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BOAT TRAILER PLANS batteries should be installed in an easily accessible location as close to the engines as practical this is to keep engine starter.
Don, Having built my 16' from plans nearly 10 years back I feel the need to continue thanking you for the wonderfully drafted and easy to follow plans. Don began his boat building career in the early 60's, hanging out in the shops of Tom Kaarhus (considered the father of the McKenzie Drift Boat) and his son Joe, as well as with Keith Steel and Woody Hindman. Don spent over 40 years building boats and fish guiding in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, and these plans reflect all that experience. Over 40 years of research, design and testing and thousands of dollars have gone into the development of the Boat Plans and assembly manuals.
The plans are a complete set of 24 pages of orthographic drawings showing every detail of the parts needed to build a McKenzie River Drift Boat.
Any hardwood will do for the handrails and ribs etc, Oak is fine but I recommend White Ash. Marine epoxy - Don recommends coating the hull and bottom pieces both sides with marine epoxy after they are cut. Finishes - Use good marine urethane varish or marine paint with good UV holdout, you will be sorry if you use cheap stuff. UHMW plastic is sometimes used on the bottom of boats but putting it on is a tough job and if not done correctly will destroy the bottom of the boat. Tools needed would be a table saw, variable speed reversable drill, belt sander, hand saw, 5 6" Clamps, skill saw, adjustable #8 counter synk and screw driver bits for drill. Cost - I have heard of boats being built for $250 out of construction grade materials, but I think you would want something better looking and of better quality after putting in the work to build a boat which will take about 150 hours give or take.
This boat is designed by Don Hill for fly fishing the Deschutes and South Fork of the Snake Rivers. This is the perfect size boat for guides or people who fish or take back country trips with one or two and gear.

It takes twice as much plywood for the hull as the 16' standard due to the height of the sides. Our 16 foot High Side Guide's Model has been specially designed for guides carrying heavier loads on small technical rivers while still retaining the strong, rugged construction features of the 16 foot Standard. The wide end is the bow and points down river, angle one corner into the wave when going over drops or wave trains.
Don Hill helped design this Drift Boat Cover (shown above) to fit his 16' Standard Drift Boat which measures 14' 8" centerline. A waterproof epoxy sealer for fiberglass and wood with superior abrasion resistance through its reinforcement with Kevlar fibers. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Fortunately we are moving tomorrow to a new home on the banks of one Michigan's steelhead and salmon rivers.
Don's good friend Kenny King, the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame Guide, used Don's boats for over 20 years. There are no finer or more complete Drift Boat Plans available anywhere in the world today at any price.
Simply make all the parts per the layouts in the plans and put them together using the video and manual as guides. This is a big water craft with the unique design of carrying two passengers up front, one in the rear, as well as the oarsman. Don Hill has guided the Deschutes, the Rogue, and all coastal and central Oregon rivers in this model and he feels that it is the best all-round boat. It's designed to be a highly controllable and maneuverable craft due mainly to the large surface area under the passenger seat. It's the perfect one-man fishing boat, but two adults can comfortably stand and fish from the Mini Drifter.

In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). After that, it was building boats for his friends which then grew into his own boat building business. With each set of plans we include 4 sheets of tracing patterns that are for pieces that are too hard to describe in drawings, a 24 page assembly manual with 88 photos and video download, in which Don narrates the building of a boat, showing you how to construct the boat, from start to finish.
Other useful tools that can be rented for the short time you use them are an electric planer, router and saber saw.
With a 1200 pound carrying capacity, there isn't much you'll have to leave behind on those drifts.
It's lightweight and easy to row, making it and ideal boat for beginners and an excellent boat for low water conditions. These plans show every dimension, angle, materials and all hardware needed for the boat builder.
With the big surface 4' 9" wide bottom and low sides, the craft rides higher in the water and is highly maneuverable. The Mini Drifter fits in the bed of a pickup or even inside a standard size van, so you won't need a boat trailer. Then in the mid 80's Don made some innovative design changes to the angle of the bow and the flare on the sides, making the boat handle much easier in rapids and standing waves.

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