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ArcheAge has a huge world, with three big continents, many small islands and water as far as the eye can see, and reaching other lands by swimming would be impossible, the seas are filled with sharks and other monsters, with pirates and PK’ers hungry for your goods, and with a badass roaming Kraken boss. Speedboats – there are 2 versions of Speedboats, with and without a harpoon, and they are very fast.
Galleons – there are 3 versions of Galleons, a normal, a Chinese one, and a pirate one (Black Pearl like in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean) their main purpose are the battles, with their 8 cannons. XLGames also implemented a feature to put your own design on the sails, and the ability to name your vessel. The most sturdy vessel (the galleon) has 30,000 hit points and can have 1,000 hit points repaired at sea by spending 2 wood and I think 1 labour point, so a healthy supply of wood is recommended for any extended sea battles. If your boat is completely destroyed you can (at the moment) not resummon it for 10-15 minutes, but when you do it is back to full HP. Another important feature is the ability to hijack enemy ship, its not called stealing the ship (you can’t unsummon other players ship to get the ships scroll in your inventory), but anyone can take the steering wheel and sail the ship.
When the location is found, use the ships blueprint from the inventory, and place down the platform.

Also make sure not to place down the platform far from the land, nor far from crafting stations.
After you brought all the packs to the construction platform, the ship will be completed, and it will slide off the platform, ready to sail. The platform will disappear in a few minutes after the ship has been constructed, but there is a 72 hour timer on the platform too, so if you fail to bring the packs there in that time, it will vanish. The process to build larger ships is the same, the difference mainly is in the amount of resources needed to craft different type of ships, bigger ships will require way more packs for construction than a catamaran.
Info: Trading ship is more like a greatly enlarged speedboat with 16 drawers where you can put packs, 4 cannons, 2 on each side, and the instrument to detect other vessels. Info: Almost the same as the Galleon, a bit different in look, has a bit higher speed, and an extra drawer slot for shipping packs.
Those cannon have a long range which closed to 3 times of the longest attack skills from single player. Target on the sail when fighting at an distance while target on the players when enemies are close to you.

So thats why we are able to craft ships and sail with them, to travel from one to the another location or explore the vast world of AA. To place down the platform you will need to have 10 wooden planks and 10 bars of iron in your inventory, this will be used up to construct it. Construction platform can be found near the port so that you don’t need to go back to the city for processing. So sometime you need to produce the high level cloth yourself by combining 2 or 3 pieces of low level cloth which will consume labor points.

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