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The EPA's Consumer Confidence Rule requires public water suppliers that serve the same people year round (community water systems) to provide consumer confidence reports (CCR) to their customers.
We stumbled onto one of those incredible fall days with clear skies and 80 degrees – a big improvement over the horizontal cold rain that graced the prior Saturday, the original date for the event. The boats slipped into the water and headed upstream towards the city of Fremont, Ohio, about 12 miles away.
Chapter president Jeremy Goldstein led our flotilla in his 23-foot Lyman Offshore, guiding us around the few spots in the river that might prove unfriendly to boats.
Once back at Jim Leasor’s Memory Marina, which hosted the event, we were treated to a barbequed chicken lunch at Jim’s Tiki bar – complete with palm trees – where the mid-summer feel was stronger than ever.
What a great way to end the season here on America’s North Coast, river-running at about 25 mph in the Indian Summer sun! I was doing a search for pictures of the Sandusky River and stumbled upon the beautiful one at the top of your website.
An outstanding historical account (on a poorly known subject), published in the blog of the Great Lakes Lightkeepers Association (GLLKA) in April 2013.
Society owns the original 1-story fieldstone Keeper's House, also known as the Benajah Wolcott House. 2011, and this time it was sold for $46,000 to Jerry Killilea Jr., a businessman, delivery truck driver and part-time farmer from Orient, Ohio. Note: Buckeye Lake is a nineteenth-century reservoir located roughly 30 mi (19 km ) east of Columbus in central Ohio. Saturday October 8th was one of those times, when the North Coast Ohio chapter of ACBS hosted the First Annual Sandusky River Run.
Along the river, elegant cormorants and egrets watched our procession pass by lush farmlands, dense woods and riverfront summer homes. Thanks to Gary DeShettler for organizing the lunch and for making the fabulous apple crisp and applejack, both from produce harvested from his riverside orchard. Coast Guard Ninth District, but ownership (and sometimes operation) of historic lighthouses has been transferred to local authorities and preservation organizations in many cases.
In fact, they were destroyed by ice floes during the winter of 2008-09, as seen in photos by Don Coles and Greg Knott posted by Schultheiss. In late 2011, the Brand family, owners of the marina, offered to donate the lighthouse to the City of Port Clinton.
MiddleBass.org has an aerial photo, Adam Lewis has a very distant view, and Google has a satellite view. Site and tower closed, except that the owner has held open houses once each year in early June.
Accessible only by boat (the breakwater is deatched from shore); there's a good view from Lakeview City Park. Forand has a historic postcard view of the original lighthouse, a round stone tower, and also a postcard view of the handsome 1873 lighthouse; it was demolished in 1901 after being damaged by fire. Forand has a historic postcard view.There were at least three lighthouses on the east pier.
Anderson has a historic photo of the front light and a second historic photo of the rear light. Our indoor heated pool, fitness room, and high-speed Internet access is great amenities for all guests.

35 ft (11 m) round tower mounted on a round 1-story equipment building, all mounted on a concrete pier.
In December 2015 the property was sold for $995,000 to the Toledo Zoo for expansion of its facilities. 10 ft (33 m) round cylindrical tower centered on a round 1-story base; the tower carries red daymark panels on each side near the top.
In addition, the lens was refurbished for display by the Lorain Port Authority at its new ferry terminal building at Black River Landing when that facility opened in March 2014. Lighthouses are a popular feature of the lake and there are several active private lights along the lakeshore as well as a number of faux lighthouses. 30 ft (9 m) tower, lower story square and upper story octagonal, with lantern and gallery, attached to a 1-story residence. The zoo intends to renovate the restauarant building for administrative offices; no announcement was made concerning the lighthouse. The four lights replaced a single light when the roof of the structure was replaced in 2006.
43 ft (13 m) square skeletal tower with lantern and gallery, painted white; a stairway spirals around a central pole to reach the lantern.
A photo shows the historic brig Niagara passing the light in 2008, an aerial photo is available, and Bing has a satellite view.
Bill Eichelberger's photo is at right, the lighthouse is seen in a photo of the Coney Island entrance, and Google has an aerial view.
Located in Lake Erie 10.5 mi (17 km) east of the mouth of the Maumee River and 2 mi (3 km) northeast of the mouth of Cooley Creek. Erik Nyfenger's photo is at right, a view from the lake is available, and Bing has a satellite view.
This range guides vessels leaving Sandusky Bay; the front light is on a similar but shorter tower.
Rona Proudfoot is a photo, the Akron Railroad Club has several photos (lower half of the page), and Google has a street view and a satellite view.
Anderson has a photo of the original lighthouse, a round stone tower built on the west pier at the entrance to the Black River.
The first lighthouse at Conneaut was built on the east pier in 1835; it was replaced in 1859.
Marc Haserodt has a good photo, another photo is available, and Google has a satellite view. Snug Harbor is an upscale development on the south side of the lake; it includes a sheltered harbor created by cutting a new channel from the lake to a nearby pond. Located at the end of Shoreline Drive marking the narrow entrance to the inner canals of the original Heron Bay development, near the southeastern end of the lake. Located at the end of Vista Point Drive in Heron Bay, at the extreme southeastern corner of the lake, marking the entrance to the canals of the Vista Point neighborhood. Coney Island is not an island at all; it is an amusement park on the Ohio River above Cincinnati. The light carries meteorological sensors for NOAA's Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory.
Ballast Island is a small, privately owned island about 1.25 mi (2 km) northeast of South Bass Island and the same distance east of Middle Bass Island.

The lighthouse is part of an entertainment complex developed at the former Lyman Boat Works shipyard at 1615 First Street in Sandusky.
The tower has held no water since 1992, but it has been maintained because it is such a familiar feature of the town's skyline and it is useful as a navgational aid. In 1875 the pier was extended, and a square wood lighthouse was built; Forand has a postcard view of that light. This light was replaced by a round tower in 1900; Forand has a postcard view and a second postcard view. Forand has the drawing of the 1831 light, an unusual skeletal tower, and Anderson has a photo of the 1875 light, a square wood tower. In 1875 the light was moved to the west pier, but in 1885 it was moved up the hill into town. Atwood Lake is a large artificial lake in Tuscarawas and Carroll Counties in eastern Ohio, east of Dover. This light marks the narrowest point of the passage between the north shore of the lake and its most unique feature, the Cranberry Bog State Nature Preserve just offshore.
The park is much diminished from its former size, and much of the site is now occupied by the Riverbend Music Center.
Rattlesnake Island is an 85 acre (34 ha) island located northwest of South Bass Island and west of Middle Bass Island. It became the front light of an entrance range in 1893; Anderson has a historic photo showing the two pier range lights in 1911.
In 1892 a second, temporary light was placed on the west pier, and in 1895 a permanant lighthouse was built; Forand has a postcard view. Located at the harbor entrance off Custer Point Road on the south central section of the lake. The lighthouse stands at the former park entrance; originally it carried a rotating light guiding excursion boats. Since 1980 it has been the site of the Rattlesnake Island Club, an exclusive group with 65 members. In 1909 the west breakwater was built, and the west pier light became the rear light of a range with the west breakwater light as the front light. In 1897 this lighthouse became the front light of a range; both range lights are seen in a second postcard view. Located near the riverbank off Kellogg Avenue a short distance southwest of the I-275 bridge.
The pier range was discontinued in 1912, and the lighthouse was replaced by a skeletal tower in 1922.
The Cleveland Coast Guard Station was at the base of the pier until 1976; the 1940 station has been acquired by the city for future restoration. In October 2014 she launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $22,900 for restoring the metal facade of the lighthouse.

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