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Location: Milwaukee, WI You have to create a design and then find the optimum location for that specific vessel at the target speeds. All my research suggests that a CG that lies between 50 - 55% of the WL aft of '0' is the best compromise for promoting lower speed planing. Location: Australia Mat, it's worth considering that most of the true Delta shapes - ie those designed by Levi were generally intended for very high speeds. I don't know how their low speed performance would rate, though most were very light, so it was possibly better than one might expect with the centres so fat aft. My understanding is that the best approach is to 'decide' uopn the ideal location for the LCB (how do you do this?
Then you produce the hullshape, do a weight study and juggle things around until the LCG is in line with the LCB.
Location: Houston to my knowledge more aft the LCB is the less resistance vessel is going to face. I understand that at rest the vessel will trim to bring LCG and LCB into line, but what happens at speed if they are not aligned?

Location: Australia Tad - wouldn't be the first time I've failed to explain myself clearly! In a typical planing hull, if the LCB is moved aft, then it stands to reason that the centroid of the waterplane area will also move aft. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
That would in turn suggest that the LCB would be further aft, assuming that the boat floats on her lines. I mean take a boat like the Wally tender, or one of Levi's delta shapes, which they appear to be similar to.
A number of his boats also suffered - some times quite badly - from porpoising and on a number of oacciaions some pretty drastic measures were taken to try to eliminate this. Yes, I've seen many a go-fast with its stern almost underwater as a result of a way-back LCG.
Which in turn would suggest that there is more area towards the rear to lift the aft sections.

Especially if you want to also be able to potter around at say 18 or 20 knots without the bow pointing at the sky. I envisage a boat with excessive angles of trim and very poor low to medium speed attributes.
So the designer obiously drew the boat at level trim, knowing that when it hit the water it would trim down by the stern.
And if it's say 60 - 70% of the WL aft, then how would that effect the boats ability to plane at lower speeds - at least without excessive bow rise?

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