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Location: China Paint problem Aluminium boat Aluminium boat, the paint has gone milky after 2 years in patches also Orange Peel(Guess thats always been). Location: Eustis, FL Without a lot more information, it's difficult to make any recommendations, but the obvious questions are, what type of paint, what conditions has it lived in, etc.
Location: China This boat is 2 years old and this is only showing up now, the boat is in Holland so i can only go on what the client is saying that it wont buff out. Location: China I have had similar milky patches on interior before that was due to spraying in high humidity.
Be specific;- ask them to gently hand flat, using some 3M P2000 or P2500 wet and dry with warm water an a little simple green, ideally somewhere inconspicuous. If it's modern 2 part paints, those are much harder than the traditional paints and using a basic cutting compound will hardly touch it, especially if done by hand. Location: Manchester, UK Hi steve123, this looks like paint oxidization to me, perhaps the builder used a better priced 2k paint rather than a PolyUrethan paint.
Ask the gent to spray hairspray on the area then take a picture as he doea it, then after it dries.
If the colour stays dark after the hairspray dries, then youre only looking at a cut and polish. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Location: Egypt ok i got some pictures i found online (sorry if its some one's boat or work i am just trying to understand how its done !! Location: La Florida Vinyl stickers shrink and curl at the edges as they weather and go bad sooner than paint.
Location: Egypt What if i take a varnish, hardener and tenner combo on top of it ? One can put a PU paint job on it, that will fade later than others, but in Egypt the best stains fade out after, say three years.

Would i be able to get the effect if i added vinyl at the gel coat stage, apply the mold with a color then remove the vinyl to get the effect ? CatBuilder Previous Member   Viewing the world through Apple OSX, I tend to use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat for this stuff. Location: Tasmania,Australia The version of paint in Windows 7 is even better, Windows 7 is waaaay better than Xp etc.
Location: Central CA I use paint so much that I have a shortcut on my desktop. I plan on splattering black and yellow paint throughout the interior similar to carolina skiffs.
Location: Beaufort, SC and H'ville, NC Not really my thing, but since nobody else answered, I'll give you a bump. Location: Coastal Georgia You might want to move it to the fiberglass and composite section. Originally Posted by philSweet Not really my thing, but since nobody else answered, I'll give you a bump. Originally Posted by SamSam You might want to move it to the fiberglass and composite section.
I see SAM SAM HAS SOMETHING BETTER you can mix WITH THE GELCOATso would look into that for sure !!
Location: Saraaota Sorry tunnels, i know now what to call it correctly so thankyou. The pressure pot you have total control over everything !, the others are pretty hit and miss unless you find a dedicated gun for that purpose . If it was sprayed, it was with a partly plugged gun or something, as that stipple looks worse than a lousy roll and tip job. I'd start by roughing it in with a 1,500 pad, moving up through 3,000 and seeing how it looks.

It can be sometimes 'deep' in paint ie too deep to get rid of without sanding with something like p600. I'm currently in the process of restoring a 1973 center console and i'll have a thread up shortly to track its progress.
They were not sprayed at the same time, my impression is this boat was sprayed when humidity was high or someone dropped a can of thinners or something and tried cleaning up.
If it was mine, I'd just repaint as the finish looks like crap anyway, in spite of the cloudiness.
If you're real anal about it, pull out the 5,000 grit pad and have fun, before the fine polish comes aboard. I know some say you can't buff some of the LPU's but I'll be damn if I've found one yet, that doesn't respond positively to some surface smoothing, so long as it's fully cured and performed correctly (speed, products, etc.). I noticed on the site it didnt specify any certain size sprayer tip to use but i'd suppose to larger the better.
I havent ever used a pressure pot but from the research i've been doing they seem really handy and not too expensive either. Any sort of vinyl (PVC) and the like are strictly non permitted on a sea boat under southern sun. I might need to upgrade my air compressor first (something i've wanted to do for awhile anyway) as most of them are just outside of its scfm rating. The small pot i use plastic containers with the gel coat in them , Catalyze and mix and into the pot have everything turned off !!First is air supply to the pot when its comng out at a slow dribble then its adjust the air to to the gun its self about 2 psi and have a big something to spray onto and adjust to the desired finish!!!, remember as you raise or lower the air pressure , Low pressue =big spots , slightly higher pressure = smaller spots . Do what you want with one colour then completely clean the gun and spray the next colour.straight away !!.

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