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It is one thing to want to build a boat, it can be quite another to actually make it happen.
Nick has been building boats since the 1980's and has been teaching boat building since 2004 and has built well over one hundred boats. Strip-building, or woodstrip boat use thin strips of wood hand-fitted one at a time to build a gorgeous, lightweight boat. With precision CNC-cut wood parts kits available these boats go together quickly and produce a pretty, durable and light vessel. Named in honor of the Barbey family, the historic 1925 Astoria Railroad Depot has been transformed and is dedicated the preservation of traditional maritime skills and trades, including wooden boat building, bronze casting, foundry work, wood carving and tool making. The Barbey Maritime Center, located at the far east end of the Columbia River Maritime Museum property, will house classesa€“including those in wooden boat buildinga€“as well as workshops and demonstrations of skills and trades relevant to the maritime culture of the Columbia River. This Site Is Dedicated To The Needs & Interests Of People Involved In All Aspects Of Boating And Marine Industries.
Thankfully, There Are Helpful Aluminum Boat Plans Designed for People Who Want More Step by Step Instructions.
Power Boat Plans – Aluminium and Wooden by PelinAluminium and plywood Power Boat plans. Boat Building Kits, skin boats, canoes, kayaks, rowboats, boat building plans, instructions, kits, materials, classes. You may have casually mentioned someone talking about boat building plans but tossed the idea aside. I have been a girlscout leader for the past couple of years, and when we recently moved to Phoenix Arizona, I started up another troop here. There is a local organization that hosts a yearly cardboard boat regatta, and each year the Girl Scouts have entered a boat.
I responded to the email that Margaret (the program director) sent to all of the leaders looking for people interested in participating in this years boat building. I showed her my website and tried to sell her on my skills, even though I have never built a cardboard boat before (have built a lot of wooden ones though). She gave me the job to be in charge of organizing and building the cardboard boat for this year, and expressed a strong interest in making a fast boat, and doing our best to win one of the classes. Being a Puddle Ducker, my mind started to race with all sorts of neat possible rule benders and loop holes like using fabric and Titebond II glue as the skin, sort of like a poor man's fiberglass. I called up the Rotary River people to request a full set of carboard boat race rules and also pick their brain about what was allowed and not, and what works. All boats must have 14 yrs or younger people in it, be made entirely from corrugated cardboard, and propelled by only kayak paddles, canoe paddles, or oars.
Glue cardboard together using elmers yellow construction glue (mose use TB2), caulk the edges, paint heavily with polyurethane, then paint with latex exterior.
Now that I have run a race, I see the basic construction is more than adequate and there is no need to bend rules or come up with more exotic solutions.
The boats are only in the water for about 10 minutes, even a plain box taped together with duct tape and one or two coats of latex paint could last that long.
When you arrive early that morning, everyone finds a place on the side of the hill or on the lawn just East of the Mill bridge. The boat are layed out, the teams sit around them and inbetween the teams is where the spectators sit. Then the judges wander around and find you, they inspect your boat and then take a photo of it. This polaroid is stapled to your race card and used by the judges organize and run the race, and for announcing info about you during the race. It starts off going straight across the lake, goes about 50 yards and then makes a 90 degree left turn. Then it goes about 100 yards and makes almost a complete U turn around the last bouy, and a 25 yard straight shot to the finish line.
Directly after the finish line is the boat ramp at the tempe beach park, and they have a bunch of volunteers that lift your boat out of the water and carry it back to your spot on the lawn. The boats seem to be grouped in a very smart way, they put an obvously fast boat with 2 medium boats, and a slow one.
This helps to get the boats around the first bouy without a major conjestion, which is a big problem. Each boat's time is recorded individually, and the fastest of the boats go to the next heat. There is no specific percentage or number of boats to progress, it is all a matter of what they feel like that day.
Later it was explained that they look at all the times run of each class, and there is a natural gap between the fast boats and the rest of the fleet.
Sportsmanship is strongly encouraged, but there are no rules against fouling or purposely interfering with another boat. This is an aggrevating point, and after having watched the races, getting tangled up with the other boats is a major factor in what your performance will be. While talking to the official at Rotary River, I described how we were going to try and be serious to take first place in the class.
He told me several times that there was just no way that girls could compete, and that we really should make a big cookie box or something to get some TV time. The first time he said it, I chuckled a bit thinking he was joking, but then he reinforced his statement as being serious. Wooden Boat Building Plans Free Download Wooden boat magazine, Woodenboat magazine for wooden boat owners and builders, focusing on materials, design, and construction techniques and repair solutions.. Wooden Model Ship Plans Free Download Wooden boat magazine, Woodenboat magazine for wooden boat owners and builders, focusing on materials, design, and construction techniques and repair solutions..
Scottish Ensemble and Shetland Arts are pleased to announce that the UK’s leading string orchestra will come to Shetland this June for a residency. In keeping with both organisations’ mission to put on events of genuine benefit for local communities, from 22 to 25 June 2016 Scottish Ensemble musicians will be resident on the island, using their time to deliver a varied programme of events based on local needs, ranging from educational workshops to participatory music-making gatherings to pop-up performances in unexpected locations. Highlights of their stay will include a community-wide dinner part and jam session, held at Carnegie Hall on the 22nd.
On the 23rd the musicians will head out into the community for an ‘out and about’ day, involving performances in various community spaces, including Wastview care centre, Aith Junior High and ‘living room concerts’ in the North Isles.
On the 24th musicians will take part in a series of schools workshops, and the residency will culminate on the 25th with two exciting performances.  The first, Harmony Quest, is a captivating 60 minute play aimed at 3-9 year olds which introduces them to string instruments by turning them in to a range of characters in a musical adventure.
This longer SE Residency is the next event in a partnership between Scottish Ensemble and Shetland Arts, which began in the summer of 2013 with a ‘mini-residency’ centring around a new SE commission by renowned Scottish composer Sally Beamish. Scottish Ensemble’s continued presence on the island has been made possible by the generous support of Inksters Solicitors, a legal firm run by Brian Inkster, based in Glasgow and Shetland and serving the whole of Scotland. SE Musicians will also be present at the Lounge, Lerwick, to take part in an informal session. SE Musicians head out and about in the isles, performing at a number of locations, including Wastview Care Home, Aith Junior High, Brae High School, Northhavn Care Home, Burravoe Primary School and The Old Haa.

The UK’s leading string orchestra performs a heady mix of French music from the turn of the century, featuring gems by Ravel, Debussy and Faure. A new exhibition showcasing a unique collaboration between  Unst based sculptor Tony Humbleyard and Edinburgh based choreographer and dancer Jack Webb opens this Friday at Bonhoga Gallery.
For this exhibition Tony has been working closely with Jack Webb, as part of a development opportunity supported by Shetland Arts. The exhibition opens to the public at 6pm on Friday 22nd April, and will feature a world premier of the dance piece created by Webb.  Using the artworks, space, and audience to create an immersive and involving piece, the combination of sculpture and dance promises to be something both exciting and new. Accordion and Mandolin workshops will feature alongside the usual offering of Fiddle and Guitar workshops at Fiddle Frenzy 2016, Shetland Arts has announced. In the first of their 3 year tenure as curators, Eunice Henderson and Claire White are introducing three days of mandolin workshops with local tutor Jenny Henry.
Another new addition will be additional sessions of the very popular Scandi Sessions, established and run by Eunice and Debbie Scott. For more advanced students the festival is also offering a series of Master classes which will run on Sunday 7th August and will include a class by Trevor Hunter. The popular Guitar workshops will also return as a full week option, led by tutors Brian Nicholson and Kris Drever.
Shetland Arts have announced a series of filmmaking workshops to encourage members of the public to have a go at creating a short film in time for this year’s Screenplay Festival.  Entitled ‘Just Do It’ – the workshops will explore how anyone can make a film using the technology they have on hand, and are aimed anyone who likes the idea of making a film, but is unsure of how to go about it.
The workshops will take place at Mareel on 16, 23rd April & 7 May and will cover all the essential aspects of filmmaking from developing the initial idea, to editing using free software,  led by tutors Simon Thompson and Mike Guest. Simon Thompson is a professional filmmaker who has worked in the UK film & television industry for 14 years. Simon is dedicated to the education and training of the next generation of filmmakers and has taught and presented workshops throughout Scotland on a variety of filmmaking topics. Describing himself as ‘one of the world’s most knitted freckliest men you will ever meet’ Mike Guest is an surfer, adventurer and filmmaker who has been coming to Shetland to film its beautiful scenery and lively culture for years.  Regulars at the Shetland Folk Festival will no doubt have seen him working behind the scenes, and he has also filmed documentaries for Promote Shetland.
Workshop participants will have the opportunity to submit their films to this years Screenplay Festival. The final design for the waterfront sculpture, commissioned as part of the pelagic sculpture project, has been revealed. A few days before Christmas last year, artist Jo Chapman presented three potential sculpture designs for Lerwick’s waterfront to the four business partners who have commissioned the work. The design that was selected by the Pelagic Sculpture Partnership is called ‘Da Lightsome Buoy’ and is a celebration of the role the pelagic fishing industry plays in Shetland life.
Known for their eclectic approach to their music, combining English Folk with other musical genres, The Unthanks celebrated their 10th anniversary at the back end of 2015 with a short tour of small intimate spaces, with a paired back line-up; their feeling being that if folk music is a lifelong pursuit, 10 years is just a drop in the ocean. Nominated for the Mercury Music Prize and the only British folk representation in The Guardian’s and Uncut’s best albums of last decade (worldwide, all genres), The Unthanks have an army of notable fans, including actor Martin Freeman, Elvis Costello, Colin Firth, Robert Wyatt, Ben Folds, Ryan Adams, Rosanne Cash, members of Portishead and Radiohead, Dawn French, Paul Morley, Ewan McGregor, Stephan Mangan, Al Murray, Ade Edmondson and Nick Hornby. Following public discussions at Mareel in February, Shetland Arts is inviting members of the public to take part in a survey to gather thoughts and views from interested parties on what their hopes and ambitions are for the future development of Literature in Shetland.
The survey includes only one question: What are your priorities for the development of Literature in Shetland? Shetland Arts will be holding a meeting to discuss future priorities for supporting and encouraging development in literature in the isles. The meeting follows on from those previously held on Theatre, Visual Art and Craft and Film. Graeme Howell, General Manager of Shetland Arts, said ‘The previous meetings regarding film, theatre and visual art and craft have been extremely productive, and have helped us understand where the Shetland public and creative communities feel we ought to be focussing our efforts.
As with previous discussions, the meeting will be followed up by an online survey to gather further feedback, and ensure that all interested parties have an opportunity to have their say. Further conversations about music and contemporary and traditional arts are planned over the next twelve months. Teaching packages for Shetland Arts’ annual Fiddle Frenzy festival, taking place 31st July – 7th August, will go on sale on Monday 1 February. Eunice & Claire said “We are both very excited at the opportunity to curate Fiddle Frenzy over the next 3 years. The fiddle tutors confirmed for 2016 are: Andrew Gifford, Debbie Scott, Catriona Macdonald, Lois Nicol, Kaela Jamieson, Mary Rutherford, Kirsten Hendry and Maggie Adamson. Plans for other music workshops, including guitar accompaniment, are still being finalised and will be announced in the coming weeks. Creative Fringe classes will again be on offer, curated by local artists Amy Fisher and Ana Arnett.
Shetland Arts’ Lynda Anderson said: “Fiddle Frenzy, now in its 13th year, is a great opportunity for us all to celebrate our unique fiddle tradition. As part of NT Connections (the largest youth theatre festival on the planet), Shetland Youth Theatre is preparing to unleash a new horror on an unsuspecting public.
Stock up with supplies, lock the doors and tremble with fear as Hugh Mungus a 220 foot tall baby wreaks havoc on the world around him in revenge for the cruelty inflicted by the sinister Janus Technologies. Now in its 20th year, Connections has commissioned over 150 new pieces of theatre for 13- 19 year olds, and provides young people with the opportunity to experience the process of putting on a professional show, from staging and acting, to developing costumes and marketing the event. Director John Haswell said ‘Gargantua’ is an experience not to be missed and one that will never ever be forgotten’ – tickets for the Mareel shows are on sale now – make sure you don’t miss out! He has held his classes at the workshops of Mystic Seaport, WoodenBoat School and the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking. While fairly easy with proper instuction, this method takes a bit of time and classes for these boats will be working as a team to complete the boat. Because of the time saved with the pre-cut kits a single student can build his or her own boat in a week.
It will also serve as the Museum's regional boat documentation center and the site for a legacy business that will manufacture the copper boat nails essential to the construction and repair of traditional Scandinavian-style lapstrake boats.
Aluminium boat building using readily available aluminium boat plans is becoming more and more popular as these kind of craft are ideal for pleasure sailing.
Aluminum is a very popular material for building boats which is why you'll find no shortage of aluminium boat plans. Aluminum is a very popular material for building boats which is why you’ll find no shortage of aluminium boat plans. Budding boat builders also enjoy aluminum as it is considered to be one of the softer and more malleable marine materials that can be used. Building a sport fishing boat from scratch is an option.There are multiple things to consider when determining whether to build or buy a sport fishing boat. Clark Craft offers hundreds of boat plans, design patterns and complete boat kits, and a full line of boat building supplies and accessories for the amateur boatbuilder. Plans4Boats is an easy to follow step-by-step guide including over 200 boat building plans and bonus material for both the beginner and the experienced. This will be followed by a full ensemble performance of En Reve heady mix of French music from the turn of the century, featuring gems by Ravel, Debussy and Faure as well as Tchaikovsky’s sonorous Serenade for Strings. The performance, depicting a turbulent sea voyage off Scotland’s coast, featured fiddler Chris Stout and harpist Catriona McKay.

After spending the afternoon rehearsing with local musicians, Scottish Ensemble will put down their instruments and don their aprons to make a meal alongside members of the community, with local cook and food writer, Marian Armitage in charge. Join five musical characters on a fun-filled tale of adventure, friendship and sibling rivalry in which narration is brought to life by live music from Scottish Ensemble musicians. Also including Tchaikovsky’s sonorous Serenade for Strings, this promises to be an exquisite summer’s evening of evocative music, painted by strings. He studied art Halifax College and completed a Fine Art degree at University of the Highlands and Islands.
Jack is one of Scotland’s leading choreographers and dancers and has worked with major dance companies throughout the world.
The piece will also be filmed, and will be incorporated into the exhibition following the performance. Taking place the first week in August and now in it’s 13th year, Fiddle Frenzy is Shetland Arts’ annual celebration of Shetland traditional music, offering a range of workshops, concerts and tours. Scottish Borders based accordionist Ian Lowthian, will also visit to offer three days of accordion workshops. These will initially be available to book only by Frenzy students, with any remaining available spaces going on public sale nearer the time.
Creative Fringe workshops are also available, run by Amy Colvin and Ana Arnett which offer a selection of art workshops and tours of local artist studios.
Simon also mentors Maddrim Media, Shetland’s young filmmaking group, gently steering their boundless creativity in a vaguely organised direction.
Mike’s work is characterised by a sense of adventure and a love of life.  He has also filmed extensively in New Zealand, and has an extensive experience working as a technician on live performances, making him the ideal person to guide budding filmmakers through the processes of problem solving, seizing the moment and just getting the job done.
Celebrating its 10th year this year, the festival is curated by Mark Kermode, Linda Ruth Williams and Kathy Hubbard and is a celebration of all things fillm, from the big screen to the small.  The Home Made screenings are always the highlight of the festival, giving Shetlands budding and experienced film makers a chance to shine. The pelagic sculpture project celebrates the Shetland’s long association with pelagic fishing. This presentation of ideas was the culmination of the artist’s ten week residency in Shetland. The proposed artwork is based on a giant fishing buoy which will feature text and imagery captured by the artist during her conversations and meetings with members of the community. The Unthanks is a family affair for Tyneside sisters Rachel and Becky Unthank, with Rachel married to pianist, producer, arranger and composer, Adrian McNally. They see folk music less as a style of music and more as a oral history that offers perspective on our own time.
Thirteen key points and phrases, highlighted as being important during the meetings, have been listed. Literature feeds into some many areas of the arts, so we encourage anyone with an interest, be they writers, readers, educators or anything else to take part and make their voice heard.
It will take place in Mareel on 16th February at 6pm in Screen 2, Mareel.  The event is open to all, and any interested parties are encouraged to attend on the night. This year will see the first of a 3 year term for new curators Eunice Henderson & Claire White, both highly respected teachers and performers of Shetland fiddle. It’s been a pleasure and privilege to tutor and perform at previous Frenzy years and will be great to extend that experience by designing a whole week of Shetland culture for attendees.
Students travel from around the world to learn the tunes & techniques of the famed Shetland style, from our local fiddlers, and here in the islands themselves, where the landscapes and culture bear such a significance on the tradition.
Following the performances in Shetland, the cast of Gargantua will be fundraising to take the show on tour to Inverness to perform to sell out audiences there as part of the Connections festival. If you want to bring a friend, the two of you working together can collaborate on the boat. These activities, tailored to serve adults and school children, will provide educational, cultural and economic benefits to visitors and residents. The audience are then invited to join the musicians, to share them for an evening of music and food. This relationship continued in 2015-16, when SE performed three chamber music concerts at Mareel. Marian’s 2015 book ‘Shetland Food and Cooking’ has been shortlisted for a Gourmand World Cookbook Award). This captivating 60-minute play is aimed at primary school children, introducing them to string instruments in a fun way by turning them into a range of characters on a musical adventure. He is associate artist at Tramway, Glasgow during 2016 and has recently returned from Iceland taking part in the NordDance International Exchange. These classes will be open to bairns only, up to P7 and available to book individually, outwith Frenzy packages. It was commissioned by LHD, Lerwick Port Authority, Shetland Catch and the Shetland Fish Producers Association and is managed by Shetland Arts. The design ideas were influenced by a series of workshops, meetings, events, and the sharing of stories, photos and memories by the many people Jo met during her stay here. The pelagic sculpture project is supported by sponsorship from the four businesses in association with Shetland Arts, with match funding from Arts & Business Scotland through their New Arts Sponsorship Grants Scheme. Using the traditional music of the North East of England as a starting point, the influence of Steve Reich, Miles Davis, Sufjan Stevens, Robert Wyatt, Antony & The Johnsons, King Crimson and Tom Waits can be heard in the band’s 8 albums to date, including Mount The Air, released to huge critical acclaim last year.
Their approach to storytelling straddles the complex relationship between modernism and learning from the past. Users are asked to select the five statements which they feel best describe their priorities for the development of Literature in Shetland.
It is an opportunity too for local players to immerse themselves in an intense week of learning, with some tutors who may be new to them. I have been given a number of nice comments from people in Shetland regarding our support of the recent run of three smaller concerts.
His prints and sculptures are inspired by animal bones and found objects, using them to explore how we interpret the world around us. He also spent time away from the dark edit suites developing his skills in cinematography, location sound recording and in front of the camera. From these meetings, a group of Community Advisers was formed who had input into the choice of the final design.
It is hoped that the artwork will be installed by late summer 2016, subject to the relevant permissions being in place. With expert guidance, a well equipped workshop, anyone can build a beautiful boat in a very short time. Abandoning guidebooks, maps and signs in favour of random journeys and direct experiences, he has been collecting materials from around the island, which he has incorporated into the work. This part of the project is documented in the Pelagic Sculpture Project’s current ‘Fish Van Collection’ exhibition at Bonhoga Gallery which can be viewed until mid?April.

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