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We couldn't find the page you were looking for.Please try another search or go back to the home page. To open a brand new place in this climate is a bold and gutsy move, and in such an unconventional location as the Southern bank of the Yarra, next to Jeff's shed and the Polly Woodside even more so.
Speaking of the ambience, a large majority of the tables are outside, which for a day like this is absolutely perfect. Of course good service always helps the dining experience to be a positive one, and the staff here were smiley and attentive at all times. Despite the delicate nature of the restaurant industry, one can pretty safely expect this new place to do extremely well once fully established.
The Boat Builders Yard may be brand new, but it has hit the ground running and comes highly recommended for people wanting a satisfying, ambient and very reasonably priced al fresco dining experience. WeekendNotes will notify you of the best free community events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, festivals, and markets in your town or city.
Even in known and established strips such as Brunswick or Chapel Street there can be quite a high turnover, with seemingly solid and long term places closing down, killed by competition, high rents, fickle public desires and numerous other factors. Enjoying a pre-meal Cascade Pale Ale on the boardwalk in the sun, looking across the river to the city was most enjoyable.

They have opted for a non table-service system, with a buzzer that alerts you when your meal is ready to collect from a central point. There was a herb crusted pork chop, which was tender and succulent, with side of rocket and pistachio salad and a dill and cabbage condiment. It has a unique feel, and it's obvious much careful planning has gone into the way it has been set out, and its menu and system. Only established for around five weeks at the time of writing, our visit to this new restaurant was evidence that they have made an excellent start and that all signs look good. It was a fantastic day, low to mid twenties, a very pleasant zephyr of a breeze and nary a cloud in the sky. One can imagine this ambience would be lessened, just a touch, by a frigid Melbourne July evening however, and so management have installed covers and automatic heaters, which switch themselves on when the temperature descends to a certain temperature, in each section. Table service is always nice of course, but this type of systems makes perfect sense for an establishment that is mostly outside and spread out across such a comparatively broad area.
The eggplant fritters were well cooked and exceptionally tasty, with the aioli dipping sauce adding some nice tang to the dish. Sitting on the main thoroughfare, there was non-stop through traffic (by foot), as this boardwalk is a major connector between DFO and the city.

The only drawback is the 'upside down' river itself, and after recent heavy rains it was even browner looking than usual this day. And on this day it worked very smoothly, with the food ready for collection in a very reasonable timeframe. Accompanying the fritters was a large vege coleslaw salad with some crispy noodles on top, which had a touch of sweetness that offset the very savoury nature of the fritters very nicely indeed. But it's a small and unavoidable gripe, especially when the overall ambience was so welcoming. The servings were quite large and we walked away feeling very satisfied, but not over-full.

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