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8.  Single part Hypalon adhesive and cut down brush ready for priming cleaned up wood so that the PVC adhesive will stick to it. Excellant step by step photos gave me confidance to attempt job – thereby saving costs of finding and geting someone else to do the job. Hello Steve, Weigh up the advantage of leaving the transom fittings in place (if they are sound) with stripping down, cleaning up and re-attaching. Hello, on my tender the tubes are poorly glued to transom and needed to be taken apart, do you suggest to take away bottom too for best final results, even if it seems quite ok ? Hello Clive, If your side fittings are rubber, then rubber to wood with 2 part Hypalon adhesive is good.
Hello, I just want to know how much product do you think I need to buy for redoing the transom. Yes a 1 x 70ml Polymarine Hypalon Adhesive tube and 1 x 250ml Polymarine 2 part PVC adhesive pack will be enough to attach your Transom. I cleaned off all the old glue with Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) then wiped entire area with acetone. Then I used 2 part hypalon adhesive to prime the rubber parts then 2 part pvc adhesive to prime the tubes. 48 hours later I have removed the ratchet strap and peeled the transom off as it didn’t bond.
Hi Tim, The best solution for Rubber to Wood, is simply to use a 2 part Hypalon (rubber) Adhesive as the normal application instructions. View detailsRibRight Hypalon inflatable boat glue supplied with curing agent for permanent repairs to Hypalon dinghy's, RIB's and inflatable boats, solvent based adhesive giving excellent adhesion.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. We are not required to collect sales & use tax on deliveries to addresses outside New Jersey. Try a dry run at replacing your transom (without glue obviously) to pre check for any difficulty. The transom side fittings look like rubber, similar to your zodiac, so do I still use pvc adhesive with a hypalon primer for the wood? However, you would then need to prime your rubber fitting with Hypalon adhesive before fixing it to the PVC tubes with PVC adhesive. Do you apply one (1) or two (2) coats and how long do you allow the coat(s) to dry before applying the PVC adhesive?
When both parts had been drying for 30 mins I then put a second coat of 2 part hypalon adhesive onto rubber & another coat of 2 part pvc onto tubes.
PVC Boat Fabric - LARGE Roll (70cm x 15cm) Choose from: Black, Grey, Red, Orange, White and Blue. Templates have been taken for the Synthetic teak decking.New Hypalon tubes are then fitted to the refitted Ribtec hullNew Tohatsu 250 four stroke outboard fitted. You may be responsible for payment of tax in your state if otherwise required or upon initial registration of your boat.
The single part Hypalon Adhesive is used later to prime the wood of the transom prior to final fixing with PVC two part adhesive. This is first primed with Hypalon single part adhesive because the fitting is made of rubber.

Would it be easier to take them off and glue them to the transom first, or leave them on the tubes?
I know I’m going to need one part Hypalon Adhesive for the wood transom and 2 part PVC glue for the rest. I had a hard time getting the transom out of the fittings and wonder if it will be very difficult getting it back in. The instructions on this page have been edited slightly to clarify that old adhesive is cleaned off and new adhesive is used as a primer (single part Hypalon) prior to final gluing with 2 part PVC adhesive. These appear to be still well affixed to the PVC tubes and i do not think i need to touch them.
In your instructions, it appears that single part Hypalon adhesive affixes to both wood and rubber, but not PVC. Since i only need to affix the transom to its mount, can i use single part Hypalon adhesive for the whole job (no PVC), or is it better to still to prime with the single part Hypalon adhesive, and use the PVC 2 part adhesive? You just place the old transom over the top of the plywood and it trimmed it perfectly, exact match. If i still should use a PVC 2 part adhesive, how long should i leave the single part Hypalon primer for before applying the PVC bond?

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