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The good thing I like about crappie fishing is being able to fish out of a small boat and not having fellow crappie fishermen turn up there noses at you the way some Bass fishermen do. This is what I came up that I think will work for me and give me more room inside the boat, plus look a little more presentable. Real nice looking job bealger those look good and you will enjoy being able to move your rods where ever you need em. Thanks for the compliments, The silver rod holders in the back I bought from someone here on C.C.
During that time, we have propelled thousands of duck hunters, anglers and commercial boaters.
Gilmore Marine is a premier dealer of Bass, Crappie, Mod-V and Deep-V aluminum fishing boats. I've owned boats of all sizes the biggest being a 27' cruiser that I owned when I lived in Fla, however the most challenging boat to set up for fishing is the one I have now. A bit costly but Bowman and Hunter remember the trashly pipe I had in the boat before I had around $70.00 in it and still only 6 holders.

Includes carpeted and treated wood floors, front deck with compartment, bilge pump,and prewired to battery.(Motor and Trailer not included)All Paperwork up to date. Today, we still build the most rugged, hardest working line-up of Jons using the best materials available. After reading various threads on rod holders and trying to come with a way to make them work for me took some thinking. The back 8 holders will be used If I want to troll, The front6 holders will be used if I want to spider rig, and of course all the rod holders could be used if wanted during a nightstalk. Best thing about it is you can fish the holders that's the most comfortable for the particular kind of fishing youre doing, and that'll generally help you put more fish in the boat.
But after looking at them the added height is nice the way the stern of the boat sits lower in the water then the bow. Built with 5052-H34 riveted aluminum alloy and painted inside and out with durable acrylic olive drab enamel, these highly-dependable boats are constructed to be worked hard and put away wet, while maintaining their quality appearance for years to come. My good old Johnson 9.9 upgraded to 15hp,,same engine as yours,,finally pooped out after over 20yrs.

Lowe Jons also feature rounded, formed-in keels and spray rails, extruded and coined aluminum ribs and formed transom corner caps for heavy-duty use. A jon boat present special challenges the round rail don't provide a decent place to mount rod holders, and the aluminum seats you can't get underneath to put a nut on your bolt without digging a bunch of foam out, and at the same time sheet metal screws would pull out. Convenience features include built-in bench seats, strong lifting operation, Lowe Jons are backed by our Lifetime Limited Warranty.
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