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If youa€™re looking for the best value in boating today, look no further than Bennington SX Series pontoons and tri-toons. I thought I would post some pictures of some underwater lights we installed on our Bennington pontoon boat.A bit of History. This is the redneck solution for underwater lights (a sealed beam in a styrofoam float)The advantage is it is floating on the water, not attached to the boat so you won't have any legal problems.In salt water it might get a little scary tho.
Looking for a tri-toon pontoon with enough room for the entire family ?  Look no further than this Bennington 24 SLX.   Powered by a 115 HP Yamaha and equipped with custom covers and a tow bar.  Bennington is the #1 selling brand pontoon and this one wont last long!! Bennington offers enjoyment for everyone, combining comfort, style and function with an affordable price tag.
A few years back some friends and I decided to install some under water light's on our Wakeboard boats.

Built in the heart of the Midwest by expert craftsmen, you wona€™t believe the value for the money. At the time LED underwater lights were sort of new and getting a good idea what light's were going to work best for us was un clear. I know in the keys, you will have lots of bait and more than a few predators cruising around.
The SX Series is highly customizable with an abundance of options that will allow you to personalize your boat to your lifestyle. Check out the wide variety of stern lounge seating options, fishing features, biminiA and camper tops, even an on-board sink! Bennington is the top of the line and as the second owner, I know that this one has been babied.

IMO any other lights becide Red and Green at the front and White at the rear can open you up for a Inspection and or ticket. I have been told by people that had some red lights in and around their boat that they got stoped because the Red light' at the rear of the boat conflicted with the running light's Example if you had traditional red and green at the front and a bright red underwater light at the rear you could be sending mixed signals.I dont think in ANY way its a saftey hazzard I do think it gives the cops a excuess to pull you over.

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