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Questions about boat repairs with our resins and fiberglass: hull patches, transoms and stringers, foam, rot etc.
It depends a lot on the engine, type, age, wear, it's RPMs, gear ratio, prop size and efficiency, and boat speed. Thanks Larry,I remeber back in an aero propullsion class I took there was a conversion but that was for an engine moving air. Hard to say exactly without hooking it up to a scale, there aren't any easy and accurate formulas, but I'd guess roughly 1500 foot pounds, give or take a couple hundred.

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Covers both the power head and gear shaft housing to completely camouflage outboard motors when they Boat motor does not need cooling fans or radiators for cooling the engine when it heats up.
The hatch gutters were made from the mold which I showed earlier and the hatches themselves were made from temporary melamine molds as well.

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