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The bottom insulation on the Grayline Bait Tank keeps the water cooler during the hot summer months.
The Tri-Bond rotational molding process produces an insulated, single thickness wall structure tank.
The Tri-Bond rotational molding process will keep out any moisture or water from accumulating between the walls of your bait tank. The Grayline Bait Tank has NO seams to come apart or outer skins to crack which will require replacing at a later time.
The Grayline Bait Tank does not have any exposed hardware which could possibly rip clothing. Waverunner MK3 + FREE pack worth ?130 (New 2015 version) Bait Boats - Buy, Sell, Part Exchange at Tacklefanatics. Wayahead’s Waverunner MK3 bait boat is a remarkable boat that has been in development for a number of years to give the best performance and features.

The Waverunner MK3 boasts twin hoppers with a total bait capacity of 5kg giving the angler the option of being able to drop two rigs with large amounts of baits on two spots. We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right.
This allows for more bait to be held in the tank and a smaller footprint than other tanks with a separate filtering area. The construction process bonds three different layers of high density polyethylene together to form one, durable, light weight and efficient unit. Our design will not allow water leaks into the insulation area which make other tanks heavy and inefficient. As with a number of the Waverunner bait boats the MK3 features the electromagnetic failsafe release mechanism and independent hook release system that give the angler the option to drop the rig separately to the main hoppers. This process enables polyethylene foam insulation to be built into the tank during construction.

The benefits of this insulation feature are much healthier baits and fresher bait for a longer period of time. The boat has an integrated battery meter that means the batteries capacity can be monitored.
The boat has a huge range of up to 1000m and will operate in the most challenging conditions.

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