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Location: Canada Boad ID Looks like a 3-pt hydro, but not sure of design from picture. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. I recently bought the moulds from a procrastinator who left this sitting in his yard for a few years. The only thing that strikes me is the potential for turbulent water flow at the leading edge of the tunnel.
Location: Canada firth_andrew007 - if this is a planing tunnel hull, then you may find some help on my website. I'm not sure that the reduced buoyancy from the tunnel is worth the reduced wetted surface. It will be a question of whether your AoA is reduced sufficiently at speed to negate the loss of buoyancy at the stern.
Location: Coastal Georgia You might have to vent the tunnel to break the suction. If anyone knows any idea if this is a design or maybe a converted trawler design, I have been told it was a mission boat but can not find any information online. Location: Flattop Islands Somewhere in the boat is a number carved into a deck beam. Location: victoria bc Thanks Tad, its like you have been on the boat it does have some numbers carved onto the deck beam, was thinking the registration number would have been enough. Was not hoping for drawing more interested in the designer if there were any at all, maybe just a trawler. When I got her she was half submerged and neglected but she is well built just needs some TLC. Location: OREGON don't know if this will offer any assistance but with the larger skeg it is very stable in adverse conditions.
Originally Posted by Boston where is your site Richard Except for some privately done arrangements, I produce for several well known brands on a stringent contract. Location: Flattop Islands Calling a 72' deep-vee power cruiser a Lobsterboat is as bizarre as calling a shallow vee hull with funny deckhouse a Trawler. Originally Posted by Tad Calling a 72' deep-vee power cruiser a Lobsterboat is as bizarre as calling a shallow vee hull with funny deckhouse a Trawler.

The inexperienced are well advised to do all the carving for fun, not for design purposes.
As for the other, not so sure i'm worried out begin able to design two good hulls to lash and sail. So in short, a very modern hull shape, fast performance, with spartan comforts, for no rush, long distance voyaging.
Sorry to pick on your ideas, but they do need a full airing in the interest of your boat and possibly even your survival. Originally Posted by messabout Newcat; no one here is disposed toward belittling another person, so do not take the nay saying as a personal affront. I clearly stated tankage large enough, but not so large that it effects the boat more then normal negative. If i sound rude, except my apologizes, i asked a question about hull design of yesteryear, not a request for lectures on stuff i have known for 20 years. Thanks By "Wharram like" do you mean open deck or a deep V hull or really like a Wharram???
Will you be building the boat just with hand tools just as they did hundreds of years ago, or use power??
Once built will you use modern equipment like wire rigging, dacron sails, gps, an engine, good drinking water, take fresh food - so no scurvy?
The original Picnic Boat's (1960's), before Hinckley got into the business, were built on Lobster Boat hulls. Very high performance hulls, open deck (Wharram like) Pre Preg glass, Foam, carbon box beams, Wharram like Lashings.
The price that you pay will be far less than the grief that you will get from a self design. If you aspire to cruise the South Pacific or wherever, it will be well for you to build to a proven design that has a fair chance of delivering you home safely. There are thousands of views on proper hull design, truth is, all have their strength and weaknesses. Worth, Tx, USA One of the best ways is to look at something already made that works and start from there. Just about any storm worthy of being called a storm, will send tons and tons of water over the topsides and the tent will be gone in a New York instant.

Not sure if anyone has tested an ultra high performance hull shape, built fairly light, with duel junk rigs in the trades. One of them even went so far, he dreamed up a statement i made, then asked me why i think it!
Or rely on what they did hundreds of years ago, back when seafaring was far more dangerous and unsafe than today.
Many of them are very knowledgeable, have decades of experience, and are generous enough to lend sound advice. Not too far from DC you can get into the Gulf stream where a brisk nor'easter will pile up waves 30 feet from crest to trough.
I would at least like information on the design of the hull because it looks so different than others i have seen. I have some general information from the registration but no history and any help would be apreciated.
Will they be polished like some Nigel Irene designs, no, but nether were the boats that did sail around the world, 1000's of years ago.. As you design your boat you will be obliged to account for every last pound of weight that she will carry.
Everything i have read says duel junk rigs are superior too more modern rigs in downwind sailing. Still not even close to rig selections, A single crab might still be the answer, i don't believe anything will lift better then a crab.
The hulls have to support all that weight and so you have to calculate and design the displacement accordingly. If you are going to cruise then you can be assured that sooner or later you will encounter that kind of weather. Junk sails have a lot of sheets that need a wide sheeting platform but you will not have that lateral space on one side of a slender cat hull.
I don't see myself sailing windward enough to justify a more modern rig short comings in trade-wind type sailing.

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