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Sailfish powercats were top-five aluminium fishing boats at Australia’s Greatest Boats three years running. We present the six aluminium fishing boats contenders in the 2014 Australia’s Greatest Trailer Boats shootout.
Unlike the fibreglass fishing boats, which were all locally built, the aluminium fishing boat finalists have a decidedly international flavour.
Aussies have taken to Kiwi plate-alloy boats in a big way and one of the most popular brands is Stabicraft. The Surtees 6.1 Game Fisher is an armour-plated battlewagon. Take this boat for a spin and you fall straight into attack mode – the faster you push, the better this boat likes it! The Sailfish Canyon Master powered catamaran was a welcome addition to this year’s plate-alloy fishing boats division. The item you are attemping to add to compare is a different subtype to the items(s) in your list. We present the five fibreglass fishing boats contenders in the 2014 Australia’s Greatest Trailer Boats shootout.
As daylight etched the horizon, five fibreglass fishing boat contenders milled around the rally point about a mile outside the Gold Coast seaway. As with previous Australia’s Greatest Boats shootouts, our judging panel consisted of five judges. As our flee of the best fibreglass fishing boats in the country set out, the faintest breeze ruffled the surface, its chilly embrace snapping us all to attention. Even the opposition agrees, Cruise Craft boats offer some of the most appealing, premium quality finished mouldings in the business. Streaker Boats is one of the longstanding boating identities to have made its mark on the marine landscape. It’s been 40 years now since John Haines Snr got the "shiny arses" out of their management chairs and back into the factory to produce one of Australia’s favourite boats. We present the five best aluminium fishing boats contenders in the 2015 Australia’s Greatest Trailer Boats shootout. Aluminium boat buyers have traditionally held a different mindset to fans of fibreglass boats, favouring function over form.
Aluminium boats generally appeal to those looking for a large vessel with lower tow weight, and the physical nature of aluminium means these boats are very strong and impact resistant. Many aluminium boat buyers don’t even paint their hulls, preferring to keep things simple and easy to keep clean.
The 2015 competition also welcomed the return of three long-time alloy Greatest Boats contestants: Bar Crusher, Stabicraft and Surtees.
Last but not least, any decent battle needs a loose cannon, so this year’s wildcard is the stunning Sailfish S7 catamaran. One thing is certain though – every vessel at this final stage of Australia’s Greatest Boats is the pick of the bunch.
The Sailfish S7 powercat combines family runabout appeal with top fishing credentials, all in one complete package. Whether it's punching out to the shelf, running between swells on a bar crossing, or just mooching around the local waterway, the Sailfish S7 is the powercat that keeps on giving.
The Stabicraft 2050 Supercab is the latest fishing boat from this long-established New Zealand plate aluminium boatbuilder. We present the five fibreglass fishing boats contenders in the 2015 Australia’s Greatest Boats shootout. This year’s contenders are the Caribbean 2300 Outboard, Haines Hunter 675 Offshore Hard Top, Savage 585C, the Robalo R227 (on of a handful of American boats to compete in AGB over the years), and the Arvor 605 Sportsfish from Europe.
Previously, we’ve staged this spectacle at many great boating destinations, but it seems often the best is right under your nose. This year we chose Lakes Entrance – on the beautiful Gippsland Lakes – commonly referred to as the Victorian Riviera.
What’s especially interesting about this best boats contest is that we’ve seen how participation drives manufacturers to produce better boats to suit the public. Australia’s Greatest Boats promotes innovation and rewards quality, while showcasing the world’s leading marine brands. Furthermore, you’d be amazed at how many improvements have been identified and put into full production after our team casts a critical, and fully independent eye over these fibreglass fishing boats. So sit back, relax and enjoy the five best fibreglass fishing boats for Australia’s Greatest Boats 2015 as we put them to the ultimate test. One of Europe’s finest fibreglass fishing boat builders came to this event to raised eyebrows and inquisitive looks.
The Savage 585C fibreglass family fishing boat came to prove a point it was more than just a solid value proposition. We water test and rate the Sailfish S8, the winner in the aluminium fishing boats category at the 2016 Australia’s Greatest Boats awards. This year’s judging team was gilled, gutted and filleted by its awe-inspiring big sister, the Sailfish S8. Its hulls ride on a cushion of air, taming the slop and challenging wild seas with  determination. The Sailfish S8’s self-draining deck with non-skid floor is the base for one of the fishiest deck layouts imaginable, with a plethora of angling accessories all beautifully engineered to create the ultimate sportsfishing platform. Sailfish developed its Hydroflow Gen 2 Hull from 45 years of design and testing experience. A high percentage of Sailfish fishing boat customers are buying for commercial applications, where safety, economy, longevity, payload and stability are primary requirements. The wheelhouse is simply brilliant and gives you a real sense of solid confidence in the hull’s massive abilities. The helm is simple but effective, with 360-degree vision and provision for large multifunction screens, anchor controls and twin binnacles for the Honda BF150 four-stroke outboard motors.
The Sailfish S8 power cat jumps up with agility as you plant the throttles on the Honda outboard motors. Yet despite all this, she can be towed quite easily as she’s less than 2.5m wide and comes in at an all-up dry weight of around 3000kg.
Overall, the Sailfish S8 is one hell of a competitor in the tough world of offshore fishing machines.
Reelax outriggers, second wiper, full vinyl wrap, tuna tubes, stone guard on trailer, Furuno electronics suite, FUSION and more. There’s nothing missing to make this the Sailfish S8 perfect aluminium fishing boat platform if you have the wherewithal to buy one. The Sailfish S8 is packed full of great ideas and is put together to make a great overall package. Everything works on this aluminium cat and the layout lends itself beautifully to serious offshore fishing.

Everything you need for a big day offshore as well as simple creature comforts added and all easily accessible. Loaded with more rather than less, the Sailfish S8 is turn-key and ready to rumble for offshore fishing or around the islands.
The Sailfish S8 gives me a real positive vibe, despite the ride being a bit harder than anticipated.
Peruse images of the Surtees 850 Game Fisher, a contender in the Aluminium Fishing Boats category at the Australia's Greatest Boats 2016 test. New Zealand’s Surtees 850 Game Fisher is a big, aluminium fishing boat that redefine offshore angling rigs by adding genuine luxury to a purebred sportsfisher.
The biggest boat competing at Australia’s Greatest Boats 2016, this big, roomy and very capable seagoing machine is at the upper limit of trailerable packages. The Surtees 850 Game Fisher is the flagship of the popular Surtees range and has the credentials to become a modern-day ANZAC hero.
Every year we compare the best fishing boats in the Australia’s Greatest Boats mega shootout.
Australia’s Greatest Boats 2015 was the fifth edition of this annual competition that brings together the best new-model aluminium and fibreglass fishing boats as reviewed during the previous year by Trade-a-Boat. Boats and people are pushed to their limits to determine which of the five is the best new boat of the year in both the Fibreglass Fishing Boats and Aluminium Fishing Boats categories. See the video for a teaser of the second installment of Australia's Greatest Boats 2015 - the Aluminium Fishing Boats category.
The premium cateogry, fibreglass fishing boats with the finest finishes, the most innovative hulls and the softest and best rides. Gutsy plate-aluminium fishing boats, gun tinnie battlewagons, and alloy hulls that ride like glass. Reputations have already been earned by the time we get to the Australia’s Greatest Boats event.
It’s very serious stuff and all the competitors know that even attending the event means sales in hand from the prestige of being nominated "best of the best". Their opinions are as varied as the boats, and it’s enlightening to hear the topics under hot debate at the end of every day’s rigorous evaluation and reviewing. Trade-a-Boat stalwarts John Ford of Merimbula, NSW and Kevin Smith from Brisbane, QLD, are long experienced judges and reviewers, adding their inevitable spice and experience to the trials.
Gold Coast fishing legend Peter Pakula joined the team this year to bring a fresh and exciting opinion from his wealth of knowledge and experience, while young gun and fishing guru Jack Murphy stepped out from behind the lens to add that his own brand of enthusiasm.
We were also very pleased to recruit local boating professional David Talko-Nicholas, a Marine Officer from Gippsland Ports, as our second industry judge, assured this keen recreational angler boot would share his wisdom and experience.
Hi Steve,Comparing each boat like-for-like basis is obviously tricky, as there are considerable differences in length, layout, fitout, engine power, electronics, trailer, etc. Not very fair when some boats are larger in size have more horsepower and are heavier than some, to find the best boat for 2015. Whether as a vessel for their favourite beverage or as their fishing vessels, tinnies – in both forms – are responsible for many youthful indiscretions and some incredible memories. However, the differences between these top tinnies extend far deeper than mere country of origin. Some years back it also formed the first variable-deadrise hull, the Millenium hull, and now it’s taken that design even further with its recent Blade Millenium hull, as fitted to the Quintrex 650 Trident.
The Melbourne-based plate-boat manufacturer blew us away last year after winning the title for the second time. They were chosen from among the most experienced boating writers and journalists in the country and their job was to decide on a winner.
No one was surprised by this given the high quality of all the fibreglass fishing boat contenders. Its latest offering, the Cruise Craft Explorer 595, represents a pinnacle of fibreglass fishing boat evolution and Cruise Craft’s uncompromising commitment to quality. The original Evolution 600 first challenged the fibreglass fishing boats title in 2010 and although pipped at the post, Evolution returned in 2011 with the new 552 and walked away with the silverware.
In 2014, the Haines Group is back with a vengeance as this latest new-generation Signature 575RF shows. While each has its own individual strengths and appeal, there’s one theme in common – they're all superb fishing boats. However, it was at the 2012 Australia’s Greatest Boats event that it became apparent many aluminium boat packages were riding better than some fibreglass boats.
This magnificent trio are household legends among the Australian fishing fraternity and deservedly so. So grab some popcorn and your refreshment of choice, put your feet on the dash and hit the autopilot button while you check out the five best aluminium fishing boats available in Australia for Australia’s Greatest Boats 2015. Oozing versatility, this freshly redesigned fishing boat features the best of Stabicraft’s never ending research and development regime. With the 1650 Super Hawk, a boatbuilder might look at the moderate-vee hull, broad beam and rather full entry and be very mistaken about the ride. We don’t know exactly what makes them work, but the ride rocked our socks off! The first stage of the Australia’s Greatest Boats 2015 competition is the Fibreglass Fishing Boats category and the boats here come in all manner of shapes and styles, the range reflecting the broader market.
There’s a boat here for everyone, whether you’re after an offshore gamefisher, a family crossover, inshore cruiser or a flat-out speed demon. We also changed the timing to early November, given that it was Victoria after all, and were greeted with sun-filled days and just enough swell to make things interesting offshore. There are boats to suit all budgets and reflect every style, ensuring even better value for money when you hit the yards to spend your hard-earned. We were very pleased to see representatives from both Yamaha and Honda Marine in attendance, providing advice and technical backup on their magnificent outboards. The Haines Hunter 675 Offshore Hardtop is the evolution of the wonderful 650 R hull that won at the inaugural Greatest Boats 2010 event. Our judges scored it highly on X-Factor, an interesting response to a hull with such origins and pedigree. But will the new 2300 Outboard layout upset the balance or add to an already impressive package? However, look under the seats and open the lockers and you will find the backbone of a proper fibreglass fishing boat. However, the Arvor 605 Sportsfish looked great running in and out of the difficult Lakes Entrance bar and impressed many more onlookers than just our judges.
It rated really well in Handling and ride, Stability at rest, Ergonomics and Value for money, making it a well-rounded and very versatile boat package. The huge footprint and incredible stability provide the ultimate trailerable fishing platform but still allows for all of the creature comforts expected of a large enclosed wheelhouse.
Beyond her fishing credentials, she’d make a wonderful family boat or a top dive boat, thanks to the big decks, rear door access and immense load capacity for plenty of gear.

There’s a ton of room on the cabin roof for accessories and water toys, and the cabin’s internal layout is generous, comfortable and welcoming, with plenty of comforts for overnighting.
There’s a real spring in her step right through the rev range as she beckons you to embark on extended ventures or fight a big fish well into the night.
As a serious offshore fishing machine, this power cat performs exactly as it should and fulfils all the associated functions very capably. The manufacturers have clearly listened to constructive feedback and taken it onboard this powered catamaran. The days of breakdancing on rough days is something not experienced on this aluminium fishing boat. As the tested price of around $205,000, considering the upgraded engines, massive electronics fitout the Sailfish S8 is a good buy.
However, the growth in our offshore-capable game fishing market is demanding more and more of these full size rigs. Its huge ebony presence is as strong and bold as the All Blacks haka at the Rugby World Cup match – simply awe inspiring.
The biggest of its kind in Australia, in 2015 we once again look at the best fibreglass fishing boats and aluminium fishing boats. Australia’s Greatest Boats 2015 wasn’t quite the life and death battle of the Hunger Games but the generals of the trailerboat industry gathered with just as much conviction.
The contenders in 2015 included the Savage 585C, Arvor 605 Sportsfish, Robalo R227, Caribbean 2300 Outboard and Haines Hunter 675 Offshore Hardtop. The contenders in 2015  included the Bar Crusher 730 Hard Top, Sailfish S7, Surtees 5.5 workmate Hardtop, Stabicraft 2050 Supercab and Crestliner 1650 Super Hawk. There’s five expert judges, a full video team, sound engineers, stills photographers, helicopters, presenters, producers and catering staff – all gathered to record the action presented by 10 of the best fishing boats available to the Australian market. Every boat we review throughout the year is scored on its individual merits and only the top ranked boats are invited to attend the final playoff. Fishermen are all individuals, so we try to reflect this by employing judges from every spectrum of the fishing and boating fraternity. To ensure a fresh new outlook, we also mixed up the judging panel with a host of new contenders. This is one of the most common questions on Australia's Greatest Boats and it is why each boat is rated according to its "Suitability for intended purpose." Have a look at the ratings criteria. Since Australia’s Greatest Boats first started, the alloy fishing boats category continues to serve up the most variety and often polarises the judging panel.
Four of the finalists featured a fully enclosed glass house, while the Quintrex boat trod a more traditional path sticking with the ubiquitous cuddy cabin architecture with front and side clears that locals flock to in their droves. The hull has a high-tech design producing more efficient lift and delivering better running capabilities. No wonder the judges all came in from the trials with eyes wide open and jaws on the ground. To stake a claim to the 2014 title for Australia’s Greatest Trailer Boat – Fibreglass Fishing Boats category.
Even so, our most seasoned AGB judges were still amazed at just how close the final score came down the line.
The distant thrum of helicopter blades broke the eerie silence and a whale broached in the distance.
Other boats though, have such terrifically formed alloy panels and paint jobs that it’s difficult to pick them from the fibreglass hulls.
Yep, we copped a bit of stick from a few readers and boatbuilders alike, but it’s always been the score sheet that tells the tale, not the pedigree. Sailfish just missed out last year with the hulking Canyon Master, so the manufacturers studied the rules, considered the judging criteria and came back with an attitude — and won the 2015 title. But the bottom line is these fibreglass fishing boats do one thing: provide fishy-ness and fishability. Naturally, there was also a vast array of the very latest marine electronics and accessories fitted to these fishing boats. She certainly proved a worthy contender, winning both the Innovation and Ergonomics sections. Sailfish has all the fundamentals set in stone thanks to many years of real-world seagoing experience. Meanwhile, the relatively light weight and high hull efficiency mean very low running costs paired with extremely gutsy performance. An abundance of small but important tweaks lift this boat to a new level of performance and functionality. In cross seas and downhill it was very good — typically "cat-like" Not as soft as expected. Use the throttles to manipulate the back end and the Sailfish S8 just pushes through turns without the characteristic lean some powered cats have. High sides and a perfect design of the baitstation, plus a padded transom and that walkthrough to the stern. From the great wrap to the textured cockpit floor and cabin — this boat is loaded with WOW!
Trade-a-boat editor Tim said at the contest that this aluminium fishing boats was "sleek and aggressive, ready to attack. Add into the mix a collection of manufacturers and dealers and a few hangers-on, all keen to ensure that there is no stone unturned in demonstrating their brand’s latest innovations and capabilities. The low slung Crestliner might initially seem out of place in this field of high-waisted cuddies with only its upright windscreen offering protection from the prevailing conditions.
At the Australia’s Greatest Boats 2015 competition, the smaller Sailfish S7 power act had all our judges hooked, gaffed and in their death rattles lying on the expansive deck of this award-winning presentation.
Hard to fault and even harder to think of anything else it needs to improve the overall package. A few modifications to positioning of features has also made a big difference to the ease of use and ergonomics. Smooth and economical cruising in the mid-range but doesn’t mind a handful of throttle either in the right conditions. Many people start and often finish up in small tinnies, while the offshore warriors go to sea in massive bluewater battleships.
As big as a block of flats yet considerably more seaworthy, it’s towed comfortably behind larger SUVs like the Jeep Grand Cherokee or VW Amarok ute.

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