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Craig Goldberg could tell you just by the sound of a engine whether or not it’s an antique wooden boat. Harold Thompson worked for a well known local establishment performing maintenance on wooden boats 30+ years ago. Regardless of your age or status – nearly everyone loves to see a classic antique boat. Gebruik van deze website is onderworpen aan onze Gebruiksvoorwaarden en aankopen zijn onderworpen aan onze Verkoopvoorwaarden.
At the request of Dr John Freedman I proceeded to the Borsook residence on Pigeon Lake atLakehurst Ontario on Saturday 9 July 2011 to carry out a brief general visual, non-destructive,non-intrusive and non-invasive inspection of the subject vessel, a 1949 Greavette UtilityRunabout.
Inspection Methods: The vessel was inspected visually with the vessel suspended over thewater in the boathouse. Topsides Planking: The topsides, while generally good have some scuffs and abrasions but noA obvious punctures or deep scratches in the woodwork. Deck Planking: The deck planking is covered with some draped material that has protected itA from dirt and bird droppings.
Note: Extreme caution advised when using gasoline with the new E10 Ethanol alcohol additiveformulation.
One engine cooling raw water inlet is located on the starboard side of the engine in the engineA compartment, installation appears to be satisfactory. Note: Several findings identified in earlier inspections were addressed at various stages in theA survey. Surveyora€™s Observations Ref Maintenance and Upkeep: The refurbishment of this vessel hasA been completed to a high end and very professional level of quality. Surveyors Opinion of Condition: Since the extensive refit and refurbishment in 2008 the vesselhas been used very little.
Chris Craft Corporation said this quote “Chris-Craft has the name, the prestige, the public acceptance. By 1936-1937 Chris Craft introduced what Seabuddy labels’ the first niche Chris Craft Runabout; the 19’ Special Race Boat.
Funny thing… Chris Craft made 51 of these boats, the same number of 19’ Chris Craft Cobras it made in 1955. Now, there is a new construction wood boat available for a custom new build with a period correct engine for the made-to-order newly built hull or a buyer can direct that a modern V-8 Seabuddy has seen this boat, it is a real head tuner. It was only in 1930, that Chris – Craft Corporation was the boat building company’s new name that Christopher Columbus Smith started business back in about 1874.
This 1964 yacht was built by the custom wood boat builder of Rybovich and Sons, of West Palm Beach, FL.
She is like Miss Chevy IV, built in 1952 and not as close to mimicking Miss Chevy II, built in 1947.The 1952 Chevy IV has the broken sheer in the two boat photo. Seabuddy brings these two boats into this discussion as these two boats set the pace for Rybovich sport fishers to come. This fiberglass boat company started making boats in 1955, first calling them Endura Craft boats. Causing Correct Craft to rise to prominence in water skiing was Cypress Gardens, which opened in 1936. While this classic boat was made in the Orlando, FL plant, Correct Craft’s current manufacturing facility, started in 2005, includes two private lakes used to test their boat designs. I was aboard a wonderful classic yacht at the invite of the yacht’s owners this past weekend.
This 1961 Preserved Classic Yacht is an excellent example of what made a Matthews Yacht very desirable among cruising yachtsmen. This is an 26’ exacting example of the bright finished and copper riveted boat, El Lagarto, which has an outstanding racing record.
While her racing record was made while she was under the ownership and driving of George Reis, a long time resident of the Bolton Landing area of Lake George, NY, she was built as Miss Mary for another owner.
Reis took her to his home on the shoreline of Lake George in 1925 and he massaged the boat and motor over the years. As an aside, on a race course the boat was turned left tight to the buoys by closing all the left side vents and then she showed the highest straightaway speed with all the vents open on both sides.
In one of my articles on Riva wood boats, I posted some photos and that started our current discussion.
Some boat model name choices are Tritone, Ariston, Super Ariston, Aquarama, Super Aquarama, and Long Super Aquarama. I went to print with my model name thoughts in the link I have put into this posting, but I now I believe my I.D.
If this boat was a nice but not the best restored copy and perhaps re-powered with a more modern engine she seems to be able to bring around a $50,000 price today.
Truth be told, the faster Baby Gar V broke down and Gar Wood had to wait some seven minutes for the IV to catch up so he could transfer to it from V as V had proved to be the faster boat. She is a classic v-drive (some say vee drive) inboard with one bigger center cockpit wood runabout. This built from scratch 29” long boat is modeled from a privately owned version of a real boat and is shown here for its outstanding workmanship and attention to detail. One interesting fact to seabuddy is that the full-size runabout’s windshield was from the rear window glass used in a car. One thing to note, the photos here do not show the colors as well as an in person review will. He also refinishes, rebuilds and recreates every part of a wooden boat to its original condition.

By restoring the wooden boats Craig is refreshing the memories of many that have forgotten what it’s like to be in a wooden boat.
Whether it’s the sound of the engine, water running under the wooden planks or the smell of varnish, memories come to mind. A very detailed inspection was not carried out because the vessel hadonly been used for a short time before Mr. These standards are also intended to be retroactive to older vessels as far aspractical (see TP1332 a€?applicationa€?). But the vesselA has also been on the blocks out of the water for two years in a covered boathouse. The system appears to have been assembled correctly as designed.****The fuel lift pump is not of the double diaphragm style as required by ABYC.
It has consistently advanced from the beginning and maintained the continued success for its merchants.
So, this first niche Chris Craft Runabout is about a rare a boat as there is in the Chris Craft line-up ,just like a 19’ Cobra is! Micheals Classic Boat Show had both of these rare boats, fully restored in its annual June event. The name had changed many times to allow for various partners in the years between these dates. That is as they say… the boat that they personally want to go home with after the show has ended. She is a center engine (engine box in the middle of the cockpit), shaft-drive, inboard powerboat.
Here seabuddy wants to share with you the delightful two hours I had aboard a 42’ classic wood cabin cruiser in Tuckerton, NJ. Then, there was a switch to yachts using fiberglass hulls from the Halmatic Company in England.
It made a 16 horsepower custom 35’ gas powered boat that set the record for an Atlantic Ocean crossing in 1912. She won the Gold Cup three times, the Presidents Cup three times, the National Sweepstakes twice, and other racing awards and recognitions. These are some additional Riva boat photo images taken by me on the same day of the same boat.
These are single and twin engine boat models and perhaps the first point would be to decide if this classic has one or two engines.
She is unusal in that she has hatches on her aft deck, not the main stream for this model, sun lounge pad that Ted Kennedy once made infamous.
She is one of only 28 boats made in this model in 1932 by the famous Gar Wood boat building company. This one; with its very high level of a truly total restoration, all correct parts, it’s level of fit and finish that must be seem to be fully appreciated, may very well bring more along the lines of a $250,000 price if it was to be a classic wooden boat for sale. Gar Wood raced his 33 foot Baby Gar V and her sister Baby Gar IV both built to a design by Chris Craft’s Christopher Columbus Smith.
Chris Craft and Gar Wood had promoted the idea of a bottom step to increase speed in a runabout.
All had these Liberty Engines for power that had been designed by Packard Motors and Hall Scott Aircraft Engines.
John Into, a boat modeler for 50 years and a published author on boat modeling, even discussed this boat model with the real boat’s naval architect, a designer named Robert Rioux, who designed all of the Century Boat Company’s boat models at the time this boat was conceived. Let me tell you, Into got those color shades right as a match to the real boat he was modeling. There is a presumption, thatthe engine and its associated equipment and electrical system work satisfactorily and that theyhave been properly winterized and maintained since the vessel was last used. These small areas, notably at theA (complicated) transom to underbody interface joints, should be refreshed for best visual appeal asA they are clearly visible with the vessel out of the water on blocks.
E10 fuel isknown to dissolve fiberglass and plastic fuel tanks, and certain types of plastic fuel lines andplastic parts. Chris –Craft has been the leader, is the leader, and will continue to lead” in the early 1930s.. Plus, Chris-Craft boats used thinner dimension framing as well as thinner planking in the bottom for this 19’ Special Race Boat model. Her owners are members of the Sunnyland Club of the ACBS as well as the Chesapeake Bay Chapter Club. First powered by twin gas engines, she has been re-powered years ago with twin Cummins diesels for a cruising speed of 23 MPH and a wide open throttle speed of 31 MPH. The boat is finished in Pennant Red, one of the five colors that were offered in 1960 by the boat builder. But it was best known for the Cypress Gardens Water Ski Show, which featured Correct Craft ski boats. The Ski Nautique name was added in 1961 when they began producing fiberglass water ski boats using a mold they brought from Leo Bentz. It is open, filled with bright sunshine with views outside, and has a bigger sense of space than the square footage that you walk on.
These finished hull forms were shipped to Matthews Yachts in Port Clinton, Ohio from  1969 till the Matthews business closed in 1975.There these English fiberglass hulls had decks, deckhouses, engines and the cabin interior added to the hull. She was first raced in 1922 and only retired from active competition after racing for the 1937 season. Then, in 1931, he completely re-did the boat’s bottom with a series of ?” high shingles and after-of-the-shingle controllable dual vents that allowed the vacuum to be released that the steps created.

I have seen some records that suggest that she was last sold in the 2010 time frame powered with a 500 Hp Chevy engine for just under $200,000. Plus, here is a link back to the other write-up and pictures of the same Classic Wood Riva Boat taken the same day as these were. She and IV raced down the Hudson River alongside the Twentieth Century Limited train on the river edge RR tracks from Albany to NYC.
They are usually credited with making the refinements that made it a useful race boat feature. He had gotten World War I aircraft engines as war surplus at bargain rates as he had bought piles of them at a time. This boat that was modeled by John was a wood classic utility runabout, it is one of the last wood ones, as Century Boat Co. If you like his work and want to better understand boat modeling for yourself, ask him to autograph a copy of his book for your home boating library.
E10 fuel storage life is also very short, typically 30-60 days before the alcohol andgasoline separate.
These changes made a big difference compared to their other 19’ by 6’2” sized runabouts that were made by Chris Craft boats for the masses. This was the way one went after sailfish, tuna, and white and blue marlin for sport fishing fun. The boat was a show-stopper that brought smiles and sparked conversations among many show-goers as they walked the docks of this 17-acre show. By then they were selling about $3,000,000 in boats, which were made in three boat-building plants, located in nearby Cambridge, MD as well as in California and Indiana.
There is seating for five, two in front of the engine box and three on a bench behind the engine at her stern .
Correct Craft, Ski Nautique, and Nautique are names that are imbedded in water skiing history. Nautique’s boat bottom shapes really went wild starting with the 1989 models where stepped chines, spray relief pockets, along with a variable planning hull dead rise became standard on their ski boats. The Galley and dinette are at another level, but the main salon ceiling line stays at one, full height, even over these two lower level interior features. The staining and varnishing have given a very even deep, rich colourA between the new and old wood.A Mr. The Ethanol content is a corrosive substance and will attack aluminum fueltanks and metal parts in the fuel system. For instance, while there are different engine choices, it is perhaps fair to say that one of these boats were 20% faster. Seabuddy hopes that you made it to the show or plan on putting this show on your calendar in the future years. The family ran the company and kept it private until they sold the entire corporation in early 1960.
She has a flat bottomed transom (not a deep vee), no keel, and twin inboard shaft drives (no bullet to house the F-N-R gears of multiple outboard engines exposed in the wake of the hull, as the transmissions are inboard within the hull).
Raymond Loewy, noted designer of a few early 50’s Studebakers as well as the Avanti cars developed the design for this and other boats for the Dorsett Plastic Corporation. Her bottom is essentially a flat bottom with a very gentle arc athwartships across her running surface. Correct Craft was founded in 1925 and has been the keystone builder of boats for water skiing competition and water ski shows. Light weight for that time, they were offered in boats by Gar Wood at horsepower rating from 400 Hp to as high as 550 Hp. MontieMasterson, a master shipwright, specializing in wooden boat building and refurbishment.
Borsook commissioned the deck fittings to be re-chromed and polished to a new or betterA than new quality. It is advisable to carry extra fuel filters and tools onboard the vessel when using this fuel, and to be extremely vigilant for fuel tank and fuel systemleakage.
Then the raised toe rail at the outside edge of the foredeck and the presence of a siren are clues. Seabuddy recalls here a personal conversation he had with Al Hegg years back about his Century boats and about how hard a time he had getting his Century water ski boat models legalized for water ski competition. Other designers may want to squeeze in a third stateroom where the dinette is located, but the functionally of a dinette cannot be over-stated in a boat used for cruising. The reverse transmission is a Velvet drive unit coupled to a 1a€? stainless steelA shaft and three bladed bronze propeller. That small almost custom boat building shop was supplemented by a bigger plant in Marysville, MI. This is the only smallA detraction from the overall aesthetic appeal of this vessel.A The electrical system was fully refurbished. The Baby Gar thirty three foot runabout was still being made in Algonac along with a 40’ cruiser.
It was in 1932 that this 18’ twin cockpit (or split cockpit) runabout shown here was introduced.

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