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Encinitas, California: Boat HousesTwo houses on a street along the beach look like they're ready to shove off into the surf.
Miles Minor Kellogg was undoubtedly one of Encinitas' most noted recyclers, certainly within that period when he lived here in the 1920's and 1930's. His ultimate recycling triumph was the boathouses on the west side of Third Street between F and G. Boat Houses Two boat shaped apartments, sitting side by side, that face away from the ocean. It is unusual but not eccentric to live in a boat, unless the boat is made of plaster and plywood and built solidly on dry land. He was a versatile builder with a talent for taking scrap material and incorporating it into new structures.
When my kids were little I told them these boats were washed ashore by an enormous wave, and that they just decided to make them apartments rather than try to get them back to the water.

The Encinitas Boathouses were purchased in 2008 by a non-profit for permanent preservation. The two boats sit a block from the ocean, a few blocks north of Swami Beach and the temple-like Center for Self Realization.
No portion of this document may be reproduced, copied or revised without written permission of the authors. Kellogg, who owned the building at the time, removed the top floor and used the wood to build a small silent movie theater next door at the northeast corner of 101 and E Street. But then his imagination soared and he thought back to earlier days when he had worked on bats at Lake Michigan and the idea came to him to build "boat houses." His young son, Miles Justin Kellogg, helped every day after school until they were completed. Kellogg was a builder, inventor and businessman who picked up additional materials at a bargain in this case, wood from the bathhouse at Moonlight beach in 1925. In 1928 the boat houses could be seen from Highway 101 and people passing through town began to turn west for a better look at the structures.

Since the building had a low ceiling, the wood wasn't long enough to use in an ordinary house.
Down through the years the boathouses probably have been the most photographed buildings downtown and are a unique symbol of our surfing, beach, and Hwy 101 culture. Kellogg had a lingering interest in the sea, so the idea came to him to use the material for boat houses.

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