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Monday's protest brought together a broad and diverse coalition of people and organizations united against this awful legislation. CWA President Larry Cohen and leaders of ver.di, the union representing workers at T-Mobile's parent company, Deutsche Telekom, talked with German media about the unprecedented legal decision that found T-Mobile US guilty of nationwide labor law violations. This week, ver.di Chairman Frank Bsirske is submitting a petition to the German Bundestag, or parliament, for organizing neutrality and the respect of workers' rights at Deutsche Telekom sites abroad. National Labor Relations Board judge Christine Dibble ruled in March that T-Mobile US engaged in nationwide labor law violations that were directed from the very top of the company in Bellevue, Wash. Below: The Populism 2015 Conference brought together a dynamic group of activists, across ages, races and genders, committed to combating climate change, addressing racial and gender inequality, raising wages and getting big money out of politics. In addition to CWAers, activists from the Amalgamated Transit Union and the Postal Workers Union joined the weekend meetings and actions. As CWA workers at AT&T Midwest and Legacy T continue to work without contracts, mobilization is in full swing to support the bargaining committees.
The contracts covering about 13,000 District 4 AT&T Midwest workers and about 4,500 Legacy T workers, members of Telecommunications and Technologies. New York Times reporter Eric Lipton, with Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet and Washington Bureau Chief Carolyn Ryan looking on, is a 2015 Pulitzer Prize winner. In addition to the top awards, individual Guild members and Guild-represented staffs accounted for more than half of the finalists, two in each of the 14 Pulitzer categories.
Activists from CWA and Public Citizen protested outside the Dirksen Senate Office Building Wednesday as the U.S. CWA Colorado Political Director Dave Felice collaborated with Sam Schabacker, the Western Region Director for Food & Water Watch, on an editorial in which they urged Rep.
Young workers from IUE-CWA 1140 hit the streets in Minneapolis with the "TPP Grim Reaper" to raise awareness that the TPP is an American job killer!
Before going out to talk to the public in downtown Dayton, OH, about the importance of manufacturing jobs and fighting the TPP, IUE-CWA Local 755 young members played host to U.S.
Young workers and elected leaders from IUE-CWA Local 761 in Louisville, KY hit the streets to spread the word about the TPP! The local Fox50 News Station was on hand last week, to report on a news conference by activists in Raleigh, NC, calling on U.S.
CWA and coalition partners such as Bold Nebraska and environmental groups braved a torrential downpour on Saturday to hold a rally marking Earth Day in Omaha outside the office of U.S.
More than 100 activists from CWA, Sierra Club, New York State AFL-CIO and Working Families Party picket outside of Rep.
AFR, the leading voice for Wall Street accountability in Washington, argued that the TPP's expansion of investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) poses a significant threat to financial regulations in the United States and around the world. Congress also felt pressure from 30 organizations representing a wide range of AAPI organizations. Signers included the Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations, Boat People SOS, National Asian Pacific American Student Coalition of the United States Student Association, National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance and the Southeast Asia Resource Action Center.
Tonight, in Cleveland, OH, labor, environment, and community groups will again gather in a town hall to urge U.S.
All of this about the Chapmans was written for Troy Chapman and the Chapman reunion to be held at Buford Dam on June 24, 1989. The Chapman family came first from England to Halifax County, Virginia then to Rowan County (which later became part of Wilkes County), North Carolina. John Chapman was our first Chapman ancestor that anyone has been able to trace and document.
It appears that John Chapman and wife moved into the Yadkin valley of North Carolina in the years between 1755 and 1760, at a time when but few white emigrants were to be found in the area. Family tradition depicts John Chapman as a high-tempered man, quarrelsome, fault-finding, domineering and a difficult person with whom to associate.
John Chapman fought in the several battles against the Cherokee Indians and as a soldier participated in the battles of the South during the Revolutionary war from 1778 to 1781, when the Red Coats were led by General Cornwallis. One day in the early Spring of 1806 Billy suggested to Ruth that across the river lived a Justice of the Peace who had married several couples and if it was to her agreeable, they could ride over and discuss with him a possible ceremony, provided she did not change her mind. When Billy Chapman helped Ruth Barnes Chapman from the back of his favorite saddle horse at the John Chapman homestead in the Spring of 1806, he had been titular head of a family for about ten years.
In the pioneer days it was the custom to produce and rear large families of boys and girls. Billy Chapman died in 1868 and was buried in the Chapman Cemetery, Brushy Mountain, near Taylorsville, North Carolina.
Soloman Chapman was better qualified than the average settler of early Union County because his parents had provided him with the rudiments of an education.
Our next direct Chapman ancestor after Soloman was Soloman's fifth child and first son, William Luther Chapman. Grandpa was a firm believer in going to church and doing the very best he could under the prevailing circumstances.
In their old age both Grandpa and Grandma lived in the house with us and Grandpa used his last energies, I believe, trying to reform and transform me into something useful. One of Grandpa's pet worries was that he might get buried in a sorry, squinched up, (his words) store-bought coffin.
All of these children are dead except Robert Wayne (Bob) who is in a nursing home near Murphy, NC.
Louis Napolean Chapman is the Chapman parent of Troy, Jack, Ida Lou and Dorthy who may be in attendance.
Also attached are the family records (best we know at present) of the early Chapmans including a record of Grandpa's Uncle Enoch's family.
Mall Home - Plaza Star At our recently renovated Plaza location we provide additional specialty items and a larger selction of products. The struggle between neutrality and those who believe Britaina€™s war is our war too intensifies during the summer of 1940, with American heroes like the eighty-year-old General John a€?Black Jacka€? Pershing speaking out insistently on behalf of aid to Britain. 1940 is an election year, and President Roosevelt, seeking an untraditional third term in the White House, is hesitant to support Churchilla€™s Britain too strongly as he faces the most serious opponent of his lifetime, Republican dark horse Wendell Willkie whom many Americans like and admire. FDRa€™s alter ego Harry Hopkins is one of the administrationa€™s most controversial figuresa€”part New Deal champion, part political hack. A warm glow spread through me, and I was ready to climb off my high horse, but now Hopkins was frowning.
I had one thing left to do: cancel my New School course and apologize to the students I was leaving in the lurch.
I got a platter of doughnuts for my students and explained the situation as they showed up. Chamberlain returned home to a sensational welcome, waving a scrap of paper he called a€?peace with honor, peace in our time.a€? Churchill called it unmitigated defeat.
His words thrilled me, but Charles Lindbergh, a universal hero if we had one at the time, called for neutrality instead, and flew to Nazi Germany for a red-carpet tour of the Luftwaffe that had been poised to bomb Paris and London.
For the next few years Lindbergh will be neutralitya€™s champion, and the leading spokesman for the isolationist a€?America Firsta€? movement opposing U.S. Chamberlaina€™s policy of appeasement has failed abysmally, but the a€?phony wara€? he reluctantly declares on Germany neither saves the Poles nor incommodes the Germans for the next eight months. On the afternoon of August 22nda€”the news of the German-Russian treaty had arrived that morninga€”Paul White of the news department of the Columbia Broadcasting System called Elmer Davis on the telephone.
Elmer Davis had continued to warn the public about the dangers ahead in articles like a€?We Lose the Next Wara€? in the March a€™38 Harpera€™s.
The proposal for a popular referendum on the declaration of war implies a growing conviction that the people themselves should make the ultimate decision of international politics; but to make it intelligently we need to know more about the cost of wara€”and about the cost of trying to remain at peace in a world at war. There, set down twelve years ago, is a preview of the history of Europe after Municha€”a Europe which at the end of 1938 stands about where it stood at the end of 1811, with this difference: In 1811 England was not only the implacable but the impregnable enemy of the man who dominated the Continent. 1939 passes with Americans mainly at the movies, though, in what will go down as their best year ever. There is a vast difference between keeping out of war, and pretending that this war is none of our business. When Hitler invades the Low Countries and France, driving the British Army to the Channel, a new Prime Minister takes office, Winston Churchill.
The stranger will never become a Baker Street Irregular, but he has come to New York on a wartime mission that will change Woodya€™s life.
Churchill, overage and once-scorned maverick politician out of another era, seems to mean it, too. In New York, where much of Americaa€™s public opinion is made, unmade, and remade, two years of uneasy peace and agitation following the outbreak of war in Europe make for a turbulent climate, but one in which Mr. Elmer Davis has some ideas about that last item, though he isna€™t prepared to share them with Chris Morley yet.
Woodya€™s afternoon is not over, as Elmer Davis takes them from Christopher Morleya€™s shabby hideaway office on West 47th Street to the magnificence of his own club on West 43rd. In the distance, beyond Fifth Avenue rushing by a stonea€™s throw away, lay Grand Central and the Chrysler Building rising beyond it. In Western Europe, the a€?phony wara€? smoldered through the winter of 1939-40, but with spring, Hitler invaded Norway and Sweden, and his blitzkrieg started its blast through Holland, Belgium and France. By mid-May, Ia€™d begun organizing a National Policy Committee meeting to be held June 29-30 under the title, Implications to the U.S. Beneath the ancient oak trees on Pickens Hill, we sat in a circle, each giving in turn his or her reaction to the very present danger of a Nazi conquest of Britain. Whitney Shepardson retired to Francisa€™ study and emerged with a brief declaration we called a€?A Summons To Speak Out.a€? Next day, Francis and I compiled a cross-country list of some hundred names to whom we sent the statement, inviting signatures.
On the previous Friday, just before giving our release to the press for Monday's papers, I had telephoned Morse Salisbury at the Department of Agriculture: a€?Get me off the payroll this afternoon. Woody, Elmer Davis, and Fletcher Pratt bring the BSI into the Century Groupa€™s proposal for the United States to exchange fifty mothballed World War I destroyers desperately needed by Britain for air and naval bases on British territories in the New World, a deal proposed by FDR before the disastrous summer is out, as the Battle of Britain begins. The Century Association continues today, but two venues that have disappeared are also part of this chapter.
Largely forgotten today, Billy the Oysterman was a Manhattan institution at the time, though West 47th Street was a second and newer location.
The midtown Billy the Oysterman opened in the a€™Thirties and was managed very personably by Billy Ockendon Jr.
In contrast to the original location, the West 47th Street Billy the Oysterman was an attractively modern place, with Walrus and the Carpenter murals on the walls.
The other is Pennsylvania Station at Seventh Avenue and West 33rd, torn down in 1964 thanks to developersa€™ greed, but whose destruction led to preservation of many other architectural and historical landmarks in New York. A A A  A warm glow spread through me, and I was ready to climb off my high horse, but now Hopkins was frowning.
Many Americans are relieved by the avoidance of war, but how tautly nerves are stretched becomes clear when the Halloween War of the Worlds broadcast by Orson Wellesa€™ Mercury Theater of the Air panics radio listeners from coast to coast.
A A A  His words thrilled me, but Charles Lindbergh, a universal hero if we had one at the time, called for neutrality instead, and flew to Nazi Germany for a red-carpet tour of the Luftwaffe that had been poised to bomb Paris and London.

British Armya€™s hair-raising evacuation at DunkirkA  to avoid destruction or surrender, he was sent by Winston Churchill to New York with a top-secret job description emphasizing finding ways to circumvent the U.S. The National People's Action (NPA), a network of grassroots organizations across the country that work to advance a national economic and racial justice agenda, organized the rally and march with Campaign for America's Future, Alliance for a Just Society and USAction. Deutsche Telekom no longer can wash its hands of T-Mobile US's conduct, they said, noting that Deutsche Telekom had long insisted that the company did abide by American laws. It will ask the German government to exercise its shareholder powers and investigate Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile.
Charles Rangel (D-NY 13th District), Terri Sewell (D-AL 7th District), Al Green (D-TX 9th District), G.
It was a dynamic meeting of activists, across ages, races and genders, who are committed to combating climate change, addressing racial and gender inequality, raising wages and getting big money out of politics. Louis Post-Dispatch, the gifted Buffalo News editorial cartoonist Adam Zyglis and New York Times reporter Eric Lipton are among the 2015 Pulitzer Prize winners. Louis Post-Dispatch newsroom erupts as the photo staff was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for breaking news photography on Monday, April 20, 2015. Richard Shorter, IUE-CWA Division Lead Activist for Next Gen, led the day of action for young IUE-CWA members. Under ISDS, foreign banks and investors would be able to skip traditional court systems and directly sue national governments in international tribunals made up of for-profit arbitrators, rather than full-time judges. In a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, Speaker of the House John Boehner and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, the groups wrote, "We are very concerned about the unprecedented level of secrecy that negotiations have been conducted in. All of it up to our grandfather, William Luther Chapman, is an excerpt from a Chapman History done by a cousin of ours, Judge Roy Chapman of Tallahassee, Florida, now deceased. There is not complete agreement on the part of all researchers but I believe the most reliable information is as follows: John Chapman, Sr. Subsequently other settlers arrived from Virginia and other sections and settled in the valley of the Yadkin and along the Catawba.
When a conclusion on any question was reached by him, it was seldom that his views were altered or changed.
Occasionally church services were held in the community and camp meetings were held after the crops had been laid-by prior to harvest. The officer performing the ceremony stated that his fee for such work was the amount her husband thought his wife was worth, and Billy handed him a dollar.
Ruth, although not educated in the modern sense, was qualified by training to discharge well those duties expected of a faithful wife of a pioneer settler. He could read, write, and calculate and his services were in demand as a teacher for the children of the pioneers. He was the grandfather of several of us here today, namely: Troy Chapman, Jack Chapman, Robert Elliott, and myself, Dale Elliott. He was too young to be required to serve in the army, thirteen years old at the start and too old or mature looking to risk being seen by the Home Guards who sometimes shot those they thought might be slackers and ascertained age and particulars later. He was self-sufficient as were most Chapmans before him and thought everyone else should be too. His fiery temper and his intolerance of some things that others were beginning to tolerate made it difficult for him to fit into the generally accepted mode of Christian behavior. He was confined to a wheel chair the last two years of his life and he would wait for me to return home from school each day with his newspaper and a good lecture for me.
Several years before he died, he had some clear-pine lumber sawed to build his coffin with.
Lassie Chapman Elliott is the parent of Robert Elliott, and Leana Chapman Elliott is the parent of myself, Dale Elliott. So far as we know Enoch and Soloman were the only two Chapmans to come to Union County so most of the North Georgia Chapmans are descendants of these two brothers. The large variety often found in larger chain Plaza Star At our recently renovated Plaza location we provide additional specialty items and a larger selction of products.
Churchill warns that the Battle of Britain is about to begin, and that a€?never has so much been owed by so many to so fewa€?a€”the RAF fighter pilots in their Spitfires and Hurricanes. Widowed dowagers holding court in the lobby in long gloves and high collars eyed me disapprovingly through lorgnettes. One thing Ia€™d want you to do is put together a weekly assessment of where the war stands. I went down early the first night of class and put a note on the classroom door telling them to see me in the fifth-floor lounge. Woody works out his frustrations on her, using Bentona€™s murals on the walls around them to heap scorn upon her politics. Poland falls, and after occupying its eastern half, Stalin attacks Finland as well, reported here by Elmer Davis whoa€™s become CBS Newsa€™ principal nightly news commentator.
He can then, in dealing with a nation that has lost its charactera€”and this means every one that submits voluntarilya€”count on its never finding in any particular act of oppression a sufficient excuse for taking up arms once more. 9 covers a single but for Woody enormously critical hour of a late-June 1940 afternoon, at Christopher Morleya€™s hideaway office on the top floor of 46 West 47th Street. The description comes from a woman who did see and condemn it, the late Dee Alexander, Edgar W. One was the big frame and boyish face of Gene Tunney, but the other was a stranger, short and thin with a freckled face, blue eyes, and brown hair going gray. But America is still divided, and even Baker Street Irregulars may question how realistic this appeal for their help is, and how far the White House is prepared to go.
Stephenson is quite prepared to operate -- and one not foreign to Woody either, no matter how exasperated he gets with Rex Stouta€™s stridency about it. Without a pause Elmer led me inside and across the lobbya€™s tiled floor to join the flow of men up the staircase beyond.
Ia€™d enjoyed lunch there with Elmer, but never asked if law made one eligible; I doubted it did, short of Learned Hand. Inside a meeting-room, about ten men were talking in small groups, but I took in only the one glaring at us indignantly.
Until that moment, none of us had quite recognized in our innermost selves the convictions we now found awesomely and unanimously evident: The United States must enter this war. Some recipients, like Warner and Wilson of our original group, could not sign because of their official positions. But when the group meets at the Century Association in New York, he is therea€”with Woody in tow. One is Billy the Oysterman, the West 47th Street restaurant a few doors down from Chris Morleya€™s hideaway office where the BSIa€™s leaders began to meet over lunch.
The first Billy was William Ockendon, of Portsmouth, England, who came to the United States and set up his first small oyster stand in Greenwich Village around 1875. It had a well-stocked bar, which of course mattered to Baker Street Irregulars, and a menu extending far beyond the oysters that had given Billy the Oysterman its start.
It was popular with people at Radio City nearby, and also with Christopher Morley and Edgar Smith. Trade Representative office building in a full-throated protest against the trade agenda that the nation's corporations are trying to ram through Congress.
NPA had just concluded its Populism 2015 Conference, attended by more than 700 of its activists and 75 CWAers. Chamber of Commerce, heard from union leaders outside the AFL-CIO, then marched to the office of the U.S. Eliot Engel (D-NY) and county-elected officials and groups like Food & Water Watch, Mount Vernon United Tenants and the Working Families Party.
He started this study in 1927 and continued up through 1941 (to my knowledge) because around that time, my mother, and my wife and I went with him to Taylorsville, North Carolina to a Chapman reunion. The Browns, Barnes, Robards, Rogers, Coxes, Greers, and others were among the early settlers, and came from the nearby State of Virginia. Many people seeking homes and suitable farm lands moved into the Chapman settlement, and among them were two young men named Pendleton and Godfrey Isabel. People camped around the places for two or three weeks consecutively and whole families would attend. She knitted for her family, was adept at the spinning wheel, unsurpassable in the culinary arts, a good housekeeper, and during emergencies worked by her husband's side during the harvest seasons. Ruth was brought to Union County by her son, Enoch, in 1868 and lived the remainder of her years here with her sons Enoch and Soloman. The exact date is still in doubt but reliable information fixes the occasion in the early 1840's when Soloman and his wife (formerly Mary Adaline Odom), shortly after their marriage, left the Chapman homestead in Wilkes County and on horse-back traveled through the rough and unsettled country of western North Carolina into North Georgia, where gold had recently been discovered and people were rushing there from the different sections of the nation.
His father, Soloman, had friends in Tennessee and he sent him there to stay with them until it was safer at home.
He grew everything the family needed on the farm and even tanned his own leather and made shoes for the family and others. I could not get around him, he was on the front porch and to get in the house I had to pass close enough so that he could head me off. He stored this lumber up in the attic of the house he and Grandma were living in next to our place. Nazi bombers attack London and other British cities as well as military targets, lighting up the night despite the blackout with burning buildings. The State Department and the Army and Navy have most of the dope youa€™ll need, and they wona€™t open up just to be nice.
It was my favorite room, with the strong images and bold colors of Thomas Hart Bentona€™s a€?America Todaya€? murals on the walls. Short and stacked with long dark wavy hair and strong features bare of make-up, she was frowning and tapping her foot. For America, isolationist by instinct and neutral by law, the Sudetenland crisis during the summer of 1938 is the first great watershed. Americans become polarized over the rights and wrongs of it, especially when Hitler starts demanding territorial concessions from Poland as well. On the contrary; the more the exactions that have been willingly endured, the less justifiable does it seem to resist at last on account of a new and apparently isolated (though to be sure constantly recurring) imposition. This point of view was ably expounded by the late Senator Borah on October 2nd, in his speech opening the neutrality debate.
Rough bookcases lined the walls, but books and papers were everywhere, including the floor. At the far end, Rex Stout sat in a dilapidated armchair with his feet on a footstool, arms around his knees.
But at the end of May, Richard Cleveland, son of the former president and an attorney in Baltimore who had been the NPCa€™s first chairman, called me up to say he thought we should hold a smaller session on the subject, at once. But on Monday, June 10, 1940, the New York Times and the Herald-Tribune carried the a€?Summonsa€? over 30 rather influential names from 12 widely separated states and the District of Columbia. Davis knows them all, and one of the ringleaders was his cabin-mate on the boat to England when they were Rhodes Scholars at Oxford as young men.

But the cautious Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies will turn into the much more assertive organization Fight for Freedom!
Every administration pushing those deals told critics about all the jobs that would be created. In California, the city councils of Berkeley and Richmond have both passed resolutions declaring themselves TPP-free zones. Roy was a grandson of Enoch Chapman who was a brother of Soloman Chapman who was our great grandfather.
These names can or may be found in many of the states of the union and no doubt came from the original stock settling in the valley of the Yadkin and Catawba.
His neighbors respected him and observed his idiosyncrasies but made little effort to change his ideas, habits or viewpoint on any question. Some dispute or difficulty arose between the Isabel boys and John Chapman, and the feud grew worse with years and it simply resolved itself into a question of who was the best shot when the parties came together. Varied subjects would be discussed by the men and women and the young people would be thrown together socially. Congress, by a Congressional Act provided for the opening for settlement of a large acreage of Cherokee Indian lands situated in North Georgia, Southern Tennessee, and Northern Alabama.
The settlers came together, pooled their labor and efforts and a school site was selected and a building constructed after which the community opened its first school with Soloman Chapman as its teacher.
Grandpa told me about an incident that happened to him while he was with the old couple in Tennessee. She was twelve years old and Ulysses was seventeen when Ulysses left home for good and never returned.
He would commence by relating all the news that he had just read and disagreed with which was most of it. He went to see Solomon Deaver, his nephew, and gave him detailed instructions on how exactly to build his coffin--big and roomy.
Britain and France go along with Hitlera€™s demands, brokering an agreement at Munich giving the vital strategic part of Czechoslovakia to Germany.
This is only the first sip of a bitter cup which will be proffered to us year by year, unless a€“ unless! In August 1939 Hitler and Stalin turn the entire world upside-down with their surprise non-aggression pact freeing Germany from the threat of a two-front war.
Denouncing a€?the hideous doctrines of the dominating power of Germany,a€? he nevertheless contended that they were not an issue and seemed to see no ethical difference between the belligerents. And just as Woody receives a cryptic summons one day in June, after the fall of France, a great stirring in the land is beginning. Elmer occupied a smaller chair nearby, and Edgar Smith perched between them on an upturned beer crate. After years of Downing Street appeasement, and Britain facing Hitler alone now, Churchilla€™s first hurdle is convincing America that Britain is finally determined to fight it out to the end. Both Whit Shepardson and Francis Miller are foreign policy establishment figures whom Woody will also meet again in Washington, after America is in the war.
Woody and smoky, comfortable rather than classy, with lumbering, loquacious waiters, it prospered too.
About 20 activists representing CWA, National Organization for Women, Witness for Peace Southeast, Workers' Right Project at NC Justice Center, and Food & Water Watch turned out for the press conference, then marched to Rep.
The family background of each parent has never been disclosed nor dependable information about them ever been obtained. The Isabel boys, conscious of the situation, went to John Chapman's home on a Sunday morning in the Fall of the year 1783 and found him engaged in cutting down a chestnut tree for his children, at which time he was unarmed, and taking advantage of the situation, effected a quarrel and shot John Chapman to death near his own home.
It was at one of these meetings that Billy Chapman for the first time observed the charm and beauty of Ruth Barnes, just a few years his junior, the daughter of a farmer of the same community. The girls of the neighborhood attended and assisted in the preparation and serving of the meals.
Frequently her table was adorned with turkey and venison as mute evidence of her marksmanship.
Soloman Chapman and wife, Mary Adaline Chapman, in 1835 to 1840, settled on an 80 acre tract of land in the Ivy Log section of Union County, Georgia. He taught for many years and tradition refers to him as a great teacher who emphasized the fundamentals of American citizenship.
The story as told to me went something like this: Ulysses had found a wild turkey roost and he and Grandpa and Laura went to the roost-tree after dark to catch some of the turkeys. Murrow brings the Blitz into American homes nightly with his broadcasts from the streets and rooftops of the beleaguered city. In those days I did relief work on the Lower East Side, and there were some pretty nasty gangsters around. The exact place or places of birth are unknown as well as the education, religion and vocation of each. The fellows were indicted and placed in jail, but because the Commonwealth of North Carolina failed to establish the identity of the person firing the fatal shot, the two men were exonerated. He commenced to court Ruth in earnest and endeavored to be her companion at all the social functions which included corn shuckings, quiltings, square dances, log rollings, egg-nog parties, horse racing and chicken fights. She stood with her husband and exchanged shot for shot with the Cherokee Indians when on their raids of stealing and pillaging among the pioneer settlers of the Brushy Mountain area.
Soloman also was elected and served as Justice of the Peace for Union County and the settlement in which he lived for forty years, and during the time administered a certain strain of rough justice then common to the country.
Ulysses climbed the tree and was catching the turkeys and passing them down to Grandpa, who in turn passed them to Laura who was putting them in a sack. Roosevelt was and how--if there was any hope at all for the country--it would have to come from somebody like Eugene Talmadge. This was during the depression and a lot of our people lost their jobs and came back to Georgia to live until things got better.
The good thing about the Murray Hill was that I couldna€™t possibly run into anyone I knew, not before the BSI returned in January.
And at the Worlda€™s Fair in Flushing Meadows, Long i??Island, New Yorkers and tourists taking in a€?The World of Tomorrowa€? learn that it will be indefinitely postponed.
Dust was thick everywhere and hung in the smoky air where sunlight fell through unwashed windows. He is personally committed now to what Churchill declared in another speech to Parliament this month, and the world. And at the Worlda€™s Fair in Flushing Meadows, Long Island, New Yorkers and tourists taking in a€?The World of Tomorrowa€? learn that it will be indefinitely postponed.
Quarrels, fist fights and brawls were very common to him and a person crossing his path or having a dispute with him had either to be further insulted, fight , or decline to do so.
Soloman's younger brother Enoch and a friend, William Meadows, had come to Georgia the year before and after trying gold mining and then working with the surveyors dividing the North Georgia area into 160 acre lots, decided to acquire some of this cheap land themselves. The soldiers demanded of the old man who was the fellow they saw in a white hat in the yard before they came up. This somehow startled Old Dora and she threw her head up knocking the bucket of cotton-seed meal all over Grandpa's blue serge suit. Then he would remind me how no-account I was getting to be and urged me in every way he could to learn farming, learn to work, learn to handle stock, learn to be beholden to no man for my bread and butter. Uncle John and my older brother decided to build a fishing boat and knew about Grandpa's lumber. Woodya€™s is not immune, and that summer he leaves home to live alone in the Murray Hill Hotela€™s Victorian confines. Occasionally he would get away to a nearby hotel, but this was no refuge, as he was liable to be routed out of bed at any hour of the night to deal with a fresh sensation from overseas. It is possible that his disposition reflected the sentiment of the time and the territorial area surrounding him. The old man told them that they must have mistaken his white beard for a hat because he was in the yard when he first heard them.
This made Grandpa so angry that he came down, grabbed Laura, and gave her a good whipping for being so careless. This so incensed Ulysses that he climbed down from the tree, went home and got his few belongings, and left.
Author: How Like a God (1929), Seed on the Wind (1930), Golden Remedy (1931), Forest Fire (1933), The President Vanishes (1934), Fer-de-Lance (1934), The League of Frightened Men (1935), The Rubber Band (1936), The Red Box (1936), The Hand in the Glove (1937), Too Many Cooks (1938), Mr. I have always believed that Grandpa and his father were not in complete sympathy with the southern cause and I believe that Grandpa in going to Tennessee planned to join the Union Army if and when he had to join. Grandpa worried and inquired for over a year trying to find Ulysses but he never saw his first-born again. The first thing I thought of was whether or not I had gone in and spoken to him before leaving for school that morning. To further substantiate this belief, Grandpa in about 1869 married the first time a Georgia girl whose first name was Lucinda and they had one child, a boy whom they named Ulysses. He did get one letter from Ulysses saying that he was well and was living in Texas and never planned to return to Georgia. In spite of his lectures, I liked him and he did me too even if I was, in his opinion, no account and would never amount to a hill of beans.
Author: Travels in East Anglia (1923), River Thames (1924), Whaling North and South (1930), Lamb Before Elia (1931), The Wreck of the Active (1936). The next thing I thought about was the lumber but this was a needless worry, there was plenty and enough for Grandma too when she died in 1939. Soloman came and got the lumber and built the biggest and strongest casket ever seen in Ivy Log. I have also heard Grandpa refer to her as Jane and possibly she had the double name Lucinda Jane.
It was where the mourners bench had been in the old church-school building -- the one in which his father, Soloman Chapman, taught the first school in Ivy Log. Anyway, she died when Ulysses was a small boy and Grandpa married again in 1873 with Idella Sumpter. Author, Giant of the Western World (1930), The Church Against the World (1935), The Blessings of Liberty (1936). Author: Foreign Trade and the Domestic Welfare (1935), Price Equilibrium (1936), Appointment in Baker Street (1938).

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