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Dick Clarke, a resident of Northern beaches in Australia, has stopped paying for grid electricity by finding an all new power source for his home office – his solar powered boat. Moondog comes with a lightweight 500W solar array that doubles up as a renewable energy generator for the self-contained office.
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Welcome to Inhabitat, your online guide to the best green design ideas, innovations and inspiration to build a cleaner, brighter, and better future. Sea Tours, Muscat, Oman - A Incentive & EventsIncentives are the reward for work well done, and we strive to ensure that they are truly rewarding. Clarke, a building designer by profession and the owner of Envirotecture, regularly takes out on Pittwater in his solar powered catamaran, called Moondog, and whenever the boat is idle, he uses the onboard solar panels to generate renewable energy for his house in Elanora Heights.
Costing $3500, the solar array saves about $400 in electricity costs annually and produces enough energy to power all computers and electronic equipment in his office.
Though, the additional expenses on the solar array have raised $200 a year in interest, it helps him save a total of $200 annually.
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On this island with privacy, you would be amazed by the setup that awaits you for an entertaining afternoon.
Arabic tents would be put up in this island a€“ One tent for the delicious BBQ and the other would be neatly decked with cushions and carpets known in the Arab world as Majlis for guests to relax. An Omani Oudh player would entertain you while you relax under the tent.A Several team building activities can be organized at the island for the group.

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