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The project involved a structural steel and metal cladding extension and expansion with renovations to the existing facilities at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography. Versatile fishing vessel built in fiberglass molds, according to the specifications of the owner, subject to building inspection of Transport Canada.
The concepts of "modern" and "cutting edge" are themselves neither modern nor cutting edge. The resulting new Vulcan Building houses support facilities for the ongoing water-related operations of the BIO and includes a boat repair shop, diesel engine shop, carpentry shop, machine shop, fuel oil storage facility, and more.

The new facility features overhead doors and curtain wall systems founded on a structural concrete floor slab supported on a driven steel pile foundation. Renovations to the existing building included the installation of a new diesel power generator and switchgear, a dust collection system, removal and reinstallation of various mechanical and electrical systems, asbestos abatement, and the reinstallation of various existing industrial shop equipment and facilities. Original owners completed an additional $50,000 up fit, with new upper helm and converted electrical systems from 220 to 110.
Like all legends, the nautical type are at risk of becoming obscured by the mists of time - far more so than those on land.

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