevelt, WA: The Lake Roosevelt White Sturgeon Recovery Project is a multi-agency project that is responsible for assessing the white sturgeon population in Lake Roosevelt. Kansas City, MO: The US Army Corps of Engineers Kansas City District manages 500 miles of the Missouri River.
Greenville, NC: East Carolina University Marine and Coastal Science Program educates students on coastal and marine resources unique to North Carolina. Louisville, KY: The Louisville District Army Corps of Engineers performs hydrographic surveys in the Ohio River to monitor water quality. Bay City, MI: The discharge of pollution into Detroit's Lower Rouge River is now controlled by Michigan's wastewater permitting program. Wilmington, NC: The National Undersea Research Center at the University of North Carolina supports undersea research off the southeastern United States from North Carolina to Texas. Lacey, WA: The Washington State Department of Ecology use this boat is use as a shallow-water hydrographic survey and research vessel in Puget Sound, the Columbia River, and outer Washington coast. Reclamation is also the second largest producer of hydroelectric power in the Western United States. They perform structure maintenance and underwater investigation at bridges and piers throughout the state. They collaborate with the FBI and Border Patrol during homeland security and evidence gathering missions.
With dive tank holders, electric anchor windlass, removable bow door dive ladder, large foredeck storage compartments and a 30 gallon pressurized fresh water washdown system the boat is able to support large dive teams for extended periods.
Scuba-diving scientists are unrolling long rubber mats across the bottom of Lake Tahoe to quell the clam invasion. In addition, the River Patrol Unit provides law enforcement and search & rescue services to all rivers, lakes, shorelines and islands in Multnomah County.
It is capable of operating at night in extreme weather conditions and swift contaminated water. They operate their underwater recovery vessel to maintain underwater valves on hydroelectric dams throughout the United States. Typical missions involve tracking and intercepting suspicious and sometimes high performance vessels.
The expansive wheelhouse offers an enclosed head compartment and workstations for four technicians.
Each boat features a foredeck moon pool with a derrick designed for deploying the latest high power survey transducer.

Tierra operates their Munson as a Geotechnical Drilling platform for wet drilling conditions (bayous and canals).
The project has surveyed the white sturgeon population in the reservoir and the Columbia River above Lake Roosevelt.
It is home to rugged mountains, wild coastlines, and deep sheltered fjords The National Park & Preserve Service conducts a comprehensive program of scientific research and monitoring to ensure that Glacier Bay's natural and cultural resources are adequately protected. They operate this Munson throughout the state of Idaho conducting underwater inspection and repairs of hydroelectric dams and associated facilities. Outfitting includes air conditioning, Kohler 10EKD generator,computer work stations, 26" side door and 3" D rubber fendering. UC Davis uses their Munson to support these dive teams and transport the rubber matting material to infestation sites. Their 30' Munson provides security protection to moorages, marinas, and houseboat communities, and responds to life-threatening calls for service, such as boat collisions, drownings, missing persons, and environmental hazards. It is also used to support local authorities in the Ohio Valley disaster preparedness plans. Divers use the I-beam lifting system to recover equipment through the bow door for repair or replacement.
AC power for the 60,000 BTU air conditioning systems is provided by a Cummins Onan 19 kW genset. The EPA Research Vessel Mudpuppy II is a shallow draft vessel specifically designed for studies to determine the nature and extent of contaminated sediment in the Great Lakes basin. Emergency equipment includes a roof mounted stretcher, defibrillators, generator, and first aid supply lockers. The a-frame travels the full length of the forward deck and can be folded for highway transport.
A hydraulic sonar derrick and a sealed bow deck moon hole allow experimental sonar systems to be tested. Harbor patrol officers use this vessel as a dive platform during underwater investigation and evidence retrieval missions.
A moon hole through the deck allows loads close to 2 tons with the a-frame oriented vertically. The Harbor Patrol uses these tether systems to deploy advanced bottom scanning sonar pods during salvage operations.

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