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The Sunstream FloatLift™ (available in Australia only through Superior) is the fastest on the market, lifting a boat out of the water in 30 seconds and back into the water in just 18 seconds. Easily tied to a pontoon a Floatlift™ offers unmatched speed, security and versatility, and provides easy access to the boat’s hull and prop for cleaning and maintenance. Superior Jetties’ own Drive on Pontoon (DOP) range is an extremely cost effective option for smaller vessels. This unique lift is made from 100% high density polyethylene, with PVC pins holding it together. Benefit: Float can be easily moved from location to location, stays with your boat, not your dock. Naylor Systems is a family owned business located in Cameron, Ontario who have been manufacturing marine boat lifts and docks since 1975.

Being located in the nearby Kawartha Lakes gives Naylor Systems a great understanding of our region and all the benefits and also potential challenges our boaters encounter. Boats Lifts and Dock setups are available in many different designs and configurations, all guaranteed to make your boating life more enjoyable.
This new style of boat lift gives you a clear unobstructed view around the deck when the boat is in the down position. With an aluminium frame, stainless steel hardware, marine grade hydraulic cylinders with stainless shafts, and marine grade hoses these boatlifts are suitable for both salt and fresh water.
Made from heavy duty polyethylene components which are UV resistant, a DOP can be attached to a pontoon or a fixed jetty.
Using only the best materials and building techniques available ensure a product that will offer years of flawless operation.

The same quality manurfacturing you are used to with an R&J product but lightweight and economically priced. Powerful hydraulics pull the foam-filled polyethylene floats under the boat in as little as 30 seconds with the simple press of a remote control. In the raised position, the virtually unsinkable floats are automatically secured with patented GravityLock. The rubber-capped SuperBunks™ are not only durable, but provide the ultimate in cushioned support for the hull.

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