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Bull Frog Rivet and its Aluminum Boat Hull Repair Kit will guarantee its end users a long term solution to leaking seams and rivets.
3 Rivers Marine, located in Seattle, Woodinville, Washington, is one of the few companies in the Northwest that focuses on Aluminum Boats and Outboard Motors for NW fishermen. Aluminum boats offer the durability, performance, and customization options that fishermen need. North River boats create a incredible boat for those looking  to fish the high lakes, Puget Sound and Columbia River. A symbol of aluminum boat quality in the NW, the Duckworth Offshore offers jaw dropping performance along with it’s beautiful construction. Power options for boat owners very greatly, but there’s a reason more boat owners go with outboard motors than their inboard sibling.
Mercury offers some of the best 2-stroke motor options in the world and an increasing lineup of very technically advanced 4-strokes. LOA is the overall length of the boat, Beam is the maximum beam, shown in feet and inches. Extrusions, such as pipe, angle bar and flat bar are not included in this weight and can be estimated at 15% of the weight of plate.
I found out today, that my main motor has a bent crankshaft, and that I'm going to have to repower my boat.
I contacted an aluminum boat manufacturer, and they said they could build me a bracket, but with the condition that I have the transom reviewed by a certified marine engineer, so that they can be sure that the transom will take the weight (and force) of hanging the motor off the transom.
Before you leap in, consider that the bracket will move the center of gravity to the rear, usually making the actual hull sit lower in the water than under the current set-up. The bracket is a lever, that lever moves the weight away from the boat where it can support the weight. Lastly, a bracket is a big undertaking, especially because you *should* beef up the transom for the bigger loads the lever puts on. It's your boat, and it might work okay without any additional beefing, but for me I'd be hesitant to go ahead without doing some reconfiguration and strengthening. I've spoken with three persons who have added this type of bracket to their hulls, and all of them were very pleased with the positive handling it added to their boats. Note the parameters of center of gravity in height as well as in length, wetted area, lift, trim, deadrise, load, etc.
As a sidebar, note that companies like Armstrong have buoyancy tanks that do not meet the planing surface of the boat for this reason.

If you are exacting in your work, have the transom strong enough (Dave Gerr's Elements of Boat Strength is a great resource), and are extremely accurate in the relationship of the planing surface of the bracket with the hull, you could have solid performance.
I personally would just not be in such a big hurry and repower with a smaller 4 stroke honda. Problem solved with a evinrude E-tec, two stroke power with better than 4 stroke emissions. For reference (and sort of a funny story): I was trying to figure out how much a couple hundred more pounds of weight would affect the way my boat sat in the water. 3 Rivers Marine is a one stop shop for aluminum boat and outboard motor sales, repair, parts and service from some of the best names in the business. As the top selling aluminum boat brand in the country, Alumaweld offers numerous model options.
The North River Seahawk has quickly become one of 3 Rivers Marine’s most popular models. At home in the nastiest of conditions, the Duckworth Offshore is offers comfort and amenities that are hard to match in the open water world.
From horsepower options, better fuel economy, weight savings to an overall better performance, outboard motors are simply hard to beat when all things are considered.
3 Rivers marine is not just Seattle, Washington’s #1 Yamaha dealer, 3RM is #1 in the entire NW!
Even with a flotation bracket, you still won't have the weight support of the hull when clamped to the transom. Less bow-up before planing, less porpoising, and added stability were the common comments I received from these owners. This should give you a clearer image of what the bracket's changes might incur in the hull.
I moor my boat in Ilwaco, and it was sort of a quiet day, and not a lot of people were around.
It’s our focus because these are the everyday tools of so many of our 3 Rivers Marine fishing customers. From salt to pounding waves, gravel bars to the heavy interior use that these boats take, aluminum boats are simply the best choice when all things are considered. Blackhawk, Talon, Sport Skiff, Super Vee, Formula Vee, Stryker, Intruder and Super Vee Pro Elite.
The North River Seahawk Offshore OS is a big water performance beast and comes is lengths from 23-32′.

Sales, service, repair, parts and warranty work, 3 Rivers Marine has your Yamaha needs covered. A new 4-stroke motor is much more weight than 2 stroke, and combined with the fact that this boat already sits lower in the water than I would like it to, makes me want to add an offshore bracket with floatation. That top edge is where your boat will develop cracks if the bracket is too much load for the existing hull.
The boat developed bad manners, had difficulty planing, and the new planing angle was a degree higher than it should be, which resulted in poor fuel burn numbers. However, it alters the trim angle at rest enough to cause drainage problems both in the self bailing sole as well as the fish boxes, once resulting in filling the bilges with roughly 500 gals of water. I have been thinking of repowering for quite a while, and this was one of those days this summer when I was throwing money in parts at this motor, trying to figure-out what the heck was wrong.
3 Rivers Marine is considered the #1 dealer for Aluminum boats in the NW, because no one carries the manufacturer lineup and offers the model options that 3RM can. Another good reason for the bracket, is that it will give me another 18" of valuable deck room - area that I can definitely use for a cooler or kill bag.
At the back of my mind, I knew it might be futile (as it turned-out to be), so I'm thinking of the next step: Installing a 4 stroke motor or two. See if you can find someone who has done that to your boat and find out what they experienced before you rebuild your transom, add the bracket, buy the newer heavier motor, $$$ etc.
I don't think it's out of the question to get this much lift from a transom bracket that is fabricated to flush-out with the bottom of my hull. Even the slightest deformation of the existing transom results in a change of the angle of attack of the bottom of the bracket.
This can result in a positive or negative angle, basically becoming a giant trim tab that changes the dynamic lift that raises the boat over the bow wave to plane.
Too dangerous to stand on top, so I mounted it (as in the biblical sense) and stared down at the transom to see how much it sank.
I was pretty involved in what I was doing, but not so much that I wasn't aware of what was going-on around me.

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