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In 1962, after AMRA had been running in NSW just 6 years, it was decided to hold a model railway exhibition at the Burwood Police-Citizens Boys Club. In 1978 the Exhibition moved to the Royal Agricultural Showground (RAS), occupying the Mazda Pavilion that year, and then the Ford Pavilion as well from 1979. In 1983 the E G Whitlam Centre at Liverpool was completed and the Exhibition moved there in 1984. From 2005 to 2008 Australia's longest running model railway exhibition was held at the Hurstville Aquatic Centre in Penshurst. AMRA NSW is dedicated to promoting the hobby of model railways throughout New South Wales. Australian model Travis Fimmel, born July 15, 1979, has been catapulted to instant notoriety.
The coveted slot of Calvin Klein poster boy is the most illustrious a male model could snare, it’s the big kahuna of the glamour profession. However, this didn’t prevent this traffic stopper being noticed by American public, and even the celebrities.

As if to prove the point that models are extraterrestrial beings, beamed down from a parallel dimension to torment the rest of us, Fimmel admits his gym membership has long expired, and he eats what he pleases. Fimmel lives in Los Angeles, where his routine seems to consist entirely of surfing and channel-surfing, as well as cruising around in his 1985 Bronco. Fimmel left home at 17, moved to Melbourne at 18, and arrived in London at 19, where he remained for two years. This was such a success that the Branch became the sole organiser of this major annual exhibition, which was held at the Sydney Town Hall, coinciding with the Waratah Festival, until 1977. Twenty years later, the 2004 Exhibition was our 42nd and the last for a while at Liverpool — the longest at any one venue. From relative obscurity, his symmetrical features, attenuated body and accompanying bulge have been plastered on billboards and placed in magazines everywhere in the free world.
Travis Fimmel has become the instant talk of the town and the stirring up of the controvercies. Meg Ryan first spotted the blonde Aussie on a giant billboard on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip.

The modelling seed had already been planted when, in 1998, Anderson discovered him in a Melbourne gym.
From a bucolic background on a farm 40km outside Echuca, Victoria, where he regularly milked cows, Fimmel has rocketed into the pantheon of international sex symbols. Some countries dediced to ban the ads, reasoning that it is sexually suggestive and demeaning to men. He has since been spotted dining with the real thing at Robert De Niro’s Nobu restaurant in New York. Last time he was home, he got around in a checked shirt and torn jeans and I thought, ‘Can’t we dress him up at all?
Fimmel has a slimmer, more natural look than his preening predecessors Mark Wahlberg, Michael Bergin and Antonio Sabato Jr.

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