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Our Stealth series offers all of the ammenities of a fiberglass bass boat, without the high price tag. Well, here she is - Based on the super-fast, twin-stepped Innovator Hull, and the Sunsation Insignia 32 Dominator deck is the all new Sunsation 32 Dominator SS. Introduced at the 2005 Miami Boat Show, we knew she was hit even before she even arrived in South Beach and the masses proved it garanering accodales from the press.
Gulf Coast Boating Center is an Ocean Express Powerboats, Sunsation powerboats and Advantage boat dealers.
In stock we have: Wellcraft 29 Scarab, Sunsation 288 Closed Bow Seabold 32' Eagle and Hustler 38 Sling Shot. We regularly have Donzi 27, Fountain 33 fishing boats, Baja 25 boats, Donzi 23 boats and more. We just sold Sonic 45 Super Sonic, Wellcraft 30 Scarab Sport and Four Winns 260 Liberator.
We are looking for Donzi 43, fountain 32 sport fisn cruiser, Baja 27 boats as well as Donzi sport fishing boats.

The 15° V-Hull design of the Stealth rides better in "heavy chop" than the competitor's flat bottom or bad hull designs, with performance that is second to none.
All of these models feature wide bottoms and beam width to provide more than adequate room for people, gear or just moving around in. This family and the entire SeaArk Team share one goal; to build the toughest boat on the market and provide the best customer service in the industry. With it's Dominator deck, twin stepped hull, enclosed head and lots of interior head room in an oversized cabin, the Dominator SS is turning every head on the dock and the rear view mirrors come in handy when looking at the competition out of the water.
However the best accolades will come from you after you take delivery of our newest rocket ship, the 32 Dominator SS. The Stealth's all-welded  and heave gauge all-aluminum hulls are among the toughest on the market today, and are available in 17'2", 18'6" and 20'6". They continue to offer the toughness while featuring options that allow you to fish, ski, or spend a lazy day on the lake.
The SeaArk team is made up of three generations of Master Craftsmen who have obtained the skills and experience to make this happen.

All Stealth's come with lots of storage, big casting decks, all aluminum floors and decks with no wood. Both models feature large livewells, lots of storage, including rod storage, lounge seats, a removeable table, and large fishing decks. To build your perfect FX choose from either Side or Center console, 20 or 24 foot, and whether you want a Standard, Deluxe, or Elite design.
Built one at a time by men and women who share the love of the outdoors and understand that hunting and fishing is not just a hobby but a way of life.
Depending on what layout and features are needed, these design options help create the perfect, bigger, fishing rig.
We understand the importance of only having to concentrate on tasting the sweet victory of a trophy catch or a limit and not having to worry with the durability of a boat.

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