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Location: Louisiana I was wondering why the builder would not have opted to round off the tunnels. Location: Sweden It's the longitudinal shape that really matters, since this is guiding the flow into the propeller.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Location: Miami Converting outboard to inboard Hi guys I just need help to know if is possible to convert a maycraft 27 pilot house in a inboard diesel engine. Location: Spain Gonzo, I think it ought to be studied in more detail, before totally rejecting any solution. The weight of the new axis, depends on its length, could be similar to the weight of the tail of the outboard. Possibly the draft will increase (no, if a waterjet is placed) but boat?s trailerability has nothing to do with these changes, in my opinion. Location: Australia Looks like a hull that might accomodate a single diesel inboard or better a sterndrive, has moderate vee and enough size, but unless you do a lot of hours, not going to be worth it, especially if slowing down significantly is not acceptable.
Location: Milwaukee, WI Trailerability is partly a function of the total height of the boat on the trailer. Location: Spain The issue of weight and speed should be studied in depth as a total load, even bigger, better located, can improve or worsen the condition of a small boat navigation.
Do as much research as you can, and make sure you have 20-50% more time and money than you originally budgeted. Location: Lakeland Fl USA If you are planning to go for extended trips under power, the diesel makes good sense.

If you are thinking of messing around in Biscayne bay or maybe taking the ICW down to Marathon, Islamorada, or other short distance, the outboard makes a lot more sense.
Location: Australia I have an inboard, and the beams bearers or what ever they are called go almost the full length of the boat, which I assume are to distribute the load and vibration over a larger area. With outboards you tilt the motors to give clearance when towing on a trailer but you can't tilt the prop of an inboard so the trailer may have to be raised to provide the clearance. Servicing an inboard is difficult, an oil change for example you can't just undo the sump plug and let it out.
The problem with manoeuvrability has already been mentioned to the point that I consider an inboard belongs on a moored boat and not one that has to use a boat ramp.
Location: Eustis, FL The engine beds, which also serve as longitudinal stringers have multiple functions and shouldn't be assumed simply engine beds. Location: Eustis, FL Not trying to blow anyone up Poida, though maybe just some clarification about engine beds and longitudinal stringers.
It usually depends on the boat, but since most power craft are full plane, the bottom loading can rise significantly, so longitudinal stiffeners are run as far forward as practical, regardless of propulsion type.
I understand the install angles (of prop strut or other drive) should be designed for best trim at neutral drive angle if adjustable. Almost every component on engine, transmission and drive monitored to include non contact infrared pyrometer for Aquadrive CV temp. Pulnix Ibeam sensors on deck for remote notification (GSM) of movement on vessel, high water alarm, bilge overrun alarm, battery level, temperature as well as GPS location and remote shutdown and fuel cutoff capability. For that example at least rounded tunnels would be more expensive to build with little added benefit.

It will probably be slightly heavier but you can not say, without more, to make the boat slower.
I only say that we have no evidence to say one thing or the other and that, in giving advice, we have to be cautious. The pilothouse door is right in the way and would need to be moved, meaning unless two doors where used, you'd have to walk around the inboard engine box, just to get to the other side of the cockpit.
Engine beds are locally oriented, usually against or part of the longitudinal stringer system.
Trying to renovate a 14foot 1965 fishing boat » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Converting Outboard to Inboard? The drawback of the "chined" tunnel is a collection of stagnant fluid in the inner corners, which in some circumstances may disturb the propeller, but that is of minor influence, compared with the importance of a correct and smoooooth longitudinal shape!
This could be solved with an open pilothouse, like used on the Judge 27, though you'll lose some structural integrity, hacking out this bulkhead. Even if they have diesel fuel, there is doubt about its age, bacteria count, and water content. This offers enough room for a small block's motor mount brackets (the mounts are on top of the bed) to nest between them and still have room for an oil filter and pan (assuming sufficient depth).

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