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Guys, I need some advice on lifting strakes, I understand what they are but specifically do not understand the difference between placing them on the inside versus the outside of the logs on a toon. Link,I would go with the third tube and lifting strakes on the center to get more speed & load capacity. The dryer ride comment I made was based on information provided to me in comparison to having no strakes, not in comparison to a center tube. Link - If that's what you end up doing (center tube with 2 strakes), I would be interested in hearing if your boat leans in at all in a turn.

Call Marina Mikes in Fort Myers, Florida (Toll Free) at 1-800-955-7543 or 239-216-7867 or Email Us for more information ! It takes less power to get up to speed for plane also the more strakes you have, I think that you can steer and manuver easier without them on the outside of the outer tubes but since you don't tube or ski it wouldn't matter.By adding the center tube with strakes is going to make a huge differenc from what you have already, I would start there and if more is need in the future then you could add strakes to the other tubes. A new center toon with lifting strakes is more costly, but will impact boat ride and handling at all speeds including no wake.
Another big advantage of going this route is the strakes will be welded to the brand new center toon at the factory - new metal to new metal.

Because our new boat with out OUTside lifting strakes is just as dry as our old boat with inside and outside strakes.

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