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AirBerth boat lift system is a revolutionary way to keep your boat out of the water, so that you can enjoy a trouble free boating lifestyle.
You can buy AirBerth boat lift storage system from our friendly AirBerth distributors around the world. Provide your pontoon boat with the same great protection enjoyed by other types of boat owners (shown with optimal canopy).
Elevator Boat Lifts Boat Lifts for narrow cs, embankments and locations where pilings can't be used. Boat Lift models : Vertical Cantilever and Hydraulic boat lifts Narrow Pontoon Stabilizer Bar . C tunnels, bridges, aqueducts, locks and boat lifts, narrow boats and c engineers such as Brindley, Telford, Smeaton, Rennie. Lifting narrow boats 15 metres to the c above, Anderton Boat Lift only reopened in 2002 having been shut since the 1980s. Comments about Shoreline Industries Lift Mate Motor Cover: Over the years, It has been more difficult for me to crank my boat lift. Shop Anchor Docking Boat Lifts and all other Boat Parts, Boat Accessories and Lift Mate Motor Cover $17.99 $16.19 Which material is best suited for my needs for custom boat covers or boat lift canopies?
Golden Elevator Lifts® are the solution for narrow canals, embankments and locations where pilings cannot be used.
Components are welded for strength, oversized grooved winders are used for extended cable life and stainless steel wheel brackets are on all of the elevators .
The angle required for your application will be determined by the water depth, how far out needed to reach deep water, and other conditions where the lift will be installed.

5 years on structural parts, 10 years on Golden Sea-Drive® Gear Reducer, 2 Years on all other parts. 15 years on structural parts, 5 years on Sea Drive Gear Reducer, 2 Years on all other parts.
Exclusive Formed Mounting Plate is Designed to Improve Strength and Totally Eliminate Deflection Problems Flat Plates Have.
For those who enjoy cruising on their pontoon boats, a lift from DECO Boat Lifts can help ensure years of worry-free boating.
We offer pontoon boat lift systems in three different lines, providing options to fit any customer’s budget.
Maxi – Our entry-level line, Maxi lifts include many outstanding features that ensure long lasting performance, such as grooved cable winders, a heavy-duty flat-plate gear drive and stainless steel hardware, and come at a price that’s easy to fit in any budget.
DECO – DECO boat lifts are our most popular variety and incorporate many proprietary features, including our high-performance sealed gearbox with a steel worm gear, which is maintenance free and self-locking to provide the ultimate in pontoon lift safety.
Concept CRS – Our flagship line, Concept CRS lifts include all of the best features from our DECO lifts, along with a number of updated systems. In addition to our pontoon lift solutions, we offer other specialty lift systems like catamaran lifts, PWC lifts, V-cradle sailboat lifts, beamless boat lifts, boat house lifts, shallow water lifts and many more. Marine is your one-stop shop for high-quality boat lift canopy replacement covers at affordable prices. Patent 6,470,816) allows the motors to be placed on the shore side for easy maintenance and leveling from bow to stern for easy draining. Our boat hoists will keep your vessel safe from mooring damage, prevent parasite growth and inhibit corrosion by keeping your vessel high and dry, but will still allow you to hit the water at a moment’s notice.

They have stainless steel, sealed motors for outstanding durability, as well as our Cable Retention System (CRS) that creates a perfect wrap every time to extend cable life. Having produced these products since 1959, DECO has the engineering skills and experience needed to ensure that any customer receives the ideal system for their needs. Our team proudly serves customers in Charleston, Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa and all cities in between.
Fits all standard flateplate motors and gear April 26; No Comments; How do you measure a canopy for a cover?
The motor will operate fine in ShoreMaster canopy frames provide structural support for your canopy cover. We've been manufacturing boat lift canopy covers for The Canvas USA® Drive on Boat Lift Cover is designed with the motor to be left in the down position for storage. Whether you live on a lake, river, marsh flat, artificial waterway or coast, you can rest assured that DECO will design a pontoon lift to perfectly fit both your location and vessel. We also provide up to a 10-year warranty on all of our systems, so you can feel confident that your investment is protected. Most boat lifts with canopies use the same method when determining the length and the width of your A boat lift motor eases the burden of manually raising the boat.
We manufacture marina systems, residential boat lifts and docks, water toys and waterfront accessories.

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