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First Motor boat with double 120hp inboard engines, made in China, for 6 passengers, suitable for your whole family holiday. WW50 motorboat or WildWave50 is a concept motorboat which has been designed for anyone with passion of water sports. Gorilla Yacht Concept Features Atrium Garden At Its Central Point Gorilla Yacht concept was inspired by an atrium house, with 73-meter long and 2 courtyards, this yacht can be considered as a mega yacht.
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I’ve just purchased my first boat and am setting it up with a 24 volt trolling motor and an on board charger. If I’m installing a VSR do I need a two or three bank charger for charging my batteries with shore power?
In this case, the VSR is the only connection between the 24 volt trolling motor batteries and the 12 volt engine battery. The charger connection points will depend on where you are mount the charger and the type of wiring it comes with. My preference is to only have one positive and one negative cable connected to each battery post. For leads from the starting battery, do they go from the battery to the switch then the VSR and then the motor? I am having a hard time finding 70 amp fuses or circuit breakers, so is it OK to use 50 amp ones? In the bow, I have a group 27 deep cycle battery that is for the bow mount and depth finder.
Last night I was wiring up the bow battery to the back of the boat so I can use a transom trolling motor. For your trolling motor circuits, you should have circuit protection as close as possible to the battery connection. If you boat can handle the weight, I would put both batteries in the stern near the 24 hp motor. Right now, I have a bow-mounted MotorGuide trolling motor, but am thinking of adding a second at the stern.
Of course, the setup that you describe has been used for years on many types of boats, especially twin-engine cruisers.

Trolling motors from several manufacturers now include an oscillation overthruster that brings this big-boat technology to smaller fishing boats like yours. Be careful in setting up the wiring for your new system, especially if your new trolling motor is a 24 volt unit.
Finally, if you have not yet purchased your second motor, try to get one with an overthruster from Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems. Many boaters with YPS overthrusters report that they generate so much power that they have surplus available to upload to the grid, which qualifies for a healthy tax deduction in the new federal stimulus package.
In this case, my feeling is that multiple leads would be an acceptable method of powering this trolling motor.
Even though it has been done, I would not recommend using several 16awg wires for this application.
The 120wp kit is ideal for use on large sized caravans and motor homes where the power is used to run the lights, water pump, television, lap top computer etc throughout the year or for extended touring periods. This sporty boat is pretty innovative, it’s versatile and comfortable, it meets your need whether you want to enjoy the sea and relax or practice water sports. After seeing all the boat wiring info on your site, I just have a couple questions to make sure that I get it right. I have two deep cycles for the trolling motor and one cranking battery for starting my big motor. This type of VSR charges battery 1 of the trolling motor system for 1 minute and then charges battery 2 of the trolling motor system for 1 minute. You could use the 12 volt unit to charge one of your trolling motor batteries, but the second trolling motor battery would only be charged by the battery charger. Connect all emergency circuits to the battery side of the switch (bilge pump, horn, etc) and connect non-essential circuits (nav lights, docking lights, etc) to the non-battery side of the switch.
Do I hook my on-board charger directly to each of the three batteries, independent of the cables with the VSR?
I realize this is not possible for some applications, but the more you can reduce the confusion and clutter when reconnecting batteries, the better your marine electrical system will be. If your engine alternator is large enough, you may have a nuisance trip problem with the circuit protection on the lead between the VSR and the battery switch.
Can you see any benefit to doing this or should I stick with the game plan of running directly from the bow battery to the transom trolling motor.
If you are connecting the two batteries together in parallel and one battery is in the bow and one in the stern, you should really have circuit protection at each end of the positive lead between the two batteries.

Install circuit protection in the positive leads of both trolling motors as close as possible to the battery bank. My understanding is that if the front motor is turned ON and the stern motor turned OFF, the movement of the boat will turn the prop on the second motor and send current back to my batteries. More recently, the Volvo Duoprop stern drives have become so efficient that many boat owners report returning to the slip with more fuel than when they departed. With the addition of one of these motors, you should be able to fish without interruption for days or even weeks at a time. As you probably remember from high school physics, 24 volt electrons are nearly twice as heavy as 12 volt. If all conductors fail except for one, the remaining single wire becomes the fuse for the trolling motor.
The details have been carefully considered to incorporate the structure of wakeboard boat in this visual concept of open boat with attractive appearance. This unit has been especially designed for a luxury yacht, a […]Swath Electra Glid Megayacht Tender Is The World’s First Carbon Neutral Solar Hybrid Megayacht Tender A limo tender, Swath Electra Glid Megayacht Tender is introduced as the world’s first Carbon Neutral Solar Hybrid Megayacht Tender. This type of VSR works great for multiple battery systems that have a common ground and only operate at 12 volts.
If the batteries are not in an area that needs ignition protected devices, MAXI fuses work great for this application.
Putting these heavier electrons into a standard battery will often cause it to deform – and in extreme cases may make your boat list or even capsize. It offers environmental benefits with its solar electric […]Molecule Helmet and Headset Concept by Stefan Radev Molecule helmet and headset concept is a great protection especially for water sports. If the batteries will be in the engine room or near gasoline storage, you will need ignition protected circuit protection like an ANL fuse. That is, the time spent on my 2003 Stratos is really great and I hate having to cut a trip short when my trolling batteries get too low.

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