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Thermwood offers a variety of machines that are ideal for many aspects of boat and ship manufacturing. Thermwood CNC routers utilize an advanced next generation CNC control and advanced networked, intelligent servo drives, a combination that offers valuable features that have a significant impact on productivity, throughput and profit. Please click here for examples of marine applications possible with a Thermwood CNC Router system. WA boat builder, Chivers Marine has adopted cutting edge technology in the form of CNC routing machines to keep up with international competition and take its brand into the next phase of growth.Chivers Marine started business producing and retailing marine products when Laurie Chivers began manufacturing wooden racing yachts and associated rigging products in 1958. When three sailors capsized and damaged their boat off the tiny island of Fanadikin Micronesia, there was no other option but swimming to shore and sitting there, waiting three days for rescue. The Darwin Sailing Club say they're getting back to their core mission, offering sailing and hospitality, but no pokies. A new Moth is being developed by an Australian designer, which promises a competitive boat for less than $15,000. In 2006, Alex Thompson suffered a keel failure in his IMOCA 60, Hugo Boss which forced him to abandon the boat and step aboard a fellow competitor's yacht.
This week in Dubai, the Extreme Sailing Series was launched, announcing 8 teams competing in 8 stops around the world, with an all new boat that's set to wow spectators. With enormous rigs and 6 man crews, these vintage 18ft skiffs were a sight to behold on Sydney Harbour this week, with 11 of the classics racing. It's a sad day for the sailing community, who awoke this morning to hear of the death of Robert Oatley, sailing legend and owner of Wild Oats XI. Measuring up from the bottom, I made a line across at 19" (18" hull + 1 inch to cut off a rough edge) and I penciled in the layout of a full 18" hull side panel.
I put nails in at each station and used a piece of plexiglass that was handy to mark out the bottom curve.
Once I had the whole thing laid out, I re-checked each of my measurements to make certain that I had not made any mistakes.

Using a circular saw I made the straight cut for the bow from to the most forward part down until it met the curved bottom cut. Cutting the panel was a simple matter of running the router down the side of the template, cutting the panel as I went.
Location: WNY Fairing planks with a router I originally used this set-up to smooth the interior of a cross-planked hull after trying to plane it with a hand plane. Finally, after planking the forward deck, the hand plane was pulled out again for some preliminary planing. On the other hand, a small footprint will mill closer to the edge and I think it will be more forgiving. I could see where the optimum base size could depend on the tightness of the radius you're trimming.
If I were to try it on a hull, I'd start at the tightest convex surfaces(positive curvature) and through flat in to concave(negative curvature). Location: New Jersey Great Tip, Did you use a straight edge for each pass to work your way across the surface or just eye-balled it? LP View Public Profile View LP's Gallery Find all posts by LP « conventional materials??? When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Location: Eustis, FL Yep, that's a standard raised panel bit or shaper blade set. All weldments are fully stress relieved and the final machine is laser calibrated to assure accuracy, including three-dimensional volumetric compensation, a feature not available from other systems in this market.
Being intrigued by my earlier success, I decided to try my router set-up on the mahogany topsides. Used on cabinet doors most commonly (rail and stiles), though can be used on all sorts of stuff.

Americas Cup legend, John Bertram, had his first race boat built by Laurie all those years ago. This every-day yacht uses an ingenious way to fit beneath a bridge on the Intracoastal Waterway in America.
Large envelope five-axis systems up to sixty feet long produce original patterns and molds and are also used to trim major fiberglass and composite components. The business has steadily grown over the last 50 years and Chivers Marine has diversified from first building fiberglass boats 17 to 60 feet, to designing and manufacturing aluminium boats since the late 1990s. The Chivers brand of plate alloy boats has been the fastest growing part of the business since then with models ranging from 17 to 27 feet. Thermwooda€™s exclusive volumetric laser compensation results in accuracies that make this approach practical.
Responding to an increase in competition and a strong demand for quality aluminium plate alloy boats, Chivers Marine embarked on an extensive research and development program in early 2007 in order to stay in front of the competition and create new benchmarks in plate alloy boat construction.
The new model boats have nearly double the lineal metres of cutting, so the decision to acquire a CNC Router was a logical step in the evolution of the brand. It also didn't have plastic covers concealing thin structural supports," points out Production Manager, Richard Candy. The large bed size means that we can consolidate parts and cutting lists and also get a better yield from the sheet as opposed to using smaller sheets of aluminium." "The automation, precision and speed of the Multicam CNC Router have made possible our vision of efficiently producing the best quality plate alloy craft possible," adds Luke.
As a benefit we have also identified inherent improvements in safety for our workers with very little need for handheld cutting tools and also reduced materials handling.

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