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Planing Foil: (Cavitation Plate) Like all planing devices that bolt to the cavitation plate of an outboard engine?s gear case, the Allison Planing Foil will help.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Paper Boat is a creative agency that merges digital design with traditional crafts to create spectacular digital illustrations. About the client: Barradoro is a high-end luxury events company, focusing on 5 star worldwide travel events. Project: Exclusive luxury around-the-world travel event, encompassing business class travel, VIP music event tickets, 5 star accommodation and Michelin Star catering. As a new start-up company it was essential that we communicated to our target market the creditability of Barradoro and the high quality of its offering.

At ?100,000 per person these trips were of a limited number, aimed at attracting the type of clientele who use private concierge services such as ‘Quintessentially’. Storyboarding to communicate the product as a round the world extravaganza of opulence through seven key cities. Private logins were developed for each VIP member to view their itinerary and communicate with their dedicated travel liaison. Launch activity included the creation of bespoke hand-made invitations, which were distributed in goody bags to all Oscar nominees at the Academy Awards in February 2011. We successfully created a high end, hand crafted promotional piece for distribution among the top A-list names in Hollywood in 2011.
Sadly due to instability, conflict and natural disasters in the Middle East, Japan and elsewhere, Barradoro decided to cancel this year’s global event.

Though we were unable to see this project to fruition we enjoyed the challenge of working with a new start-up, developing a brand from scratch and targeting high end, luxury clientele. Encompassing animated flash elements to show the global reach of the event and encourage customer interaction.
We specialise in photo retouching, graphic design, illustration, animation and character design.

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