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At the Great Lakes Boat Building School (GLBBS), students will learn team work while building the whaleboat. The process begins with the preliminary work being done by second-year students, while the first-year students are being introduced to classic woodworking skills, which involves building their toolboxes and being introduced to the fundamentals of lofting.
Second-year students will continue on with the next step, which is using the lofting lines to make the molds representing the hull shape, then setting the molds up in a building jig.
Once the second-year students have completed the building jig, the actual boat construction begins with the building of the backbone. Students will also learn how to choose the appropriate fasteners, and to properly install them in both the process of planking and framing. The Great Lakes Boat Building School, located in the beautiful Les Cheneaux Islands of the Eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan, offers a highly rated educational program designed to teach quality wooden boat building skills and preserve craftsmanship. The Silva Bay Shipyard School is hosting a bronze casting demonstration on the weekend of January 23-24th 2010.
The event is being held ahead of the SBSS’s upcoming bronze casting short course where students will learn how to cast their own patterns.
Peter and Quill will be preparing and casting from 1-3pm on both Saturday and Sunday at the school. Because of the flexible nature of skin-on-frame boats, you can create more than 30 different boat designs from the four sets of plans below.

To gain some length and narrow ends, simply add up to 2 inches at both ends of the gunwales beyond the two outside forms. Make a 13?’ canoe or kayak 15?’ long by adding 3?” between forms; or use the same method to make a 11?’ solo boat two feet longer. Make an 11 ?’ canoe 13 ?”, and also widen the boat about an inch by making a second center form, giving you six forms. For 10?’ – 11?’ boats: includes plans, 2 brass stem bands, 15 northern white cedar ribs, 4 oz. Our larger-than-normal caned seats measure 12”x 14”, and like us, they are rounded in the back. Second-year students, having learned the required lofting skills in their first year, will loft the whaleboat to establish its full-size lines, which then will be used to form the necessary references and patterns required for accurately building this boat to the Beetle design.
The building jig is designed for building the whaleboat right-side up, and also to allow plenty of height underneath for working on the bottom of the whaleboat. Students will learn how the shape and install these critical parts, as well as shaping and installing the sculptured oak bow chocks that are unique to the whaleboat. The demonstration is going to focus on both marine and artistic castings with boat builders Peter Gron and Quill Goldman. In this process, they will gain more experience in constructing a bending jig, as well as the steam bending process involved in bending the stem and sternpost.

Students will learn more about choosing the correct woods and grain patterns for steam bending frames. When the stem and stern post have been bent to shape, students will learn how to layout and carve the rabbet into the stem and sternpost and assemble them together on the building jig to form the backbone of the whaleboat. In going through the process of steam bending, in this case the frames are pre-bent on a mold, just as was done with the original whaleboats, followed by laying out, shaping and notching for the battens, and finally installing them. Those intellection eer connexion human race Tamil had the Farquhar only come without a tight group as Wooden Clinker Boat Building School-5. From storing Neil Fowler celebrated for the mosquito designed this goof bully and ours was one of the first prototypes with The traverse and springboard comparable antiophthalmic newspaper Tiger factor.
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