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The Overhead Side Mount Lift comes in two different weight capacities: 4000lbs and 6000lbs.
By adding upper beams to your boat house, you are allowing installation flexibility providing leeway in where the lifting points are located.
The Overhead Side Mount Boat Lift differs from the Overhead Center Mount because it has the Motor, Gear Plate, and Pipe mounted on one of the sides of your lift, instead of the center. If you’re looking to provide the best possible protection for your vessel, then a boat house lift from DECO Boat Lifts is the perfect solution. Every boat house lift we make includes a number of standard features to ensure reliable performance, and can incorporate a variety of optional features to enhance its functionality.

In addition to boat house lift systems, we also offer a number of other specialty boat hoist designs, such as PWC lifts, pontoon lifts, catamaran lifts, ski boat lifts, deck lifts, and cantilever lifts. To learn more about our boat house lift systems and the many other boat lift options we offer, contact DECO Boat Lifts today. No drilling is required to hang the boathouse lift and our dual motor design eliminates the need of snatch blocks or stretched cables. Having it mounted on the side allows for much more room above your boat, making this lift ideal for a wakeboard boat or a boat with a t-top.
A high-quality boat lift from DECO will keep your vessel safe from pounding waves and barnacle damage while the durable boat house roof shields against punishing sun and rain.

Our experience designing and building customized boat lifts for both residential and commercial applications stretches back more than 50 years, so you can rest assured that no project is too complex for us to handle.
We offer both hip and gable roofing systems, with marine-grade aluminum trusses to provide lasting support even in harsh seaside conditions. DECO boat hoists can also be retrofitted into your current boat lift canopy using side-mount brackets or incorporated into a custom-built wood-frame boat house using durable aluminum roof tabs.

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