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Location: sydney umm, maybe if we mixed romance and profit making together? Location: pir8ped I am still working on this idea - though I have another project to finish first which will occupy me for 2-3 months. A whopping big engine greatly increases the cost of a commercial fishing licence so I would like to avoid that. From my research so far, it seems restaurant owners are very keen to have line-caught fish on their menus.
Originally Posted by pir8ped Oh, I meant to ask if anyone has more info on the SIB's Richard mentioned. John I have attached a page from John Marple's 1985 catalog showing a picture of the SIB workboat. I'm a commercial fisherman, halibut longliner, in Alaska looking for a sialing commercial fishing boat in the 50-60 ft range with a 20-30 thousand lb packing capacity. Have looked at a few of the 53 Skookums but they have been poorly designed for longlining and would require expensive modifications.
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The New England Fishery Management Council initially refused to reconsider the new rules, which include cutting annual fishing days from 37 to 29.
Fishermen say the cuts are unneeded in a healthy fishery, and would cost each scallop boat up to $300,000. The council says the scallopers have recently overshot their projected catch and the cuts will keep the stock healthy. This image named Fishing boats (image file name 913417689.jpg) is property of its respective owner. I go fishing on a friend's Orkney Strikeliner, with a 50 HP outboard on the back, and we get through an awful lot of fuel. The licence fee is dependent on displacement of the boat and engine size, so a multihull with a small engine does best on this front.
I bought a Woods Sagitta, and I am now half way through fixing it and converting it to a fishing boat. Many residents grew up near seaside communities whose local economy thrived on this very industry. Deval Patrick, chair John Pappalardo said the council would reconsider the issue during its meeting Wednesday in Portsmouth, N.H. The price we have to pay for that certainly limits where we can go to fish ( although we are about to start doing a few longer trips, to check out the fishing grounds I propose to target with my sailing fishing boat ).

I had one restaurant owner so excited about the prospect, he assured me he could take all the fish I could catch, and offered to put up some money for my venture if this would help speed the project up. Fathers, grandfathers and other family members either worked on the fishing boats, supplied bait or were diesel mechanics who fixed the ship’s engines. He may be a bit excitable ( though his restaurant is currently doing very well ), but generally, I get the idea that line-caught fish that have been handled well ( put on ice immediately ) and are fresh really do fetch a premium. Hollywood blockbusters such as The Perfect Storm and Jaws show how vital this natural resource is and how vulnerable our community can be to it. This industry has taken several hits over the past 30 years and has experienced up and downs with profits every season.
Here’s a great article from the Providence Journal about scallopers in the Northeast.

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