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Boat building, one of the oldest branches of engineering, is concerned with constructing the hulls of boats and, for sailboats, the masts, spars and rigging. Your suggestions are much valuable for us so don't forget to provide feedback after using the application. Facebook has begun rolling out group calling for its Messenger app, letting you dial up to 50 friends concurrently over the internet. From now on, if you're inside any group conversation, you just need to tap on the phone icon to initiate a group call. Keep now lets you save web pages, and its new hashtag feature makes organizing and categorizing notes easier than ever.

We are not responsible for any copyright issues as the app gives access to YouTube videos as is. Its abrasion resistance varies according to the hardness and density of the wood and it can deteriorate if fresh water or marine organisms are allowed to penetrate the wood. Woods such as Teak, Totara and some cedars have natural chemicals which prevent rot whereas other woods, such as Pinus radiata, will rot very quickly. Keel and frames are traditionally made of hardwoods such as oak while planking can be oak but is more often softwood such as pine, larch or cedar. More recently introduced tropical woods as mahogany, okoume, iroko, Keruing, azobe and merbau.

With tropical species, extra attention needs to be taken to ensure that the wood is indeed FSC-certified.Teak or iroko is usually used to create the deck and any superstructure. Before teak is glued the natural oil must be wiped off with a chemical cleaner, otherwise the joint will fail.

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