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Location: Winston Salem, NC Has anyone here started a boat building business from scratch?
To get the ball rolling, the first thing that comes to mind, is what are the liabalities of a boatbuilder? Does the boat have to pass a certian US Coast Guard inspection for safety, capacity and horsepower limitations?
Location: Guadalajara Mexico boating and law Mr Sponberg, Have you written any books? Location: Milwaukee, WI That boat design has been tried through the years by several major manufacturers.
They bring a very educated engineer from overseas whose salary is more than $12,000 a month. Location: Corpus Christi TX Just got a dandy package from the CG along with my MIC.
Just think of all the lives that have been saved since the legislators made boating so safe! Matthew View Public Profile View Matthew's Website View Matthew's Gallery Find all posts by Matthew Page 1 of 5 1 2345 > « Density of fiberglass used in boat construction? When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Colombo’s latest international boat show, which featured an on-water boat display for the first time, concluded successfully after a three-day run on 12 October. Sri Lanka's boatbuilding capability for international markets will be further showcased when the Boat Show and Fisheries Exhibition 2014 will be held at the Dickowita Fisheries Harbour from 10-12 October.
Also coinciding with this event will be the International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA) regional parley, which will be held at the Pegasus Reef Hotel, also from 10-12 October.
It will also help ensure tuna sustainability in Sri Lankan waters by reducing by up 70 per cent the number of fish needed to be caught in order to ensure maximum profitability.
Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development has expressed keen interest in the new vessel, which will help put the country at the forefront of next-generation fishing-boat development. The Sri Lanka Export Development Board (SLEDB) commonly known as the EDB is the premier state organisation for the promotion and development of exports.
I had the good fortune to travel through Cedarville, Michigan this summer and take a tour of the Great Lakes Boat Building School, the only wooden boat building school in the Midwest. For the purpose of today’s post, I want to draw out some metaphors between business and boat building that will help you picture the path your business is on so you can guide it along a changed course.
These full-size images, which connect the designer’s mind and drawings to the real world, are then traced onto slices that are stood up in sequence along the keel to become the form that the boat is built around.
What got me thinking, was the analogy between these wooden frames and the business model maps that I use with client organizations. In my workshops we use a from, to, toward model that allows us to build three, two-dimensional maps. These three slices represent conceptual models of the business aligned along the keel of time. The beauty of all this, is that you can hold three pieces of paper in your hand and foresee tremendous opportunity for the business as a whole. Much as the boat builder moves his work from two-dimensional sketches to a finely built craft, the business model architect comes alongside organizations and coaches them to do all the hard thought work and rigorous testing before building the next phase of the organization. Take a second map and outline a step function change in your business model informed by customer value. Boat building and business model building are replete with both art and science – I would love to hear more about your thoughts and experiences. BECOME A SUCCESSFUL GROWTH LEADER Give yourself a competitive advantage with insider access to in-depth case studies, insights on the latest trends and some of today's best resources in the field of innovation. INTRODUCTORY CONSULTATIONNeed help getting your organization on the path to self-sustaining innovation and growth?
For Burger Boats, which builds luxury motor yachts including the Lady Pat, seen here, the average boat size has stretched to 147 feet from 104 feet in 2003. Shoes can scuff the deep red onyx flooring on the Mirgab V, a 144-foot yacht built by his company, Burger Boat, for a family from Kuwait. In the next two weeks the yacht, with its 8,100-square feet of living space, is expected to depart for the Mediterranean. Boat builders around the country are making larger boats and moving into the yacht category, which is anything exceeding 28 feet, said Thom Dammrich, president of the National Marine Manufacturers Association, the trade group for the recreational boating industry. Customers who already own boats want larger ones, and often they want to stick with the same brand, so companies at all size points are lengthening their boats, Dammrich said. People often start with smaller boats then move up to larger ones as they become more involved in the activity, said Dusty McCoy, chairman and CEO of Brunswick Corp., the world’s largest manufacturer of pleasure boats and marine engines, based in Lake Forest, Ill.
Ralph Horn and his wife Pat owned a 65-foot boat for two years but decided to go bigger two years ago after they realized how much time they spent on water.
Horn, 65, had retired early after a career in the banking industry and the couple couldn’t decide where to spend their retirement. In two years, they have gone boating at least one week a month to places such as the Grenadines, Maine and the Caribbean on their 98-foot Burger Boat, which has five staterooms, granite countertops in the kitchen and a full-time crew.

Considering that the average American boat is 25 feet long and costs $25,000, megayachts still comprise a small part of the American boat market, he said. Burger Boat president and CEO David Ross, right, watches as Ron Beilman works on an elevator in one of the large yachts the company is building. Viking Yacht is bracing for a similar expansion to make way for its new, larger boats, said Peter Frederiksen, spokesman for the yacht maker, based in New Gretna, N.J. Horn, the Burger Boat owner, said he’s been buying larger and larger boats ever since his first boat as a kid — four oil cans hitched to a piece of wood with wire.
Photo: Holm Building Solutions owner Don Holm stands next to the welded steel frame to be used in the construction of a boat dock at Lake Mead.
Photo: In another project, Holm Building Solutions worked to construct this moorage at Lake Mead. Colin Smith Boat Building and Repairs in Mount Gambier, Limestone Coast, South East South Australia and Western Victoria. Specialising in the Manufacture of custom built aluminium boats and trailers, from 4 metres to 15 metres, tailored to meet your specifications. Ship repairs for maximum capacity up to vessels with 125,000 dwt; capable of major repairs, retrofits and conversions - know-how, facilities, competencies exist for integrated work, with highly developed network of Suppliers and Service providers. Shipbuilding: Sri Lanka is capable of design and building both aluminum and steel hull vessels and specializes in High Speed Patrol Boats (speeds surpassing 50 knots) built to indigenous, battle-proven designs, which had boosted the counter-terrorism capabilities of the Sri Lanka Navy. Similar technologies are used for commercial vessels, especially in regard to high-speed passenger transportation etc. After spending its formative years confined to high ropes courses and sports teams, team building has grown into a crucial tool for the modern business. Deliberate team building strategies are big business, and hundreds of companies  promise they can turn your corporation into a team, and their programs into your profit. As the domestic version of the Peace Corps, Americorps’ plan for growth is both optimistic and attainable- with teamwork. Huddles, uniforms, cheers and bench-clears: the traditional picture of team building involves sports. The lessons that stuck with him have helped hone his acumen and grow his business, ADVNC Lacrosse. At first glance, the atmosphere of independent professionals, startups, and small businesses that gravitate towards coworking spaces might not seem like a likely place for  team building, but a closer look reveals something surprising.
Global events-listing company Roundtown is one of the more visible teams in the Cambridge Workbar. Dipping into employees’ free time is a dicey policy, and Dingle explained how a few workplace hacks help him build a team. Dingle’s focus on communicating outcomes and goals could be one reason behind Roundtown’s success. A quiver of team building approaches has bonded together the five Workbar members of Automattic, as well.
Whether it’s Friday lunches or forging projects, Choyce knows the value of connecting with the person behind the screen. Workbar Cambridge Space and Community Manager Tiffany Knight has seen (and started) many approaches to team building. Sometimes the two halves of a partnership team up through the networking channels of coworking.
She thought of  several ways that the other independent professionals of Workbar could use coworking to team build, and avoid feeling like lone wolves on the startup sideline. Drawing on  her own experiences as a Workbar employee, she remembered a few team outings as especially cohesive. While it might seem lifted from the Sports page, the methodical process of team building has wide appeal to the still-relevant human factor of modern business. Embrace the intersection  of work and life through the Workbar blog’s  new  channel, “Blur“. Join us for NewCo Bos, a festival that celebrates new kinds of businesses in all sectors of our global economy.
Its a 9' mini boat, a fast and extermely safe boat, with handeling characteristics that rival any PWC on the market. Today there are two major milestones taking place at this event – the promotion of the maritime hub as well as our tourism,” said EDB Chairman and CEO Bandula Egodage, addressing the inauguration event of Boatshow 2014 on 10 October at Dickowita Harbour, Wattala. Both events will be hosted by the Sri Lanka Export Development Board (SLEDB) in collaboration with the Boat Building Technology Improvement Institute (BTI) and the Building A Future (BAF) Foundation.
Bud McIntire, their director of development, took us on a tour of their operation to give us a behind-the-scenes look at the fascinating tools and techniques they use in boat construction.
In particular, I’d like to draw your attention to the art of lofting, as the boat builder calls it, in which the two-dimensional (flat) design layout becomes a full-scale layout in its journey towards becoming a boat. All workers must remove their shoes — those making final tweaks on a glass elevator, or ensuring the lighted treads on a three-story bronze stairway stay bright, and others hooking up DVD and stereo systems to a projection screen.
The culmination of two years of building, the yacht marks a turning point for Burger Boat — it’s the biggest yacht ever built by the company. Business is booming at the 143-year-old company’s shipyard in Manitowoc, about an hour north of Milwaukee.

There are between 12 and 20 such manufacturers nationwide, Dammrich said, and there are only 250 of these boats produced worldwide each year. Cobalt Boat, which makes boats in the 20-foot to 30-foot range, recently built a factory in Tennessee for its new venture into yachting. It also opened a sales office in Monaco last year, invested in new equipment — with the help of a state grant worth more than $1.1 million — and expanded its 143-year-old hull shop. Customers are continually buying larger boats with an eye to reselling them, often in a matter of a few years, he said. Now he spends his time entertaining friends and family on his favorite part of Lady Pat, an 11-foot teakwood deck overlooking the water. Our mission is to empower our clients to make the best possible business decisions, boost company performance and facilitate their funding success by laying the groundwork for strong businesses that excite, inspire and retain talented and exceptional employees.
George, Washington City, Ivins, Santa Clara, Central, and Panguitch Lake, and the greater Salt Lake City area.
All class and other Statutory Inspection, Surveys and Testing can be performed in Colombo.(Indirect Exports). Such boats are built directly to state entities (Navies and Coast Guards) with the due cognizance of the Defence Authorities in Sri Lanka. Workbar uses modern technologies in our website, and therefore please note that Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) and lower versions are not supported.
Research   into  this emerging science shows that team building surpasses  other incentives and activities  for boosting team performance, and many competitive businesses are already on board with it. Beyond the fun of trust-falls and ice-breakers, what does the core of team building look like, and how can business use it? City Year’s National Recruitment Director explained that, while his position within the organization has changed, his faith in the power of team building has been constant. To examine how the principles of team building translate from the field to the swivel chair, I spoke with Chris Rotelli.
Within small businesses, and even between lone individuals, there are many unique approaches to building strength and relationships through teamwork in the coworking space. When I asked co-founder Adam Dingle about his team, he said he had witnessed corporate culture in the Silicon Valley embrace some aspects of team building, but had his own ideas about the best way incorporate it.
Off the top of her head, Knight recalled the latest of many success stories of in-house collaboration. It’s a commitment, and a far cry from the hokey rites of summer camp or the company retreat, but the real practice of team building is a game-changer. There are seven yachts in various stages of construction — a process that can take two or more years — and four other projects are in the works, he said. It will make yachts between 42 feet and 52 feet initially and then gradually increase size, possibly into the 70-foot range, said Shireen Fitts, a spokeswoman for the company based in Neodesha, Kan. Before starting his own company, the Zen-like Rhode Island native executed a senior-year reboot of the 2003 UVA Men’s Lacrosse team which netted them the National Championship, and is a classic example of how to strengthen a team. We needed to have a hard conversation- a ‘come to Jesus’ talk- direct and honest.” The ACC Male Athlete of the Year, number one draft pick, and four-time All-Pro could have played the hardass and demanded more  from his teammates, but instead  emphasized feedback and communication en route  to first place. Mel Choyce described her appreciation for the balance of remote team building with personal interactions. You don’t need to hang out and be friends outside of work, but you should respect and enjoy working with them. I started the Cafe Con Leche event to bring together the Spanish speakers and people who wanted to speak it.
Before and after the Solo Project presentation, you’ll have the opportunity to meet founders from startups in the Workbar community. I am in the process of starting a boat business and I figured the best way to obtain knowledge is to get it from those that have been there and done that and lived to tell about it.
New recruits and upper management alike use the same approach to coaching, cultivating, and implementing the team concept.
You need to have a shared goal, and get employees to act like they own the company- you need a vision of what you’re doing. So if you like, or more importantly, respect the other person, you will get through those stressful situations more easily.
That’s the most transferrable aspect for any team.” But how does Williams use  this strategy with his remote team? On a lacrosse team only about 20 people are going to play in any game, but you spend the vast majority of your time in practice. I already have the molds to produce the boat and have a fair amount of knowledge in boat fiberglass restoration to aid in the process, although I still have alot to learn, my main concern is not that of the actual making of the boat, as is, the making of the company. If you put players, or employees, in a place where they are invested, let them know they matter, invest in their future.

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