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Edge painting, edge coloring, colored edges; there are many names that describe this process and we have used them all.
This process is often done with engraving ink, which has a matte finish for the non-metallic Pantone colors and a shimmery finish for the metallics.
We send out for this process, so it does add to the production turnaround. Below are some examples of business cards with edge painting. Notes: Various papers used in the painted-edge stack, Huckabit business cards printed in three colors on 179# Crane Fluorescent White Kid finish cover. Javier Garcia of Javier Garcia Design has written on his own blog talking about the process of designing and printing his letterpress printed business card.
We love working for wineries, in part because the letterpress process is such a great complement to what making wine is about- a traditional craft, an interest in quality over quantity, and an appreciation for having good work to do. We rarely get to use lead type anymore- in this age of desktop typesetting, few designers are comfortable delegating the typesetting to someone else, and hardly anybody remembers the traditional protocols around specifying typesetting.
I promised to draft something for him, and later that day began looking through the type for something suitable. Good quality textures are very useful in creating anything in Adobe Photoshop, from wallpapers to website background to greeting cards. In case you are looking for seamless patterns with a holiday or Christmas theme that you could use as background, check out our last year’s post on Christmas Photoshop patterns.
To download the Christmas texture or texture pack that you want, click on the preview image and look for the download link available in the source or author’s page. This is a hand made texture available for use in your artworks with creative commons license.
Set of Christmas-themed textures that are useful for creating background design for scrapbooks and other projects. At RockDesign, we take our customer's core business values and express them in a creative and visual manner.

This process is not new by any means, but we have noticed more and more people are asking for it in the last few months. If you’re looking for a very shiny metallic look, foiled edges are the way to go (more on that farther down). Gold-foil edged cards printed in two colors plus gold foil stamping on 110# Crane Lettra Fluorescent White cover.
Since Christmas is just a month away, we decided to round up hundreds of quality textures with Holiday or Christmas themes. Upload your logo in editable vector format and write out what text you would like us to include on the card. Production starts and you can relax knowing that your printing is in the hands of our trained professionals here at RockDesign! With silver and gold stamping on both the front and the back of our 25.6pt Black uncoated card stock, this card exemplifies true professionalism.
Formed by gluing together two pieces of approximately 280 gsm paper, this uncoated paper stock is a favorite for foil stamping.
Edge painting can be matched to an existing color in the design or it can be done with a contrasting tone to add an unexpected pop of color. Finishing processes like this can really add polish to a card design. There is a wide range of foil colors available, however gold and silver are by far the most popular.
Embossing is a process that requires a die and a counter die, while a blind deboss is letterpress printing without ink which allows us to use our standard printing plates. Common backgrounds used for Christmas includes bokeh of Christmas lights, glitters, starry sky, winter scenes, Christmas trees, etc. The front design is reminiscent of a legal seal while the back of the card is designed to maintain an asymmetrical balance. A variety of foil colours look excellent on this stock, and create a business card with a refined appearance.

They bring this perspective to produce high end designs that will yield optimal final results. There aren’t many things quite like opening a box of foil-edged cards and seeing a field of metallic staring back at you.
While we do not offer embossing in-house, we are happy to out-source this process when combined with letterpress printing.
Below, we grouped these Christmas-related textures into five groups so you would easily find the texture or design you are looking for. The silver and gold foil highlights important information in a way that catches your client’s eye. Please note if a design is close or goes to the edge of the card there is an additional fee for 30% of the total price. The first group includes bokeh and glitter while the second group is composed of stars and starry backgrounds. This card is ideal for any business professional; lawyer, security officer, or stock broker. The third section includes candy cane and stripes textures, while the fourth group are winter, snow, snowflakes, etc. The last group are textures with Christmas ornaments and decors such as Christmas balls, poinsettia, tinsels, etc.

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