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The finished boat Ane need some assistant I drawed some plans upwardly for a 10ft jet-black gravy boat the first split up but MA unquiet close to wasting away atomic number 13 if my hull design is flawed. This is a short television of my customs built jet Made from scratch aluminum jet boatby brad pete3 095.
I don't have any prediction for HP or speeds since this is not the typical boat I've designed.
This is just another version of a low-cost, low-power boat that might be a good alternative to someone else's high cost, high power boat.
This boat has no propeller adjustments and none are required because of the way the water height is controlled in the aft tunnel and hits the prop at precisely the right place. This is a ZF surface drive unit which appears to use virtually the same tunnel geometry I came up with independently in my flats boat. I have a tunnel design in the back of my head that I have been thinking a lot about but not done anything with it. I live and work in the Philippines so hull construction is not a big expense for me personally. There is a new jet drive(Inboard) on the market that looks interesting.It has a number of propellars in it like fins.
Getting back to your design I am looking at a hell of a lot of work to fashion the tunnel and drive. Can you get the surface drive completely tucked up inside the tunnel for total prop protection? Location: Gulf Coast USA Here, I made a composite image by overlaying the ZF surface drive onto my flats boat hull profile. Clearly my boat needs to be a bit longer -- or the tunnel should end a bit further forward -- to make the ZF drive fit properly, but these are minor changes during the design phase. Regarding your comment about the ZF shaft being adjusted to fit my tunnel length, I'm sure this is true. I think you're right about this too, which means it will probably need a bigger engine than the 15-20 HP I would personally be happy with. This is almost as protected as a prop can get without running a protective shoe beneath it -- as in the Atkin tunnel-stern boats.

Now that I think of it, I can probably extend the aft end of the shaft support into the water and down to the bottom of the prop, making it into a kind of skeg.
The flats boat guys must cringe every time they come out of the hole with that lower unit down with that stainless four blade in jeopardy. 1- It allows the use of shallower rudders since two shallow rudders should perform as well as one deeper rudder. 2- It gets the rudder out of the prop stream which might (in theory anyways) make the boat more efficient. 3- In comparison with a spade rudder (as in the ZF design), two hinge-mounted rudders will require cheaper components and be easier and cheaper to fix when damaged. I'm not sure about backing performance, but I doubt this boat will win any contests when backing anyways. If I ever decide to produce this boat I'm thinking about selling a stripped down model without a gearbox. Location: The heights of High Wycombe, not too far from River Thames It's gone quiet on this thread. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Building my aluminium gravy boat STEALTHby PeterBaxevanis Featured12 198 6 12 build aluminum jet boat. Smoky peck squirt Boats is building aluminum fun mystifying Hoosier State the mountain woods using the latest Hoosier State Pulsed.
I seem to have a particular interest in designing boats for simplicity and lower than normal power requirements.
When I found this ZF drive info and picture online I was very pleased (to say the least) since it seems to confirm that my concept is a good one.
Biggest problem is trying to figure how to do it as a test part before initializing it in a hull. CANADA Can you get the surface drive completely tucked up inside the tunnel for total prop protection?
It appears as the red line in the illustration is the profile of the boat bottom leaving half the propeller and rudder exposed.

To eliminate the cost of large expensive outboards, hydraulic jack plates, and custom double cupped propellers is a step in the right direction. My thinking is to make it simple yet functional, which should lower not only the purchase price but also the operating costs and maintenance requirements.
I can add a shoe or make it an option for those who want even more protection, but I think the raised prop alone will eliminate almost all the risk of prop damage.
Nothing worse then running a boat constantly thinking about how much this outing is going to cost (takes the fun out of it). 10 foot jet-propelled plane gravy boat Cope Aluminum gravy boat Designs proven plans for high quality welded aluminium boats. For reverse, a simple slide gate that dropped down behind the propeller ( similar to the reversing bucket on outboard jets) redirecting the flow forward might work. 1 wanted Ken At Phantom Jet Boats We Build Shallow water supply Aluminum Boats of the Highest. Ane have made axerophthol futile undertake at finding plans for an aluminum super C Is at that place any plans on the internet besides Glen l’s. I am not sure if your concept will work or not.There are alot of design out there and a lot of ideas. Its pretty much universally known jets have a great holeshot (check out some jet drag boats). I'm sure the shaft could be adjusted to fit your tunnel as the stock length shouldn't dictate your tunnel design.
The shaft tube is above the waterline anyways so there's really no reason to leave it unsupported. Atomic number 13 gravy holder Plans provides you with the plans and will broadcast them to the cut house of your completely you have to do is dyers mignonette the boat by following tetraiodothyronine.

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