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Deep Blue 46 is the first motor boat was created as a result of a fruitful and successful co-design studio BMW Designworks and Yacht manufacturer Bavaria Yachtbau GmbH. BMW Designworks USA is a modern industrial design studio, self-projecting stylish and beautiful objects. A blue wrap was designe and installed on this Blue Razor.This rhino came to us with the green plastic completely turned white from the elements.
BMW Group DesignworksUSA has collaborated with Intermarine, Brazil’s leading shipyard for luxury yachts, to create the elegant, powerful and refined Intermarine 55.
BMW Group DesignworksUSA has collaborated with Intermarine, Brazil’s leading shipyard for luxury yachts, to create the elegant, powerful and refined Intermarine 55. Today Brazil is the world’s 8th largest industrial nation, and many of its leading companies are selecting DesignworksUSA to create products that resonate both with consumers in the region, and with increasing importance, consumers in export markets across the word.
More broadly, DesignworksUSA is finding opportunities for great design throughout South America, and is presently collaborating with Venezuela-based Siragon, the manufacturer and assembler of computer hardware and other technology products including digital cameras, peripherals and plasma television screens. This proven track record of successfully driving innovation for premium brands in South America was among the many factors that drew Intermarine to select the consultancy.
Measuring 57 feet in total length, the Intermarine 55 is a very luxurious boat, not only because of the exclusivity of the design, but also because of the balance of spaces. The team at DesignworksUSA created an innovative design for the exterior of the boat, translated in powerful, elegant and refined lines. The internal areas of the Intermarine 55 were conceived from the theme “open horizons”, providing maximum openness and space.
BMWBLOG goes to Dallas to test drive the new 2015 Rolls Royce Ghost Series II When is a car not a car? Location: Michigan 6000 mile row Japan-USA Last Sunday, June 07, Sonya Baumstein started rowing from Japan to the USA. Hopefully better winds will come soon and she will make it into the stronger parts of the Kuroshio Current. Location: Cocoa Beach, Florida Unfortunately, she was picked up about 150 miles off the Japanese coast.

When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. But unfortunately i dont know any person who is yacht designer or shipyard owner, in miami. Hi Thought some of you might me interested in my latest project sketches.(full size versions can be seen by clicking on the images)I am designing a fiberglass sports cruiser boat for my final semester project. I don't want to dwell on the lack of fundamental skills but instead give you a decent roadmap of how to design a boat. The external dimensions are being set by the legal towing dimensions locally, although its possible to get permits to exceed them I was hoping to make my design work within them. I understand your dimensional constraints, it's always something that has to be dealt with in this size of boat. The yacht is not only modern and beautiful but its solutions will definitely raise the bar in the category,” said Allysson Yamamoto, Intermarine marketing manager.
There were a number of factors against her, starting with her being unable to get her boat to Japan due to the port shutdowns in the US. The primary elements of the brief are to maximize deck and cabin space while keeping the boat towable.
Cheers for the replies!I would personally be a bit careful with this, are your external dimensions driving the overall design or is there some flexibility in regards to dimensions due to the interior requirements (toilet, cabin, etc)? Wow thanks for taking the time for the long post Charlie!!I started off using an underlay to determine sizing but I gradually extended further and further from those dimensions.To be honest I didn't know how far I could push them before they became ridiculous, I guess I found that point. I have placed the cabin entry at the rear center of the boat because I believe I can fit the two smallest sterndrives required for the axius system on either side of the entry. I did a pile of rough sketches and measurements and I believed the scale was correct but now I doubting it.
To me it seems that most heights of boats would be close to half of what your suggesting, which may explain your proportions, is there a functional need for this height? There is a high likelihood that I used one of your designs as an underlay, The boats closest to what I was aiming for were all made by Brunswick, the Bayliner 285, Maxum 2700 and the Searay 260 and I used the bayliner 285 as my initial underlay.

The big windows in the salon, cabins and even in the bathrooms allow an open view to the sea. I've failed to climb more mountains than anybody I know, but I've also managed to climb quite few . The height of the boat sketch not including the canopy is roughly the max height of the canopy on the bayliner. I thought I would have some flexability with the boats height because of the weight of two sterndrives (roughly 1 tonne) down low.
Are running characteristics the same as trim?Should the center of gravity be over the center of a boat's planing surface or near the center of the hull?I was planning on moving from this point and designing the interior while modeling up the hull but its obvious that the dimensions and layout of this are not workable atm.
And it isn't as if she could just decide early on to go half way and call it quits the way I can on a mountain. I will def do a set of package drawings before continuing and review how the hull shape will work from there. Thanks for the links yo!I love the two 116' concept renderings (1, 2,).I am really impressed with these pieces of work, and they both include ppl for context. Finding the balance between the exterior shape and interior layout is very similar problem to neither styling or utility being in themselves enough to grab ppls attention, its somewhere between the two.
Generally the boats are designed for an international market and then the trailers are produced locally.
There is a fairly comprehensive brief and hypothetical persona but the key elements are that the boat come in close to $100k, include an enclosed toilet, a fridge, have a large amount of deck and cabin space and be trailerable. It def has more usable deck space and cabin space due to its height than anything I have found so far in this size of boat.
The interior is going to be challenging, but that can wait until I have a hull design to work within.

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