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Great cruiser for Lake Minnetonka - You'll look good cruising the lake in this restored 1966 25 foot Chris-Craft Sea Skiff.
Classic River Boats are not only an investment opportunity they are a declaration of personal style.
If you have a passion for Classic River Boats, you will appreciate sailing a wooden boat is one of the most pleasurable, satisfying feelings in the world. The most cost effective way to own an vintage boat is to buy a well cared for and restored craft where its history and craftmanship is fully documented throughout the years.
For the inexperienced vintage boat investor, however, the problem is knowing where to to find top quality boats. If we are unable to satisfy ourselves about the history of a boat and guarantee that the work and restoration carried out has been done satisfactorily and to the highest standard, then we will not sell it. This rare Canadian built boat is fully restored, used only a few times in the summer (since restoration and full certification by a boat surveyor). The boat has been in my family since new but has undergone some changes throughout its life.
The boat originally was powered by a 4 cylinder 40hp Lycoming air craft engine that was coupled to an all aluminum Johnson outdrive.

The boat remained in its original state for about 20 years until the boat went for a light restoration.
The drive and engine components were removed from the boat and put in a warehouse for storage, unfortunately the storage facility burned down and the drive and engine were lost.
Neither my grandfather nor the marina was able to source a drive for the boat because of the rarity of the piece.
The boat sat for another 10 years until my grandfather installed a 60hp grey marine that was coupled to a type of surface drive configuration which to my knowledge never worked properly. After some trial and error my grandfather gave up and the boat sat in storage until 2010 where I brought the boat out and began a full restoration as well as a completely new drive system. Now for the fun stuff, my father is a boat builder and has always been researching and building surface drives, I have followed his passion and we decided this boat would be a fantastic candidate for this type of drive configuration. We custom designed this one off surface drive which is constructed out of 316 stainless that has been electropolished. The shaft tube is completely water cooled with two cutlass bearings one at the top and one at the bottom. The steering is completely original all the way to the transom consisting of shafts and gears which is a thing of beauty.

The engine is a 2011 Mercruiser 140hp fresh water cooled 4 cylinder that is mated to a fresh borg warner 1:1.
The boat is an absolute blast to drive, it throws a massive rooster tail about 75a€™ behind the boat and about 30ft in the air, there really isn’t anything like it on the water. The boat handles so well and is exceptionally user friendly; with its modern power plant you really can just get in it and go without a fuss.
Up until a few months ago I was using the boat almost every weekend to go put around and hang out at the beach.
The reason I am selling the boat is that I really just dona€™t have the time to use it, I would love for someone to own the boat and be able to enjoy it and have it become their own family heirloom.
I know where the market stands for something like this and with that said I am not a dreamer or someone that thinks that a sentimental value directly relates to a monetary one.

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