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With the Atlantic Ocean to the South, the Gulf of Mexico to the North and Straits of Florida to the West, Key West is surround by outstanding fishing grounds.
Key West offers every kind of fishing you can imagine including offshore fishing and flats fishing, and spearfishing. An experienced fishing guide will put you on fish and 9 times out of 10 you are going to catch fish. Bottom fishing involves taking the boat to a location where there is some kind of structure such as the reef, a wreck, rocks, or other rubble. Trolling off the coast of Key West you can expect to catch Sailfish, Dolphin (mahi mahi), Wahoo, Kingfish, Tuna, and other species. The Miami Intercoastal Way (ICW) comprises some natural inlets, rivers sounds and bays and a large number of artificial men made canals. Many of the species you will catch bottom fishing in Key West are excelling for eating and many of the local restaurants will cook your catch - just make sure you bring in fillets, which your fishing guide will usually do for you. Depending on the time of year trolling can be done right outside the reef just a few off shore, to several miles off shore.

There are a variety of areas to Flats Fish in the Key West Area from the mangrove islands on the north side of the Island out to the Marquesas Islands west of Key West. A great conversation piece, the mounts are beautiful, catching each species in a startlingly life like pose. Boaters need to be very careful and prudent by preparing their journey with the help of nautical maps or with a GPS.
Typically the equipment won’t be quite as nice and you are sharing a large boat with a big grow of people. Typically the boat is anchored and you catch a variety of bottom fish found in Key West such as grouper and snapper. We no longer need to kill the fish to make a mount, just snap a few pictures and take a few measurements, and we are free to release it (if you like).  If you want to mount a specific species, tell us in advance, and we can do everything possible to insure you get it.
We are paid a small commission by the mount company, but our main thrill is being a part of something you’ll remember and treasure forever. Boaters that are not familiar with the area should avoid cruising during night since signs often are not lighted and it becomes difficult to locate them.

All along the ICW, boaters will encounter bridges that can become an obstacle for larger boats.
The waterways tries to maintain a minimum depth of 12 feet, but in numerous areas this minimum is not respected. Alongside the channel eastbound and westbound, you can find other smaller poles indicating channels leading the way toward canals and communities.
The Miami- Fort Lauderdale section is well maintained and provides with sufficient signage in order to prevent boaters to be entrap in shallow waters.
While navigating the Miami Intercoastal Way it is crucial to be very careful when getting out of the central channel and when navigating within the small channels since these usually have special regulations.
Florida yacht charters usually have in their sites useful information about this topic.Almost all the way passes between the mainland and barrier islands, so you are only a short distance from the Atlantic surf.

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