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The Whisper Ball, a small vessel with an electrical engine and in the shape of a soccer ball, is the brain child of Peter Jacops. Working together with and being situated next door from the Noluthando School for Deaf in Khayelitsha, the WBBA provides a training course of two to three years. One of the deaf students at the Whisper Boat Building Academy in Cape Town, a boat building school in Cape Town's Khayelitsha township.
Although the past year, mainly due to the economic crisis, was a tough one, Jacops is not giving up.
The Whisper Ball by the Whisper Boat Building Academy in Cape Town, a boat building school in Cape Town's Khayelitsha township.
The idea to build the round vessels is linked to the 2010 World Cup, which takes place in South Africa in 50-odd days form now. Located in historic downtown Wilmington, North Carolina along the Cape Fear River, CFCC’s boat building school offers two programs designed to teach students the fundamentals to work in the boat building and repair industry. Emphasizes fiberglass and composite boat building techniques along with training in marine finishes and paints, marine electrical, plumbing and rigging systems.

Focuses on traditional woodworking skills and precise wood joinery techniques needed to work in boat building or woodworking trades. Situated in the heart of Khayelitsha, Cape Town’s largest township, the school trains deaf youngsters to become professional, skilled boat builders. It so happens that is not only linked to the peacefulness on the work floor, as most deaf youngsters are not able to speak.
As a matter of fact, this year might even be a very bright one: today, during the South African Boating Award 2010, WBBA's Whisper Ball was voted the most innovative product. The programs focus on hands-on training in traditional and modern boat construction, repair, and mechanical system maintenance.
Located inward historic downtown Wilmington North Carolina along the Cape Fear River CFCC’s boat.
That's probably what most people visiting Cape Town's V&A Waterfront wonder when they see the Whisper Ball.
This professional recognition might bring the very much needed relief after a very tough year.

In addition, the Whisper Balls can be adapted to suit any event or theme, and we can fit them with a heating system or air conditioning when needed. Graduates will have the skills needed to work for companies in boat building, boat repair or woodworking. We can also change the look of our Whisper Balls, by making them look like tennis balls, golf balls, smiley faces, or even planet earth,” Jacops explains. One of the things I noticed was that this growing industry was struggling with a shortage of skilled boat builders,” he says. Boatbuilding and Boating Resources Wooden gravy holder Building Courses atomic number 85 the Barbey marine Center Astoria Oregon boat building academy Lume Regis. Our emphasis is on the practical and students expend less than 10 of their time in the boat building academy.

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