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If you're already a registered user of this site, please login using the form on the left-hand side of this page. Naturally I understand they are there to do a job but wondered if there is a different design vent I could use that will prevent a draft blowing straight in but still provide ventilation? Worst design in boating but needed for air purging .They create cold draughts but can be life savers ,a better idea would be to have them as roof inlets piped down to floor level. I am wondering if there are vents that have a lip or peak that stop rain and water blowing in but still allow air flow? Not shown is the amount of storage under the bed and in the bow, the shelves above the bed and the chest of drawers on a shelf next to the foot of the bed.
I also now have the repainted cratch back on the bow (not pictured), giving me more external storage as long as I am careful not to obstruct the exit window, and a stern cover. I've had a google to see if I could locate the letterbox vents as found on working boats, but without success. Yeah that's the idea I was thinking as I've seen similar things under caravans but they are plastic. That looks great Starcoaster did you flatten the floor too as mine has a sunken floor all along the center? I am wrestling with the idea of where I am going to put a shower tray because of the sunken floor down the middle.

I've fitted these inside our boat but I have had to secure them in the open position to pass the BSS exam. Brian, who writes a boring blog every day when he is on board Harnser about their travels.
My floor slopes into the centre, but we did not put a one-level floor above it, we worked with the curve. I have ventilation in the floor itself in three places, plus a low vent in the stern door, a high vent in the stern door, and four mushrooms. I am going to look at getting some of those letterbox vents for sure will they still give the same amount of airflow though I wonder? I understand what you mean but its still very different to mine as I have a 4inch drop along the middle so I am thinking of putting the shower tray in the center instead because if I have it on one side I will have to bend down. Our low level ventilation is through 2 vents either side of the cratch doors, they do not blow directly in to the front cabin, the air drops down to the bow through a gap left in the insulation on the lower bulkhead allowing fresh air into the bilges. Trevor Whitling did our BSS about 2 weeks ago and he said they satisify the ventilation regulations as long as they are secured open by any method which requires a "tool" to release them.
I'm a complete technophobe but the dedication,expertise and sheer craftmanship has me in awe! I don't have those vents though, I have two mushroom vents in the roof of the bow that are perfect and not draughty.

It's not a BSS requirement but if venting is inadequate the examiner should give an advisory with regard to lack of low ventilation. I have a friend who's "hobby" is model boats, I will show your pictures and videos to him. There are narrow shelves above one side of the the sofa, and above the cupboard next to the stove.
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