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If you're looking for information on aluminum jet boats, help can be daunting to find online considering the amount of information that's out there.
Although not meant as an exhaustive guide, you should hopefully be able to gain insight on some of the main points that make welded aluminum jet boats such great purchases compared to the other types of jet boats on the market.
The first section is meant to introduce aluminum itself - informing you on all the benefits this building material has to offer in terms of cost, design, and durability.
In order to understand why aluminum has been chosen in boat design, you need to understand a bit about why and how it's used.
Aluminum is well known as a great building material the world over and is also very widely used. When talking about boats, especially aluminum jet boats, the materials used are extremely important both for the manufacturer as well as the consumer.
Aluminum is easily worked: This means welded aluminum building and repair work is quick and painless. Aluminum is light weight and durable: When you're talking about making improvements on your speed and fuel consumption, aluminum helps in both those regards due to its light weight. Durability: Due to aluminum's special properties it will never corrode or decay and simply requires the regular treatments if it stays stagnant in water to avoid unwanted debris building up. Cost Effective: Unlike other materials like steel that become basically worthless when discarded, scrap aluminum is worth almost all its weight and is very easily recycled. A jet boat has a lot of great advantages over other models, but in order to really appreciate them you must first understand a bit more about how they work. Jet boats are useful for those in law enforcement due to their speed and ability to maneuver more easily. Jet boats also have a number of other benefits due to their lack of external propulsion apparatus. Although you may have heard a major drawback is fuel efficiency this can be reduced by the design. Welded aluminum jet boats are quickly being recognized as one of the best ways to get from A to Z on water. If you're looking into your own design or simply want to see what's out there, don't wait - do a bit of research and call to inquire how aluminum could be used for your very own boat!
All Rogue Jet Boats incorporate a 4th generation hull design and a 4th generation propulsion system that delivers the smoothest ride, best performance, best efficiency and strongest construction in the industry.
That is not a pretty sight, and we hope and pray you never find yourself in that situation.
Rogue Jet achieves this Maneuverability and Safety due to our finely tuned combination of hull, engine, jet-intake, and jet reverse thrusters. Choose from one of our models described below and you can travel were no other boat would dare to follow.
For maximum seating and inboard room without giving up performance choose either the Whitewater Center Console or the 6" wider Fastwater Center Console.
Rogue Jet Boats designs and builds Custom All Welded Aluminum Jetboats with Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue and Parks Services applications in mind.
Why are law enforcement and other and other federal and local agencies attracted to the quality workmanship and reliability of Rogue Jet Boatworks?

The answer is simple - owner Bruce Wassom has been a key player in the development and construction of law enforcement boats throughout the United States for more than 30 years.
26' Colorado River Patrol Boat for the Grand Canyon National Parks built for use on the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. It was in the early stages of his career, when Bruce was part-owner of River Marine in Medford, Oregon, that he sold his first Law Enforcement boat to the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department - a 20 foot aluminum vessel with a 460 Ford engine and a Hamilton Three Stage Jet Drive. Ever since Bruce successfully sold his first patrol boat he has been introducing the rest of the country to his custom law enforcement vessels. When you're proud of your work, you like to show it off, so Bruce takes a bare hull and welded structure with him to every presentation and boat show. With the word spreading, you will likely see more Rogue Jet Boats being used by law enforcement agencies in the future - both in California and elsewhere. Bruce knows that he makes a superior product, and is proud to offer his creation to those that need it most. With unparallel dedication, there is little wonder that Bruce and Rogue Jet Boatworks have become synonymous with quality, durability, and performance.
This short article featuring a specific type of aluminum jet boats is intended to be a quick guide to some of the many reasons why welded aluminum jet boats are a top choice.
The simple fact that it can be alloyed with so many different materials, also means it is extremely versatile and can be adapted to suit particular uses.
Welding and shaping, for example, are far easier than when using steel, making whatever unique design much easier to implement. Even though aluminum is lightweight, however, it is still also extremely durable as a building material - being extremely well-suited to use in water.
Aluminum is also a widely available metal, making it a perfect building material that is easily acquired and repaired. In very basic terms, jet boats eject water in order to propel, rather than by using an external propeller. Jet boats are therefore the boat of choice for those seeking higher speeds and dynamic movement.
They are also the one of the boats of choice for adventure and thrill seekers who look for that extra edge over more conventional models. To start with, they are uniquely suited to shallow water that would otherwise be off limits to propeller boats. Not only does aluminum reduce weight, and therefore cost, much of the inefficiency related to jet boats are due to bad design - when the jet-propulsion is not suited to the engine type. Whether you're looking for speed, maneuverability, durability or simply a great design these welded aluminum jet boats have got it all. Then you must take a careful look at a Rogue Jet, the "Ultimate Welded Aluminum Jet Boat Experience". To insure a no-compromise boat each Rogue Jet includes more standard features than any other manufacturer.
Select from 3 different Chevy Kodiak MarineV-8 inboard engines balanced & performance tuned with a Hamilton 212 Turbo Jet Impeller, the most efficient and powerful Jet available. Choose virtually any paint color or color combination you want, blend the stripping, add the color-coordinated interior, and finish with the high gloss Aluminum hull and diamond plate shine.

Imagine that you are running at full throttle (45 to 50 mph) and you see a diver surface 60 feet in front of you. BUT, wouldn't it be re-assuring knowing your driving a Rogue Jet boat that will stop completely in just 2 boat lengths. A recent TV commercial from Progressive Boat Insurance shows a boat sinking after hitting a rock. For maximum wake board and skiing performance, maneuverability or whitewater exploration start with our highest performer, the Whitewater.
For an all-around high performance family boat and stable fishing machine start with our 6" wider Fastwater.
After 25 years of reliable service and thousands of hours use, this sturdy boat was finally retired.
Bruce founded Jetcraft Boats in 1987, and his hard work and dedication drew the attention of consumers and law enforcement agencies alike. It is also widely implemented as a building material, in electronics, electrical transmission lines, and much more. Its many other beneficial properties clearly help explain why this metal in particular is so useful to boat builders - especially in order to increase speed and maneuverability, as well as reduce costs.
Not only can they stop or reverse at a moment's notice, they also perform tighter turns and reach high speeds in less time, making jet boats an attractive choice.
And a long list of option so that you get the exact custom boat you have been dreaming about. This combination is a formula that gives you a beautiful boat that will also look great 20 years from now. With the Rogue Jet, all that's likely to happen is a dent that you straighten out after you get back home.
Because their hulls are the same proven hi-performance tapered-radius one-piece bottom as the standard forward windshield, walk-thru models. The publicity Sonoma County received for this storied vessel is legendary, and it started the modern trend for patrol boats in California being made from heavy gauge aluminum. This opportunity for the user is invaluable because it gives them a chance to see and feel for themselves what makes Bruce's work unparalleled in the industry. Travel through a mere 5 inches of water in shallow water situations or climb boulder driven rapids with confidence and control.
We will teach you these maneuvers in our orientation and safety training we provide every new Rogue Jet owner. Your Rogue Jet will give you and your family versatility and freedom to go where other boats stay on the trailer.
The dazzling blend of throaty horsepower, luxurious amenities and extensive user comforts, like suspension seats, integrated heater and defroster and a Top Gun canvas enclosure, round out each Rogue Jet aluminum boats broad-based appeal.
Also if you swerve, the stern of the boat will still swing over the diver and chew them up with the prop.

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