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Location: Eustis, FL You don't want the trailer supports to hold up any potions of the planking if you can help it. If your planking is well fastened, the deck tight and well attached, the keel solid and not permitted to hog (well supported), then the turn of the bilge will resist sagging for some time.
Location: La Florida If bunks touch planking, make sure it is wher planks are backed by frame members. Location: Eustis, FL Since the frames are perpendicular to the planking seams, it stands to reason that bunks will hit many.
As mentioned, the bunks should land directly below the engine bed stringers, which is a single screw or outboard powered boat will be 24" apart. The real key is to insure there aren't any hard edges pressing against the planking, between frame bays or stringers. Location: Eustis, FL In one of your exterior photos, there appears to be a log (hunk of wood) on the planking.
You boat is light enough to tolerate bunks at the bilge turn, but again they just keep the boat from flopping over onto her flanks and don't push up into the planking. Your trailer doesn't appear to have enough keel rollers, especially along the forward sections. The first iteration of trailer my boat had a keel support with bilge bunks for keeping the boat upright on the trailer. When I purchased the replacement, the guy selling the trailer said I had it set up wrong for a wooden boat. Location: Eustis, FL You're right to be concerned about the pressure points. I intentionally positioned the bunk boards where the pads would live after is was home (at the turn of the bilge, not under the boat). On your boat, the stub keel can easily bear the boat's weight, so make a box or set of athwart bunks that is can rest on. The ideal trailer setup is no bilge supports at all, just a place for the keel to rest and vertical supports that rest against the rub rail along the sheer, which just prevents the boat from flopping over. Location: WNY I think then that I will add a keel bunk, but also keep all of the other bunks. Location: Eustis, FL Make the keel bunk sides as tall as you can and slope them outboard, so they act as a funnel when the keel is trying to find them.

When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Coho Design creates many forms of commercial signage ranging from Interior and Exterior Commercial Signage to Entry Monuments and Job Site Signage. Whether you need custom logo work done for your business or personal enterprise Coho Design has the background to create the custom logo and other display services.
We can take your creative project to the next level with the highest quality illustrations ranging from topographic maps to whimsical illustration. Coho Design strives to produce creative and innovative products and solutions to help promote you or your business. This is a wide beam version of a narrowboat and comes in the same variety of stern types; mostly cruiser, but also trad, or semi-trad. Much more interior space for use as a liveaboard, mean they feel more like a floating apartment.
What you want is the boat to rest on her keel and be prevented from flopping over onto her flanks with bunks or my preference are support stands. A few well placed, turn of the bilge support stands can keep them from drooping to a degree, but if drooping becomes and issue, it's not the trailer, it's something else, like loose fasteners.
You'll probably have to make up some brackets to hold rollers, but it's not particularly difficult. Also not visible are the angle stock cross braces later installed, to keep the verticals up right and not spread, as the boat leaned against them. A PVC pipe V in front of the keel box would do the same thing; keep the boat centered over the box, until it's pulled shallow enough to drop in. Other services include: Directional Signage, Trade Show Signs, Fleet Graphics, Way-Finding, Banners Sandblasted, Window Lettering, Magnetics, A-Frames, Menu Boards, Screen Printing, Digital Printing, Vinyl Lettering, Sign Design, Cutout Letters, Dimensional Graphics, Installation.
From the smallest sign display to the complexity of a comprehensive large corporate package, we are proud to have the capability to design, manufacture, and install a multitude of products. The worst thing you can do to wooden planking is push against it hard in localized areas, like bunks or supports.
I've repaired and condemned quite a few boats, because they were stored on a poorly fitted trailer and the planking got distorted.
No pads or bunks to paint around, just the bottom of the keel, which can be handled by jacking on launch day.

With experience and knowledge like that, you can be assured Coho can supply you with an effective product or service to meet any needs. Coho Design believes being flexible and open to our customers needs, and listening to their ideas allows us to serve them better. This makes the whole process of ordering signage or graphics much more enjoyable, as well as more personable. Never use rollers on planks either, again the same reason, point loading in a very small area, which will pop butt blocks, fasteners, clenches, etc. The best setup I've devised, had two V's, one forward of a stub keel (much like yours) and one aft of it.
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That's because this is a single screw boat and the beds are on 24" centers (pretty much a standard). It runs parallel to the keel through the broadest section of the boat only, not stem to stern. As the boat was pulled out, she'd settle on the trailer, with the forward and aft V's centering things, as the trailer and boat came together. I take great pride and satisfaction knowing I’ve created something that my customer both enjoys, and benefits from. This is where you want the bunks, because the keel can't hold up the boat in the aft potions of the hull. Give us the opportunity to show you how we can take your product or business and give it a promotional boost. The skeg, shaft, strut and rudder prevent under keel support, so the next hard point that will not crush frames and planking are the engine bed stringers. The stands are home made and simply pivoting pads that let the bilge rest comfortably, without a hard edge pushing into the planking.

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