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Whitby Charter Skippers Association boats have reported some excellent outings in early Spring with catches that have on occasion been the best of Whitby boat fishing. Spring started with the likes of Trot On, Mistress, Sea Urchin and Sea Otter 2 using uptiding methods to tempt a steady stream of quality codlings only a short steam from the harbour. Early March saw Mistress, Sea Otter 2 , Sea Urchin II and Never Can Tell-A reporting good catches of codling to worm, squid and cart baits with the odd better fish thrown in. As we moved into late March and April- breaks in the weather meant that those willing to run a bit further off found clear water and Shy Torque, Jean K, Mistress, Trot On, Sea Otter 2 and Sea Urchin II all reported good catches of cod and some cracking pollock too. Mid April saw some sessions to remember with Shy Torque, Mistress, Trot On, Sea Otter 2 and Sea Urchin II seeing lure fishing become the main plan of attack. Using shads, Sidewinders, Red Gill’s and other soft lures- all the above boats had days with over 100 cod boated.
Paul Eddon’s Trot On had a few runs out and reported a steady stream of quality cod along with some cracking pollock throughout April to both bait and lures. Pete Rose on Sea Urchin II has also reported steady catches throughout Spring – with good fish in good quantity falling to both bait and shads. With an increasing amount of regular anglers- Pete utilises this comfortable boat to its full potential and has a knack of winkling out a double on difficult days. After a fortnight of the better fish hiding away and a couple days lost to weather it ended up a nail biting finish. On the last Friday of the competition (and with a forecast that looked less than promising)- Mick Littlewood fishing on Sea Otter 2 landed a 13lb-10oz-Cod. Marek took the ?1000 top prize and has vowed to visit Whitby to fish with Rich and enter more festivals in the future. A great ending to a great competition where all boats that sailed got their anglers daily cash prizes at some point with lovely cod, pollock and ling hitting the scales every day.
In conditions where it adds colour to the water pack a few boxes of squid and you will still catch fish.
There are plenty of cod, pollock, ling and haddock out there along with feed blooms that are ever increasing in size and frequency. Other less common species that could show up in early Summer are catfish (Woof) and the mighty halibut which are caught every year and to sizes in excess of 50lb. Mackerel will arrive- giving a plentiful bait supply for those seeking the big ling Whitby boat fishing has to offer and they will also give endless family fun on the short trips run by Never Can Tell-A and Tina Dawn. These trips are a great way to get young anglers hooked, for grown up beginners to sample a few hours on a boat and to bring back a fresh supply of one of the tastiest fish out there!
Tina Dawn and Never Can Tell-A are the original Whitby 3 hour trip boats and supply all the tackle and advice you need for these outings.
For the more adventurous anglers- Whitby long haul boat Chieftan has trips of between 10 and 36 hours available in June. The 36 hour trips give enough time to reach the offshore grounds between 60-120 miles offshore and if you’re serious about double figure cod then they are worth serious consideration.
In addition to Chieftan- the Metcalfe family also own Charisma and skipper Jim has completed his annual paint jobs and servicing ready for the Summer season. Pollock specialist Jon Wilford on Two Dogs will also be amongst the action and can be relied upon to find some superb pollock fishing action in the early Summer.
Bookings are already been taken for this event and if you want to fish the best tides and weekends it would be advisable to contact your preferred skipper as soon as possible. All WCSA boats will be entering and if the angling gods favour you then you could well be five grand better off! For information on the best Whitby boat fishing available and skippers who endeavour to combine safety, comfort and good advice with an amazing days fishing please visit our boats page. At this location you will be able to catch mackerel, Pollock, haddock, cod, and other fish. In Sutherland you will find everything that you have been looking for: waters rich in trout and salmon, green grass, hills, and welcoming guesthouses.
All that’s about to change however – or at least it is if we have any say in the matter. Billed as the ultimate leisure sport, fishing can comprise a relaxing day by the riverside, checking the occasional tug on the line, or it can form an intensive day’s activity, with the coastline a mere dot on the horizon – care for a spot of deep-sea fishing in the North Sea ? Tourist websites such as Visit Scotland often contain comprehensive guides to local fishing and it is well worth reading through these before heading off on your break. Equipment: Depending on the type of fishing (freshwater or sea) the basics will include a rod, reel, fishing line and bait. Cod fishing in Brighton follows well-defined patterns, with the cod moving like clockwork through the year depending on the water temperature. If you are with a large enough group, you can charter the whole boat for the day, which works out at ?450 for eight hours.
After a half day or day on the open water, Brighton has plenty of other options for families. If you’re looking to try the best fish in Brighton, our friends over at Visit Brighton recommend heading down to Fishy Fishy , owned by TV’s Dermot O’Leary, who has enjoyed many fishing holidays in the area. There is a wealth of rivers and lochs where you can fish salmon, but the rivers Dee, Tay, Spey and Tweed are world-famous salmon fishing grounds; you would do well not to stray too far from these. The salmon season runs from February through October, making it perfect if you’re in Scotland for a half-term break or a weekend away with the kids. Wales is fast becoming synonymous with premium seafood including lobster – the seafaring nation isn’t just good for mackerel fishing. Sea Fishing Trips operate a two-hour trip in which skipper and marine biologist Carl Davies will take you behind the scenes on a lobster boat as you track down the coveted crustaceans. Children will be enthralled by the prospect of witnessing how their dinner is caught and by the wildlife to be found. The best time to visit is in May and June, though there are other fishing opportunities throughout the year. Whitby Sea Fishing run mackerel fishing from July to October, the best season in these waters.
If you don’t have your own rod, tackle and bait you can hire them on the boat for a small fee (?5).
Once you are back on dry land, why not take the kids on an activity such as one of Whitby’s famous ghost walks? Devon is one of Britain’s favourite family holiday destinations and its coastal waters are teeming with life.

Devon Bass Pro Charters runs daily fishing trips from Axmouth harbour around the Lyme Bay area, a region of outstanding beauty on the Jurassic coast. You can book a day’s wreck fishing for bass in Lyme Bay with John, with outings lasting from 8-10 hours – be sure to pack some lunch before you set off. For the dedicated fisherman there is nothing better than finding a new perfect place for fishing.
Whitby makes for one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole of the UK, and come May and June the area is literally flooded with people looking to enjoy some Whitby charm and, of course, some wonderful fish and chips. Whitby offers much to the average fisherman, from the beautiful port (and its stock of eel) to taking a charter boat out for fishing for the wide variety of fish found in this area – just be sure you invest in some cheap boat insurance beforehand to cover yourself for any issues.
For those that are truly dedicated to angling there is the West Water Angling Club, where you can purchase a day pass for a tidy ?30; for that you’ll receive a day’s use of the many wonderful fly fishing spots throughout Northumberland. Langammarch Wells is a charming village that is ideally situated on the River Irfon (Mid Wales). Whilst there are plenty of hard-core fishermen that enjoy the challenges of sea fishing, the fact remains that it can be relatively dangerous in certain spots. Generally speaking you’ll either find that areas ideal for sea fishing are ether wonderfully scenic but not all that practical, or rather unremarkable and extremely practical. Sutherland is nestled within the beautiful Highlands of Scotland and makes for another fantastic angling region. Whitby earned the prestigious title of Cod Mecca Of The UK many years ago, and indeed there have been some tremendous catches of the species made from boats venturing out of this port in the past. Luckily for us they did start to make a comeback, but along with this new breed of cod came a completely new set of rules.
After many months of experimentation, of Which Sea Otter 2 skipper Paul Kilpatrick was a key player, they found that these cod could be targeted very successfully on artificial lures, namely shads.
So out of the gloom and doom of years of poor wreck fishing came a wonderfully new method of inshore sports fishing, and one that has proven to be extremely effective to boot!!. Masses of decent sized cod some well into double figures were being caught on light tackle most times the boats put to sea. In fact it was due to bad weather and being forced to fish closer to home that the many Whitby charter boats discovered good stocks of cod in the 3 to 15 pound bracket just a few miles from the harbour.
Were catching plenty of fish here Dave, and I’m not steaming more than 3 miles outside the harbour!” Paul explained. I was praying for good weather during the drive up, and when dawn arose I was pleasenatly surprised to see clear skies and warm sunshine!!.
Like Paul Mentioned to me on the phone, this type of fishing involves relatively light gear – compared to what used to be used out of Whitby. Although your still fishing in very deep water that can be over 180 foot in places, most of the fishing is done in around 100 feet of water, and with 30 pound braid you can easily get away with 8 or 10 ounces of lead, even on the bigger tides. I use a fixed spool reel for this type of fishing because I feel it gives me better control. Braid is the way forward for this type of fishing, and anything in the 25 to 50 pound bracket will do, but make sure you tie on a 50lb mono shock leader to cushion the powerful lunges a hooked cod will make. Because most of the cod are being caught on shads, you’ll need to take a good selection with you. Paul Reckons the 4 inch shads work better than the larger ones, and judging by his fishing performance on this trip I certainly wont disagree with him. I know were talking inshore cod fishing here, but it really is worth taking a few chrome pirks with you – there are a lot of decent ling to be caught inshore too. A baited pirk or just a plain baited trace is the way to catch these fish and Paul will advise you if there are ling present when you book a trip with him. All you need to do is tie a link swivel to the end of your shock leader, then tie on a 5 foot hook length of 25 pound mono to the same eye of the link swivel. The aim of the game was to drop the shad to the sea bed, then start retrieving it at a steady pace immediately.
I did what Paul said but it was obvious it was going to take me a few drifts to get into my flow, because when I looked up I had a 5 pound cod thrust into my face as Paul walked around the bow to the deck of the boat. Paul managed another fish on this drift again around the 5 pound mark, and there were another 3 fish on board caught by caught by 2 of the lads on the trip and Paul’s son. He fished like a demon for the entire afternoon and completely whooped my butt, boating 2 fish on a single drift on more than 1 occasion. I didnt mind though as I was really enjoying myself and taking pictures which was my excuse for such a poor show!!. If you enjoyed this article and would like to read more about shad fishing, here is a catch report from a days shad fishing on Sea Otter 2. Whitby charter boats cover probably some of the best cod fishing grounds in the country, the town still holds the record for the heaviest cod caught on rod and line in British waters, weighing in at an incredible 58lb 7ounces! As an extra bit of fun this year, every angler who fishes on the Sea Urchin II between 1st April and December 2012 will automatically get entered in a 'heaviest fish of the month' competition. Plenty of species are caught on the whitby charter boats besides cod of course, ling, (a specimen of 26lb 2 ounces was caught from Paul Kilpatrick's boat Sea Otter 2 in last years 'Summer Festival'), pollack, halibut bass, etc to name but a few. This is because fishermen get to stay all day at the bank of a beautiful river, tell stories to their colleagues, and drink beer and they are still considered to be fishing.
You can use a charter boat for fishing, but if you aren’t up for it you will find plenty of fish at the pier or at the harbor. Since this is a beautiful region to explore, the possibility of fishing is just an added bonus. The best thing about this location is that it comes with a beautiful beach which will make fishing a truly unique experience, even if you aren’t really into the activity itself.
Make sure that you take a trip to the angling club to gather some information about the lakes. Some people believe that this is one of the most beautiful regions of the country so a trip here will mean a lot more than just a fishing trip. Britain’s native waters are home to a veritable treasure trove of delicacies, but let’s face it, the closest most of us get to fish is ordering a haddock supper on a Friday night. We want to get you and the kids out on Britain’s rivers, lochs and sea to land your own catch of the day. Coast Magazine is a veritable encyclopaedia of information on seaside holidays, including tips on living off the fruits of the sea and recipes that can be prepared in your holiday home. If it’s your first trip as a family this could end up a little pricy but thankfully most of the tour operators we have recommended below will provide you with everything you need to fish on the day.

There are a variety of species which pass through its waters as the seasons change but let’s look at just one. Check out the town’s tourist information website for more ideas on family-friendly activities and the location of some great local fish restaurants. Scottish salmon, flecked with silver, iridescent in the sunlight, is prized for its pink, succulent flesh.
When fishing in Scotland you need to obtain a permit from each river, loch authority or landowner before you head out. He and his team at Salmon Fishing Scotland operate across the country, specialising in salmon fishing tours, holidays and tuition. Venture to the North Wales coast and you’ll find tours that include boat trips to areas blessed with fantastic lobster pots and grounds. You won’t get to catch the lobsters yourself but you will get to experience a working fishing boat in all its salt-splashed glory.
Bring your binoculars so they can catch a  glimpse of everything from sea birds to seals and the stunning Great Orme cliffs.
Once the weather starts warming up, mackerel swim past Whitby and the sea fishing season soon picks up – though the locals do fish throughout the year. Pete, your friendly boat operator, will be on hand to assist and has great information for beginners. The country is criss-crossed with verdant river banks and deep lakes as well as an impressive coastline. The club has private access to two large lakes which are kept well-stocked with rainbow and brown trout.
Take your kids and partner for a relaxing break and try your hand at fishing while you’re exploring the jagged Jurassic coast. We’re focusing on bass fishing today because this is prime bass season, running from May to November. A day trip will cost from ?50 per person but you can charter the boat for ?200 (4 peeople max).
There are many more locations up and down the country and you can find more information on this at Fish Pal. With the UK boasting so many beautiful locations that are perfect for fishing, fishermen are truly spoilt for choice.
This region is actually one of the oldest fishing spots in the whole of the UK, dating all the way back to when James Cook brought in the first few fishermen in the 1700s. This destination is on of the most peaceful on our list, and you have plenty of walks and scenery to enjoy whilst you’re there. Sutherland offers complete solitude in surroundings that boasts impressive hills, fields and mountains. Located in between Devon and Cornwall this river is accepted to be surrounded by some of the most wonderful scenery in the area. We All know that numbers of cod in the north sea, and pretty much everywhere else have dwindled in the past decade, and up untill 2 years ago we thought that the cod would never return en mass. The 20 and 30 pound monster cod were no longer around in the numbers they used to be on the multitude of wrecks miles offshore. There is no need to use a boom style set up, and in Paul’s experience that only causes more tangles. Paul advised me that we were fishing over some broken ground that stretches for miles but there were a few irregularities that he knew held fish.
He’d be in the wheelhouse positioning the boat for the next drift then up onto the bow like a whippet.
In total we caught over 50 cod in just a few short hours fishing, and everyone on board went home with fish for tea.
Each month's winner will receive a free 10 hour trip worth £45 plus a Sea Urchin T-Shirt to commemorate their win - PLUS - each months winner will have their name in lights on the front page of the Sea Urchin website for a week of glory! If you would like to take part in it, there are some spots that you might want to check out. You only have to pay ?30 to gain access to one of the most beautiful fishing locations of the world.
If your partner doesn’t enjoy fishing, you could make sure she keeps herself busy at the local spa. The nation’s most beloved fish, the humble cod, can be caught here from April to October and is best snagged while your boat is gently drifting or anchored over a wreck. If you fancy landing the ultimate fish, take the family for a trip to Scotland’s lochs and rivers.
Whitby’s harbour is home to some of Britain’s best fishing waters; it’s also a world-famous location, both for its maritime history and its literary lore. You’ll be in good hands on the boat and equipped with all the relevant safety precautions before you head for the briny deep.
The region makes for a beautiful area in which to get close to nature, savouring the scenery while you try you luck at catching brown trout. It is ideal for beginners and provides a relaxed, peaceful and safe environment for families. I also enjoy using a fixed spool on lighter rods, but that’s just personnel preference.
His approach is far simpler, and dare I say extremely effective, I didn’t tangle once.
Even if you fail to catch an elusive salmon, the scenery alone should make it all worthwhile. When he is not writing about travel he can be found working on his blog where he posts all sorts of recipes and adventures from his kitchen.
This region boasts some of the most beautiful beaches around, with plenty of great places for you to cast off and spend a few hours.

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